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  1. Let's wait a few more hours before we file a missing persons report. To be constructive here, why aren't we following the same logic that applies to Triangulated Fire, except in reverse? No mods can affect Triangulated Fire, and that means none. By the same token, if your WIP roll is subject to any mods, Remote Assistant can't help. (Please don't ask me if a +0 range mod counts as a mod)
  2. I think the source of our problem is the idea that specialists are killed (positive achievement by the enemy) as opposed to specialists lost. If I squirt a medic dart at my unconscious FO Grunt and he dies, have I just killed a specialist? I know for sure I've lost one...
  3. I can't say I agree here. Sepsitorized is a null state that can't be cancelled. The CA player should get the points regardless. The YJ player doesn't undo the sepsitorization by killing the Shikami. At best, they'd both get points if the Shikami were sepsitorized and killed. I find it very iffy that you can claim killing your own troops as any kind of victory in the first place. The rules text is murky here, with the original player considering the model dead and an enemy. As a TO, I would arbitrarily rule that the YJ player can't count killed sepsitorized troops toward mission objectives. They're not his troops anymore, but they're not the enemy's, either. After all: Sepsitorized troopers cannot be counted by either player during the Victory Pointcount at the end of the game.
  4. Show your work? Moblots make a very strong case for it being 2 points.
  5. Correct - linking troops is free (except for maybe the charge for a non-core Fireteam skill). However, the opportunity cost of playing a sectorial (greatly reduced selection of troops and potential tactical options) and enlisting redundant troops necessary to fill a Fireteam (again, limiting options) has a real and profound effect for anyone wielding powerful or multiple Fireteams. This is the balancing factor that is too often ignored. If a list has a strong Fireteam presence, the player using it won't have many tricks up his sleeve or a particularly flexible deployment. Perhaps he won't even have the option of using the same tricks his opponent has.
  6. Never heard of Bronze Tiger. My exposure to comics basically ended in 1995. So pay no heed to my ignorance. Although, seriously, who hates Logan? 😭 (Don't answer that, we've obviously seen very different renditions of the character)
  7. They say he carved it himself, from a bigger spoon.
  8. Only when I get a chance to try it out for myself. I'm not a fan of theory without practice.
  9. They just need another Fireteam: Core unit, maybe a Haris of specialist elites, and a Zangief-inspired Dire Foe and they're good to go.
  10. This is a point of confusion that wouldn't exist if we use/apply 'skills' and declare 'actions'.
  11. On another note - the traits of the Blast Mode and Hit Mode on the Uragan are switched.
  12. I have a local player who's very visually impaired. He literally can't read the printouts. Please offer a larger printing option (even though it will take more paper).
  13. Any expenditure of any kind of order provokes AROs against the activated model(s). Edit: using a regular order to cancel an Impetuous order might be the only exception here, but only because a model is not being activated.
  14. Yep, my mistake. Sometimes my brain sees what it wants to see.