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  1. Great, but don't forget to insert this in the Google doc.
  2. Well done! Please continue keeping this list alive and up to date!
  3. There are people there in the list, don't know if they are still active.
  4. That's great! Keep signing in guys!
  5. According to the database, the following players are in your area: Columbus, "Darkeldar" Columbus, "emukt" Columbus, "lgeiger" Columbus, "Dogsoldier120x" Columbus, "Frizzenspark" Columbus, "IceRaptor" Maybe you can try and send them personal messages?
  6. The bee was the personal symbol of Napoleon, that you find on many official French buildings, castles and barracks (especially ones from the XIXth century). It symbolises social cohesion, discipline, rebirth, tirelessness, foreseeing, industriousness and of course has its defensive sting... A classic historical French symbol. It was the unit patch of the (now disbanded) 23rd Regiment of Colonial Infantry and was also covering the flag of the Imperial Napoleonic Guard. Additionally, bees were a Celtic symbol of wisdom. But the exact reason of the presence of a bee on the Merovingian logo is the fact that golden bees were found in the tomb of Childeric 1st, the actual founder of the historical Merovingian dynasty (the dynasty which created France as a nation). They were recuperated by Napoleon as a way of showing his power as linked to the original French founders. Napoleon was a Corsican, born Genoan, and although he had proven his loyalty to France many times on the battlefield, he was always afraid of being reminded of his somewhat "foreign" roots (Corsica was transferred from Genoa to France during his childhood).
  7. Uxia tends to be my crutch. Not that I would lose a game if she dies. She always dies. But usually, she dies after having wiped a fire team or killed a big juicy target anyway. That's why I call her my crutch. For me, lots of games are balancing on the fact that Uxia did her job before dying or not. That's why she tends to be my crutch.
  8. True, although we are less impressed by MSV1 (which we already had with Briscards). But Marksman 1 and MULTI on a mimetism platform is a lot of hurt. And unlike the Briscard sniper, Knauf can defend himself in close quarters too. Not to mention the +1 in BS.
  9. Well done and thank you!
  10. I haven't tested him yet but I'm gonna assume that he is a very decent price for the flexibility and level of damage he brings to the table. Also, he has a major thing on the Briscard sniper. Unlike him he can defend himself in short range. Also, with Mimetism, his survivability is better. My feeling is that he could replace the Briscard in all cases where the FRRM link is not the Briscards. He is also way better than the Zouave. And than the Loup-Garou.
  11. I have whined so much about FRRM getting no update that I feel obliged to say a massive THANK YOU! MERCI! to CB for this.
  12. Please note that Knauf will be available to FRRM (and it will be the only the Sectorial which will get it).
  13. Thank you! Each player who enters his information, his club info or updates existing info makes life easier for everyone, especially new player!
  14. Thank you for enriching the base!