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  1. If leave away the jump pack and convert the helmet maybe a bolt? For NCA that is, obviously And he eats Kuang Shi for breakfast it seems That is a Kuang Shi beneath his feet, isn't it?
  2. I guess I will do so. Maybe also a little battle report and post it here. Though with the announced forum migration I should probably better post it in the new forum.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Sounds a ot like I would have expected. But i think I will give them a try. They seem to have changed the list A. I just redownloaded the pdf and there is a footnote for A as well saying fireteam core for fusiliers.
  4. I agree with you on that completely. Have you given them a try? In theory the do lack... But maybe in practice they are a huge blast.
  5. So I got a jotum recently and thus took closer a look at the closed battle lists for the supposed svalarheima sectorial. I even converted the ice storm nisse to have a hmg instead of the sniper rifle as I like the old nisse sniper a lot. But it got me thinking: Does anyone use the closed battle list provided in the ITS document at all? They seem rather sub optimal. You have rather obvious lieutenants. In 2 out of the 4 you don't even get 10 orders. especially in those list where you have models off the table due to TO or AD you are well below the 10 order group limit. You have footnotes about fireteam core options, but then you only get a link of 4 out of them maximum in all cases (unless I have missed something). You don't have an option for a mechanist / engineer in case something goes wrong with your tag. Not even an engineer in the *remote heavy* list. Granted, the nisse haris links look interesting, but has anyone run them and has had success with them?
  6. Sounds like a box full of camo marker
  7. Yeah. I think I read that too somewhere
  8. Maybe the authorized bounty hunter? You would have to work on the rifle though
  9. The movie Dog Soldiers (from 2002) I hear that's where the idea for dog warriors came from
  10. i am having trouble uploading the flamestrike files to the forum. Thea are < 2 mb, but still I get an error message. Wotan files are a lot bigger. @ursun and @v3rt1go , have you received the pdfs already from someone else?
  11. I should have the flaming stuff somewhere. Please send me a pm with you email so I will email them to you in return. Or can I sent attachments is pm?
  12. Hi Cho, Even though I have found an other source for the aristeia box could you please reserve the Beyond Red Veil Dao Fei (£6) and the Devil Dog K9 for another £6 for me ?
  13. Very nice! Is Tarik carrying a foldable gaming table ?
  14. Maybe try some alkemy miniatures?
  15. That's exactly how i would judge it I just realised my former post is marked as hidden content for whatever reason. Nothing hidden about it though