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  1. Always wanted an aquila lt woth advanced command. This would give extra mobility much needed in all the kill-first strategies and make plenty of sense with aquilas 'advanced officee school' training or whatever.
  2. I disagree. Some factions are designed to kill everything in their way before pressing thw button. An experienced opponemt wont generally leave everything out for aro - especially against aleph, and pano among others. Even still the factions that have overwhelming firepower also generally have some kind of bypass tools. Marker states, smoke, AD troops, etc. This is all part of your consideration for how to accomplish objectives and this is different, and by no means heavily better or worse, for each faction. Some factions do seem more ore less challenging in SOME circumstances, but not heavily or consistently enough to claim one faction is gimped or OP - shas et al notwithstanding, as they may need a redesign. But even then shas does pretty well most times i see it played. The retreat mechanic is only suffered by the very heavy-handed, or the opponent of the very clever.
  3. I would argue the hit and run and Specops raid where maximum casualties are inflicted are representrd well in missions where there is no retreat game end clause. Meanwhile smash and grab and intel-gathering missions require a more delicate hand. It isnt necessarily specops so much as black ops. The deniability may become difficult when it's a damn bloodbath. Or if the enemy bounces out your troops might just get smashed from orbit in a mutually assured loss contingency. If i were a morally compromised superpower and you were about to steal the superalienvoodootech whateverdevice, i would probably move to just destroy the whole site, ensuring nobody gets the tech.
  4. Avatar has da ccw? That's actually kinda unique for a tag. Lol nvm teuton isn't that much of a hard counter unit for avatar.
  5. The important bit is that your teuton got to CC. The avatar will need 2 orders minimum to kill the teuton by himself. And because i havent seen it mentioned yet, pano now has two different msv2 multisnipers... one which is meant to oppose impersonators. Black friar mrf + a nearby hidden deployed model is great anti impersonator. For that matter swissmiss and hexasnipe make great surprise ARO Paired with speedbump/bait, a ml hit from outside cover kills most stuff in the game. The best way to defeat these big monster units is to convince their owner to be either careless or too cautious.
  6. waht other said, but also, wip14 hacker (thanks techbee!) with mimetism, and a decent throwaway tag for less than a Tik is a steal. To OP: in list 1, I would swap for a BM LT isntead of the HMG and put an HMG on an ORC. Spreading the heavy weapons out, i find, is very useful/versatile.
  7. Thanks for clarifying.
  8. HSN3 says you don't get the Burst bonus when Speculative Fire is used from a Link and says nothing of the BS bonus. It appears that the BS Bonus is still granted to the Spec.Firing Link member, unless that's been FAQ'd.
  9. I don't play knights but I like the models in general. I'll likely get them.
  10. Right. I think i've seen that thread before. Palanka states that nobody but CB and their partners can advertise, and then clarifies that threads cannot be made for advertising. The above poster is not starting a thread. It's just a thread in a post where the discussion of this third party product became (somewhat) relevant. I'm not trying to play devil's advocate or anything. I'd just like to know so I don't accidentally make a post or thread against the rules. I've DEFINITELY posted links to products when asked.
  11. They dont necessarily hace to change any of the munitions rules. Just bioimmunity. "In addition, fire and stun ammo are treated as a single bts roll but otherwise keep their special effects" or some such
  12. Is that directed at me? If so: Just make Fire saves against BTS. MAYBE remove the burning affect against Bioimmunity troopers. Then treat Stun ammo as Flash ammo. Pheroware is not something I'm entirely familiar with. It's also rare, so I'm not sure what would happen with it.
  13. Is there some agreement, policy, or rule conditional to participating in the forums that prohibits users (and not companies) linking of outside company products? I've seen discussion on the subject of non-partner companies posting thier links, and it seems obvious that there would be rules surrounding that, but rules for individual/private users who are not representing a company, I do not know.
  14. I love the bolts, but I wouldn't say Shock is very common. Sometimes you get that perfect luck where the opponent doesn't expect you'll have bolts and then you end up with your bolts stonewalling against Lasiq and stuff. In almost all circumstances, Shock can be voluntarily deactivated because most shock comes from MULTI and Marksmanship. This leaves Sniper rifles, Shock CCW, Mines, and Red Fury, in addition to all eleven models or so in the game with Viral BS weapons (half of which are in Tohaa). Otherwise, all MULTI - Sniper, HMG, Rifle, Marksmanship(and upgraded drones) and such circumvent this skill. If anything, Bioimmunity should protect from more ammo types. For instance, the kind of insulation that would protect one from munitions that rely on hydrostatic shock or biochem exposure would also protect someone from fire/burning (bombsuits aren't very flammable), stun (ie the 'bang' part of flashbang), pheromonic (i don't smell your poison, wut?). In other words, the definition of "biomunitions," which Bioimmunity provides protection from, is inadequate.
  15. And you can do that! or you can add that orc hmg back in anyways haha If you're willing to forego any swc outside of the link it's totally possible to load them both. I find the spitfire alone in a bolt link without sniper or ml a risk but i think thats due to poor list choice for the table or bad deployment on my part. If the bolts get stuck at long range theres very little you can do other than rely on b5 on 10s or worse... which isnt a BAD roll in infinity... its just high risk where PanO is concerned haha The Bolts are decent in any mission where you suspect you can get them into short ranged shootouts. This actually come in handy in Rescue! The bolts are sloe, and they wont do much in that exclusion Zone at 2-2 movement... they dont have to go anywhere though. The olponent will come to you. And this is where the castle building of linked LSG amd Drop bears are excellent. Bring a Mulebot to reload those bears. meanwhile Locusts and others can do the cross-map civvie grabbing. That exclusion zone drops your burst specifically to reduce tge efficacy of link bunkers, however which is why the drop bears and lsg are immense. 19s to hit on 1 die vs 2-3 on 11-14 plus a drop bear is immensely useful.