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  1. I'm sure it wasn't your intention to be condescending but it honestly came off that way. I have been around infinity for about 10 years now and whilst you wouldn't know that, even a quick glance at my profile would show I haven't just joined the forum. you can proxy in any game really and the majority of people won't mind, but the vast majority of people do not want to do this. Having a model hold a rocket launcher and saying it is a combi rifle is not very cinematic etc. Not having all profiles has always been an issue but when they are remaking models and in recent years digitally sculpting there is a great opportunity for CB to cover all bases and make more miniatures of the profiles that the majority of people will want duplicates of in a link team. They generally make 3 combi rifles for light infantry which is helpful, having a second combi or boarding would really be appreciated by the community I'm sure you can appreciate. Digital sculpting makes this simple for them to do. Its a simple request that may continue to not happen, doesn't mean every now and again we can't ask for it to remind CB it is a thing.
  2. I know they can only make so many models but given the digital age they work in I never understand why they cover off the profiles but do not give enough choices for sensible list building of certain link team units. the riot girls will clearly get a single blister of a spitfire at some point. This will allow us to cover all the profiles. But like is often the case it means you end up having to either convert a model or have one of each model and needing to put both a spitfire and a missile launcher in the same link team. Clearly there are many times you would not want to do that (particularly with the 4swc). one additional combi miniature would be all it would take in this example. This is often the case so it's not like we shouldn't expect it, every time I see it though.... do we think this will ever change?
  3. Over £200 order just placed. thanks again.
  4. My first order I'm sure will qualify lol. Ok will look to place the order tonight like my very own Father's Day present wow is that breaking news, first hint at an objective room for undertown?!?!? i haven't got my huge undertown order yet (basically 1 of every building loads of everything else including both mats lol) And this already has me excited. Care to say any more on the idea of how it will for the theme or is it guarded in secrecy?
  5. Hi, any update on release dates for the jab blocks, corridors etc that were originally planned this week? ready to press send on my order but wanted to check these bits out first in case I wanted to add something in. thsmls
  6. Thanks a lot. I wasn't sure if there were reasons why the police interceptor could not be released or even if it had just been an accidental miss on not being released. Nexus is a cool name. It's possibly the one thing I think that was missing from undertown given the number of missions that use it in Infinity. Would have needed some thought around making it for the theme of the undertown board eg a general store of some sort that was the correct shape and had four entrances. I have a forward base plus with additional Nexus plus extras so don't think I will need any more of the hab buildings (and depending on what has changed with them (care to elaborate ) they may not quite match anyway. But the corridors are interesting, particularly to see how they fit in with the buildings. Thanks a lot. Will hold off a week and a bit for my order to see if the police interceptor is available and have a look at the forward base bits. thanks
  7. Hi Jed, now we are in June (I waited until 4th ).. any update on the v2 hab blocks? I'm very interested to see what these look like and how different to the KS ones but more importantly (as I have a 6x4 boards worth) really want to see these corridors. Looking to place my next order with you but waiting to see these bits. Finally, I may have missed this somewhere but is the gorgeous Nemesis Interceptir not being released? This is something I would love to put in my order so that I have a couple of different police cars parked outside my police station when my huge undertown order arrives.
  8. How do you dodge something you don't see coming?
  9. With the free shipping you have paid less than I did although Kickstarter. I'm not complaining, simply santed to highlight how good a deal it is. Mine is not painted yet, but is built and looks gorgeous.
  10. Has anyone got the ITS scenery set yet? Inassume this covers every possible scenario CB currently make? given the costs of these sets, if next year the scenarios change and there are new objectives or a scenario just needs say 1 more objective would you sell those items as a pack? Clearly your not responsible for CB changing the missions but would be good to have faith in an expensive purchase on objectives being future proof as best as can. thanks
  11. That's a nice ask for you there Daboarder covering a review of each unit and their uses in a massed armour list as you perceive them would be handy I agree. But do realise this would take some time to do.
  12. I secretly hope Joan is a double 'Achilles' style box with the alternative Angel model, and a new light spitfire model in one box set for Gen Con. Is there one more release before Gen Con? Pretty certain there has been no render of the hospitallers or Joan but stated they would be soon/summer. They may but be yet but dreams can come true and as I have the Joan from the 'Angei' book and with my Gen con thoughts I just think hospitallers will be before Joan.
  13. And De Fersen! How could you leave him out of the party??? seriously, please let this be the month we get the hospitallers.
  14. Lol forgot she has to be the LT to benefit from inspiring ld for some reason.
  15. Great. I haven't played in a while and not with Pan-O for a long time but have been building up all I own ready for painting and playing with lists and it seemed like it would work but without playing it quite a bit it's always difficult to tell. I was pleased that there is no obvious LT as it could easily be any one of 4 of the heavy infantry and can be swapped around when playing regular opponents. Really just waiting on the new Hospitallers box and with a few model swap ins I will be happy with the models I use for it (will probably use a hospitaller HMG as De Fersan as I imagine when the new hospitallers are released he is going to look so small, will have to see. Similarly need new Orc's but as they will be a while there are other HI that can stand in or the multi rifle for now). is there anything I should be really wary of from my lists deficiencies, and specific things to set up early like with the EVO?