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  1. Im sure you knew the wording, but then you asked for the words I was referencing, so I gave them in the best way mobile allows, and then added links to make thinks faster. You may be consistent, here, but you're not the only infinity player I've spoken with. Regardless, I agree with you. Some folks may not. Thanks!
  2. "During the game." The game includes more than just the Active Turn. This changes the usefulness EVO hacking rerolls, and cancelling the posessed state, as well. Either direction is fine, but i sense some picking-and-choosing on the rigidity of "not turing reactive turn" clause.
  3. Not so. The rule for spending a command token to cancel posession specifically says before the order count and in the following turn and does not use the clause "during the game." To be clear: i am uncertain in this case only. specifically because its the only command token expenditure rule that says "during the game." Again: Is the quoted text that says to never use command tokens in reactive turn meant to be a separate and independent clause that ignores the "unless otherwise specified" condition?
  4. Not so, because: which statement is superfluous? I am limited to A unless B. There appears to be an "unless B". The specificity is explicitly called for as an overriding statement above the original statement, then specificity is given.
  5. The "IMO" is the reason I cant accept either conclusion. Im leaning in your direction, but "during the game" is both broad and explicit.
  6. Id like to resurrect this thread if I can to see if a statement has been made by CB on the matter. Or if one can be gotten in any official capacity. As it stands, the closest to deciding this rule I have seen has been TO decision and status quo. To recap the total rules interactions (that im aware of):One may not spend command tokens in Reactive turns unless specified otherwise; forming a fireteam may be done by spending a command token "during the game." Specifically: "during the game" is a broad phrase which includes both the active and reactive turns. What clause or phrase continues to specify that "during the game" does not include the reactive turn? Edit: or is the "not during reactive turn" clause meant to be taken literally, absolutely, and separate of the "unless otherwise specified" clause?
  7. Kornak! No other morat (and no other non-augmented creature - maybe other than Umbra) is as badass. He carries nearly the same armor as the Suryat he commands without the HI gear and he's still just as fast. One of the best characters to have their fluff demonstrated in stats and abilities. And.. The Umbra. There isn't really anything else that is as completely sinister and evil in the game as a Samaritan. Again, the fluff didn't mess around. An Umbra getting into a room with nearly anything in the game is gonna have a great time, and the odds are really high that Samaritan will leave the room with more wounds than when it entered. Likewise for the Legate. Many express love for the Legate (due to HD+) but the Samaritan is the most fun to play, IMO. Some folks have labeled the Umbra as bloated, but I think they've really got a wide range of exceptionally strong niches.
  8. I think the predator is gonna need to have CB invent an Explode Lvl2 where the game's objective becomes leave the board before everyone dies. I was going to make a Xenomorph to go with this, but then I remembered that's just called The Hungries. How's about: Regular, No Cube, Not Impetuous Move4-2 CC15 BS12 PH12 WIP14 ARM2 BTS0 S2 W1 Equipment: Special Skills: Total Reaction, Full Auto Lvl1 Spitfire / Pistol, Knife
  9. Ohhhhhh! It's a Vogan from HGttG isn't it!? Wait nvm. Haha climbing and stealth...
  10. Ahhh. It was the dual pistols. Does Leon use 2 at some point?? Its been a while haha Should Leon have Explode? Hahaha
  11. That's The Major. Uh huh
  12. So I was watching shows with a room mate - The Tick, actually. And, like always, I'm imagining an infinity profile for whatever's on TV. The Tick would be stupidly fun... A profile that somehow only took wounds on Crits, but had only a Stun CCW that basically always worked. The game is simple: imagine a character from a movie or show (pleasssse nothing too obscure) and then build a profile for it, including weapon options if you want. Leave out the name for others to guess. Costing isn't really relevant, but you can add it if you want. This game will not be easy. I'll start: No Cube, Regular, Not Impetuous MOV 4-4 CC 21 BS 14 PH 12 WIP 13 BTS 0 ARM 2 W 1 S 2 AVA1 V: No Wound Incapacitation, Scavenger, Forward Deployment Lvl2, Stealth, Martial Arts Lvl4 Marksman Rifle, Pistol (Marksmanship Lvl2), Shock CCW Boarding Shotgun, Pistol (Marksmanship Lvl2), Shock CCW
  13. I'm worried about the scenario special rules part of the effects clause. What part of the Hunting Party rules are "scenario effects" and which aren't? Either direction probably doesn't break the scenario for Morats because Isolation is just one of several ways to do the objective.
  14. It is not an afterthought at all. Heavy Weapon + LSG is a very deliberate move on CB's part for several models - It's what makes the HRL Suryat or ML Rodok one of the best choices available. It makes the model less single-purpose. If something tries to get the drop on your ML, it's got a Shotgun to defend itself... This has saved me from Ninja or similar. And if it survives long enough to get mid-field it becomes the most expendable member for room entry, or a great backup/overwatch for the rest of the team's placement. Besides that, even at 8-24", BS16 is pretty effing good. B2 AROs on 10s or 13s is not a joke when it's backed up by EXP templates. And if you try to get under that mid-range/0-zone, you face a +6 zone instead of a -3 zone. We are paying a lot for that ML, and we would like to keep it operational longer... by giving it a shotgun and a buddy with drop bears. Oh oh, that's me! Those LSGs and BSGs are pretty useless when a ninja has isolated your ML and it's got to defend itself. >.> And I'm honestly serious, here.