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  1. The Overdron is also, well, a 'dron... makes sense they should look similar. For the Avatar, the new one just doesn't look kingly or imperious enough, like it should. The last one looked kind of goofy but at least was posed well.
  2. I agree. Even with this sculpt - it should have been posed more like it was directing troops or something, rather than in a generic crouching pose that I thin it shares with the Red Fury Xeodron.
  3. Plasma Q-Drone is definitely an active/attack piece.
  4. OTOH I've eaten entire HI links with the Plasma Rifle Q-Drone
  5. In anywhere but Onyx you have smoke grenades...
  6. The main issue I have with heavy smoke/ODD is too many of those troops (like Makauls) can actually beat our CC specialists that we pay 40+ points for.
  7. Where is this stated? There's no evidence atm that Sepsitorization impedes those subjected to it in any meaningful way.
  8. Well, on a greater level, why not? Sepsitorization is fast and effective. I understand that everyone in CA *isn't* sepsitorized because we know so, but I kind of wonder what excuse the EI can give for not doing so.
  9. Even reading it as it was that was the incorrect interpretation. Very much easier said then done... but you're right in that vantage points that can see multiple antennas are where it's at, either for posting your Anti-Materiel weapons or FO's.
  10. You're misreading this. This bit is left in from the old version of the rules, and can be disregarded.
  11. There isn't. Read again. At the beginning of the Tactical Use section of Command Tokens it states Players can apply the Tactical Use of the Command Tokens during the game. This is similar to the wording used in forming fireteams, and does not override the very clear, with no exceptions statement: Players cannot expend Command Tokens during their Reactive Turn.
  12. Technically both requirements would apply - only during your turn, and only during the game. The fact that one is superfluous doesn't matter.
  13. Yeah, I don't see it anywhere in Army.
  14. Also Smoke in fireteam is nice.
  15. It's anti-Shas discrimination D-: