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  1. Jed, the main rule book has some stats for these types of vehicles but I was just wondering if you were doing stat lines for this in the same way as the other vehicles and perhaps the different drops hips will have different transport capacities? furthermore, whilst anyone can make unofficial rules and play test it would be amazing if you could have deeper rules for this given what it is and the possibilities it could give to games and in particular campaigns. I am thinking, what is a fair points cost to purchase this as part of your army list. Then it allows you to drop down and land it on the board as per normal drop troop rules with the benefit it can carry a TAG/link team. Working points cost to that takes some play testing but would be so good. I,agile the missions you could make.
  2. Work has been mental the past couple of weeks which has been really poor timing for this. I have played about with it and it seems to run smoothly on my iPad which is great. as you note combined army having little checked I will try and look Friday after work and feedback before your next update at the weekend.
  3. The Warcor is listed as availability 2 for Pan-O aswell. i will try and spend some time today to go through but that one immediately stood out as I almost got excited for Joan lists lol.
  4. Only for those of you that it's working for
  5. Thanks so much for this Toadchild. I can only imagine how frustrating this is for you so please don't let it get to you or apologise to us when things aren't going perfect. When it is working everything will be so worth it. i game on a Friday night (about 12 hours from now). If Apple have released a version by then I will ensure I play tonight using it so can give some gameplay feedback on top of anything I notice profile wise. Thanks again for what you are doing!
  6. I have just turned my iPad mini off and on again and it still isn't loading. Any other ideas?
  7. Crashing for me on my iPad mini as well unfortunately.
  8. Yeah their price by delivery month idea is interesting. For this particular KS I am surprised the earlier ones are the ones that are left. The increase in price isn't too much. I expect they will all be gone soon. i may have missed it but I am not sure if this one Is having as long a wait as the Azure Dragon to hit retail post KS. If you weren't lucky enough to get an Azure Dragon (and wanted one) in the KS you could be waiting potentially 2 years for them to hit retail, but I haven't seen anything mentioned on the delay to hit retail for fast panda. If it is anywhere near as long as the Azure Dragon I would expect the last few to fly off the digital shelves!
  9. Congratulations on how quickly these are selling, especially so soon after the Azure Dragon KS. Very interested to to know how many people have backed this and the Azure aswell as the forward base KS. there is some fantastic terrain coming out for infinity now. The competition is continuing to improve (Warsenal are really releasing some incredible looking stuff) but Antenocitisworkshop really is up there with the very best and also offering things that very few of the others are doing. we should all have a sweepstakes on when the last few fast pandas will be picked up. As always, keep up the amazing work.
  10. My iPad mini is also crashing unfortunately.
  11. Sounds good. Can't wait to give it a test.
  12. This got me more excited than Gen Con infinity news! That's how awesome this news is!! Hopefully you you will get a minute to check if I am still on the beta tester list (as I was previously). I can yes Pan-O or Nomads depending on what has a greater need? thanks so much for updating this. I played a game on Friday without my iPad and making a list on the fly and playing with only the 2 books is a ball ache lol.
  13. Thanks so much for continuing to do this Toad hold. MayaNet single handedly makes me enjoy doing lists which without it would be such a chore! You are a life saver! i noticed previously that I don't think I get your bets tests anymore. Would be honoured and very happy to go back to receiving it and checking through the profiles whilst play testing it to see if there's any bugs. Keep up the ama img work.
  14. Clearly I am missing something but I do not understand the need for the numbers in the bottom right hand corner of the cards. Could somebody please advise? also, given you only need one of any card and your opponent can not see the card(s) you randomly pick why is there a need for 4 of each card? Can you not just have the 10 different cards as a deck and pick 1 or 2 of them depending on the objective? I am sure it is more simple and I am just missing something. Thanks for any advice anyone can give.