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  1. Hi Cho, could you please add my name to the Beyond Red Veil: Dao Fei (£6) and the Devil Dog K9 for another £6 ? I am also interested in the Aristeia! Collector’s Deluxe Edition – Pre-order ends Oct 23rd, released Nov 20th. Should I just place an order for that in your onlie shop? Shipping for all of that can be combined as I will probably add something in the meantime so waiting is no problem Oh, I am just reading the disclaimer on your page for the Aristeia! Collector’s Deluxe Edition – Pre-order about it being exempt from usual free shipping thresholds outside of the UK, due to weight. How much would shipping to Germany be then?
  2. Seems you are right. I cannot find anything rules wise that contradicts to deploying one and ad-ing in the other one
  3. Well, I can't give you a rule... yet But just it does not feel right.
  4. I don't know of you could handle it that way... Deploying on different table edges vs the same is different from deploying in the deployment phase and the other one ad-ing in. I have to read through the rules again.
  5. Did you really ever use those? Neat idea the were, but not really practical
  6. Antipodes going bananas and eating everything regardless if it was friend or foe.
  7. I actually like the old Irmandinhos To get more variety you can easily make arm swaps with them
  8. Same with ad troops. If you just field them from the start they can be your data tracker
  9. The two Irmandinhos are pretty order starved so probably won't be archiving much. If you only take them for smoke cover that would not matter much, but then there are even cheaper alternative's for that purpose. I would try to swap one regular order from the first group in there. Maybe the tank hunter?
  10. All boards need destructible terrain! And please add the Irmandinho with his d-charges to the list. 8 points
  11. Yes it is valid and frankly quite common practice.
  12. Is there any info about if we are getting a mini for her or rather minis for them? I am thinking about getting pi well and what'shername as stand ins for my morats.
  13. I guess it is abut the vulnerability to fire symbiotic armor had before N3
  14. Doesn't a bulleteer or its auxbot carry a flamer as well? So you could arrange for a shock flamer on a synchronised bot.
  15. See here