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  1. Looking great! could you please do an update on your other KS's to backers telling us when this KS will start? I know it will sell well and if I don't know when this goes on to KS and I miss it I will be a very sad panda 😓
  2. I mean, we have always known the 'starter' boxes do not have internal balance with some bring a lot more pts cost than others. Whilst that isn't ideal for new players it isn't the end of the world. However having a starter box that a new player would look to buy but has no way of sensibly using it without buying a full 300pts worth of models is a bit silly IMO. I love the contents of the box. It has some great models in it, but well, you know.
  3. When you have a new(ish) starter box that can't be used legally as a starter army, needing to go straight in to 300pts to work you know your faction has SWC problems
  4. Oh god I swore many times building my Jotum. It shouldn't have been as bad as it was. Though clipping, removing flash and building was nowhere near as bad as 6 hours (priming wouldn't take long assuming you simply spray canned black, as opposed to multiple airbrush coats) do not sure if the OP had issues. oddly, I remember thinking the Dragoes was going to be the biggest ass of a model as everyone swears about the ammo feed but this wasn't really a problem (though I can see how if you weren't aware how bad it can be and wasn't incredibly gentle with it and do one bit at a time why the ammo clip can be an issue). The more recent Tik/Uhlan were much more enjoyable to build. I don't have the Squalo yet as I have never felt it to be that good but the completionist in me wants to get it. I assume a simple build. I also don't have the cutter as every man and his dog had it when it was released so I deliberately didn't get it (that and resisted Pan-O initially). Model still looks great but I wonder if they were doing s new one how much bigger it would now be? With other priorities and I imagine high sales I can't see it being made any time soon but I can guarantee my purchase of the model would see its release window come round quick!!
  5. Jed, you must know I have been excitedly waiting for your blogs on the matter any update on this?
  6. Lol I remember the joys of building 12 of those buildings all to well. Not quick but very rewarding. and I am a sucker and will be doing the same thing with a top pledge from the undertown KS cant wait to see and hear all about it.
  7. Domo, I have only just seen this. I I have not played infinity for a while but have a fully built 6x4 forward base + table set up in my games room and think you have some wonderful ideas. i am sure others may have some thoughts on rules tweak opinions and the lack of responses is likely just because so few people have forward base at the moment. Very interested in seeing it all set up and built and seeing some batreps along with how you feel it has played. i definitely want to try this type of thing. Adds a whole level to the game in story telling. I like the idea of an assault force deploying in close proximity to an Azure Dragon as part of some fun scenarios. Keeo up the great work and please post updates.
  8. Jed, when you say 'revision process' could you elaborate any more on what visible changes are planned for forward base? Anything that makes the kitsxeasiercto build is great but doesn't worry me as I have built a huge amount of the kits, but if things look different I'm interested to understand more. Thanks
  9. Jed, the main rule book has some stats for these types of vehicles but I was just wondering if you were doing stat lines for this in the same way as the other vehicles and perhaps the different drops hips will have different transport capacities? furthermore, whilst anyone can make unofficial rules and play test it would be amazing if you could have deeper rules for this given what it is and the possibilities it could give to games and in particular campaigns. I am thinking, what is a fair points cost to purchase this as part of your army list. Then it allows you to drop down and land it on the board as per normal drop troop rules with the benefit it can carry a TAG/link team. Working points cost to that takes some play testing but would be so good. I,agile the missions you could make.
  10. Work has been mental the past couple of weeks which has been really poor timing for this. I have played about with it and it seems to run smoothly on my iPad which is great. as you note combined army having little checked I will try and look Friday after work and feedback before your next update at the weekend.
  11. The Warcor is listed as availability 2 for Pan-O aswell. i will try and spend some time today to go through but that one immediately stood out as I almost got excited for Joan lists lol.
  12. Only for those of you that it's working for
  13. Thanks so much for this Toadchild. I can only imagine how frustrating this is for you so please don't let it get to you or apologise to us when things aren't going perfect. When it is working everything will be so worth it. i game on a Friday night (about 12 hours from now). If Apple have released a version by then I will ensure I play tonight using it so can give some gameplay feedback on top of anything I notice profile wise. Thanks again for what you are doing!
  14. I have just turned my iPad mini off and on again and it still isn't loading. Any other ideas?
  15. Crashing for me on my iPad mini as well unfortunately.