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  1. I had a Guija in the List, but did not use the List in the End...
  2. X-Com 3 you mean?
  3. As others said, CC is never the sole purpose of a unit. An Oniwaban has a Boarding Shotgun! He can infiltrate real close, and then shotgun away! Place the templates well and spread death and terror amongst your enemies... With TO, Surprise Shot and Cover he is a real beast to kill in ARO without templates, so choose your targets well and the shotgun will never let you down... And only if you face a really tough target, like a TAG, go into cc and use that Mono Weapon of yours.
  4. So only the display of your ELO was somehow wrong?
  5. Okay, one down, some few left to go!
  6. Here is a very recent example, as i have no idea of the math behind it, maybe it helps you guys: What i find especially odd, is that Tristan is beeing rated with 1,079 ELO, but his ELO is 1,090+ (or even higher before the tournament)
  7. Please check this up! we don't want some silly math mess with the decision who gets the Alive Team in the End?!
  8. The main problem with riot grrls at the moment is, that they, as a link does not have stealth. one TO-Hacker on a Roof that Surprises the link can lock down too many points.
  9. Not wanting to complain much, but it was actually @Zlakhon that you played against and not me! ;-) I don't play filthy Ariadnans!
  10. Nahhh! I dont think this is what Interruptor wanted to say with that ;-)
  11. One mayor thing - if you choose Vanilla Aleph, could you please remove the "Fireteam Enomotarchos" Skill from the Steel Phalanx Units? Some beginners asked me if they could use this skill in Vanilla... Of course I can tell them no, and show them the place in the rulebook, but it is still confusing. Its a dead skill and not needed in Vanilla. Also: not sure if it has been asked before, but a Martial Arts / Protheion List would be highly appreciated! :-) Anyhow, please keep up the great work! Thank you for all your effort!
  12. Huch... We also exist: http://infoflux-podcast.de/infoflux/ !! A german Infinity podcast! and also another german podcast http://www.o-12.de/wordpress/?page_id=4376 which should be mentioned here!
  13. As NBW is part of HSN3, exactly this example has been covered in the new rulebook. The new ruling states: The Berserker can only do his thing if, he and the NBWarrior have not started the combat in B2B and normal roles happen. However after they are in B2B and lets say the NBW survived, he cancels the Berserk Skill normally.
  14. Box set, because the models are awesome. And if you ever want to dabble into corregidor, you are all set!