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  1. Can you please reserve the Raicho Pilot For me as well ?
  2. Hi Cho, could you please put my name next to both the Zhanshi + HMG x 2 ?
  3. Certainly looks like it
  4. I am planing to do the same
  5. Here is my first battle report for wotan https://wotan.warconsole.com/battles/abydog-vs-seekerofserenity-1496783467
  6. Hi Cho, everything arrived safe and sound a couple of days ago. Thanks again!, great service
  7. Sorry for the delay in answering. Caterans are in a sitting position so I guess any size difference's that might be there are probably biased anyways. I have one and will try to post dome pics on the weekend
  8. At least with the tank hunter it really is not so bad. I don't have the hmg speznaz built yet, but I do have the shotgun parachutist speznaz. And I would argue that he too is slightly bigger but not immensely so.
  9. So, here is a picture of some of the mentioned minis for size comparison ... 112 Tank hunter hmg old Tank hunter hmg new Irmandinho Irmandinho Dozer
  10. Ariadna vanilla starter, Irmandinhos, 112 and doers are rather old and thus rather small. Speznaz and 6th rangers are rather new. For both van zant and tank hunter hmg there are old and new versions. The newer ones tend to be bigger. I have a some of the older minis you mentioned and also obe or another of the new ones. I can take a picture and post it here
  11. I usually take both. And a chasseur as well.
  12. Nice battle report indeed. One more rule thing next to remotes being unable to go prone is that you cannot do a coordinated order with your doctor when and as long he has a nasmat assigned to him. Same link teams cannot do coordinated orders.
  13. And in the background of the second picture I can see my table from the 3 round with my bounty hunter sniper
  14. So, this is my pledge completed...
  15. Indeed. Kilts are very versatile.