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  1. Again, from what I understand the judging team at Interplanetario ruled that you had to say which group a camo marker belonged to (though it was a Spanish player vs. a non-Spanish player, if that means anything) so it's reasonable to play it that way.
  2. That doesn't sound like Ariadna at all. There's no... supernatural element to them.
  3. That's gotta be frustrating... does the Spanish-language forum have the same opinion on this rule?
  4. My understanding is that this was ruled differently at the Interplanetario.
  5. It's not really that. It's that the rules of the game change depending on who's hosting tournaments because they're written in an unclear fashion. Some people don't see that as a problem, either because they don't play in tournaments or because they're very much down with spur-of-the-moment TO fiat being the norm. I do see that as a problem. It's beyond the scope this thread, though, in the end.
  6. I feel like if the rules were written more clearly that many examples wouldn't be needed. EDIT: didn't realize this was a necro, nvm.
  7. @IJW Wartrader That seems like the sanest interpretation. I was at a tournament this last weekend where they played it differently.
  8. The rules aren't written particularly precisely in that version either, from what I remember, though I haven't owned a spanish language rulebook since N2.
  9. Well that's par for the course for this game, unfortunately.
  10. Is that confirmed?
  11. It has like 5 pages of fluff and an area to put stickers from ITS tournaments...
  12. I'm confused as to why Nexus operatives have Unidron legs.
  13. I didn't, mostly because I knew the rules were going to be revised/FAQ'd past that book anyway.
  14. Thanks for the replies, but they don't really address my questions.