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  1. Right after the Kuang Shi + Yaoxie team.
  2. All the Aristeia characters have Twitter accounts. Even the commentators. I can't decide if it's awesome fluff-appropriate marketing or if the social media person at CB is really bored. Probably both.
  3. Eh, the ADHL girl has separate weapon so she's easy to convert, plus sniper/LGL Hunzakuts are great Chasseur conversion fodder. Bam, 4 different rifle Chasseqts.
  4. "Export to forum" and save the links with IArmy codes.
  5. Hey, if my models started suing my fingers, I'd paint them too.
  6. >one-leg running pose >mandatory tactical crap >redesigned BS that doesn't match anything I think I'd rather convert the old one after all. The Charontid looks nice though.
  7. Shit, it might actually make me buy a nuGaruda. Aw, I was hoping it'd be the hacker.
  8. np;dr: Proper acetone works.
  9. Why don't we have a model of the Party Chairman, anyway?