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  1. Now that is a very neat idea! I have to look at my kids lego box. As they tend not to clean that stuff up anyways some missing ladders won't be,well, missed.
  2. So my pledge fot this month is alot of morats and some others: 4x Daturazi 1x Kornat 1x Morat pilot 1x Oznat 2x Morat vanguard (one of them converted into a Kurgat Assault engineer) 2x Zerat 1x Sogarat 1x Rasyat (old), converted into and going to be used as krakot 1x Skiavoros 1x Marine Officer, civilian 1x Pano helperbot
  3. I recall someone making ladders using staplers from a tacker (I hope those are the right words in English) This is what I am talking about: https://www.google.de/url?q=https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heftklammer&sa=U&ved=0ahUKEwivycyWss3VAhWFa1AKHQMfA5YQwW4IDygAMAI&usg=AFQjCNGKE7B0-ixmg-3cUnsfaiqvFhaIZQ
  4. Double contender instead of a multirifle would be something unusual
  5. Thanks for the info!
  6. Quite possible. Could also be some kind of radio device. But I cannot really make it out. Probably have to wait for pics with better res.
  7. True . But I actually ment the other hand, the left one which is raised partly to his face.
  8. Realy awesome news. Even another Joan, hurray Can anyone tell what John Scarface Taylor is holding in his hand?
  9. Does he wear an Irmandinho tshirt? Where can I get that?
  10. Don't know if I am in the right thread for this question but I couldn't find a more dedicated one so I am gonna ask here: Do we have any info if the usarf spec op that is the gen con exclusive comes with a weapon sprue as with the old specops?
  11. Thanks a lot for sharing!
  12. With all that weapons and stuff they don't look very civilian to me. But those are indeed rules for them.
  13. Well I guess you mean it is very improbable rather than incredible stupid. But it would not be unheard of that a unit appears in several sectorials. And fluff wise one could imagine that antipode hunters are also active in rodina to hunt down escaping antipodes used by Kazak forces.
  14. It is just as well possible that Kazaks get one of the existing bike unit, mavericks or desperado's.
  15. I definitely have to steal the idea with the party sticks!