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  1. Final Marauder More here:
  2. More Here:
  3. More here:
  4. Thanks for the replies and the likes! The Marauder show continues... For closer photos click here:
  5. More here:
  6. More here: USA is back. It's been a while... Real Life and all that. So it's time for a return to the fun stuff. More to follow.
  7. Great write up. Definitely one of my favourite reporters!
  8. I have found this to be my most commonly used strategy. It's massive deficiency is against aggressive warbands that have the orders to drive them- e.g. Morlocks/ Pupniks/ Highlanders. The only speed bumps to them homing in your prized link team are infiltrating Grunts (should they make their roll) and infiltrating camo Foxtrots/ Hardcases who act as a kind of '360 degree' ARO shot.
  9. Thanks everyone! I didn't emphasize how important being lucky was. A few key rolls went my way in those matches which allowed for me to run away with a victory (like scoring a crit to cancel an enemy crit- happening a few times in one game!). Those games could have gone easily gone the other way... A magister knight link team on active would have massacred my army as would have a seraph with 8 orders. The (almost full) order groups really gave me a flexibility to work around my weaknesses. My next tournament- I'll be bringing them but I'll need to create a dedicated list for TO/ ODD armies... AND I need an answer for dangerous war bands (Pupniks/ Morlocks). That's the next challenge for USA.
  10. Tournament army on display base. I truly think that at this stage of the painting meta, a display base is mandatory for painting competitions. I wasn't going to do one until I saw other people doing simple but effective display bases and what a difference it made in enhancing their painting. I made a quick stop at the local Officeworks for some supplies (a 300mmx300mm wall mounted whiteboard scribbler) and quickly did it up. And as for all this talk of tournaments... I figured I'd put in my tournament report here for good measure: I'm going to take a break from Infinity for a bit and get through some painting backlog. Until next time.
  11. So I took USA to Australia's nationals.... ... mayhem ensues. I discuss the pros and cons in the post. Enjoy!
  12. As a middling player with 5 games under my belt, I took USA to the Australian "nationals" at Cancon 2017. ... Hilarity and tears ensue... It's an extensive write up- so I've put in on the blog. Some pics for your time....
  13. Great result mate!
  14. I believe this list will be good in button pushing missions. If your play style is based on attrition of the other force then you will have significant issues. Firstly- ODD snipers- on certain boards- will destroy your freedom to move. This has happened to me multiple times. I would strongly advise bringing MSV1- like a Marauder- with a rocket to pop them once they reveal. Your devil dog- OR- the dreaded dual Assault pistol Desperado will do force them to reveal or risk getting alpha struck hard. A Maverick with molotok or RL is also a good counter to them once they are revealed. Second. Anti-armour. TAGs and even a half strong pain train of Military Order Knight link team (Riot Girls- Hyperdynamics and visors wtf?!) will very happily trade shots knowing on average they can tank the hit (even the wound!) and you cannot. I suggest either an AP HMG- minuteman link of 3- or a Blackjack (and guard it with your life) or a Katyusha- template AP guided attacks at no risk to your launcher. Admittedly it is order intensive- however- if you knock out two HI in Limited insertion or even a TAG- you're on the good side of the trade. Needless to say, you'll need the foxtrots (or even grunt FOs) to do this. I know there's a wealth of knowledge out there- so if anyone has better ideas I'm happy to hear them!
  15. The GenCon 2016 Unknown Ranger! More photos here: I thought long and hard about trying to paint the eyes and ended up skipping it. With a dying brush and the eyes so deeply recessed- I've put it on hold. Until next time!