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  1. Because we were too lazy to make it a major shitstorm or a full-scale clusterfuck.
  2. If so, he could use the trailers as 5pt Traktor baggagebots.
  3. Shit, thanks for reminding me, I could use 5 more of those.
  4. I've got an mk12 and BS conversions slated for this month, so it might come true.
  5. And no CCWs. No pistol, no knife, nothing. Strangle your enemies with your bare hands.
  6. No.
  7. Witaj So where exactly are you from? We might be closer than you think
  8. Not sure if that's even listed on the car itself. If I were you I'd look into any documents you got when purchasing it, they should list a color. With any luck, it'll be listed as manufacturer's specific color instead of generic. Alternatively, you might look up a color swatch from that model so you can see what the available colors were - who knows, it might be distinctive enough to eyeball it.
  9. Ah, the "combi Aswang" principle. .....fuck
  10. OK, so after a total ban of anything resembling spoilers, I finally got to watch it. It's awesome as long as you don't treat it as a straight remake of the original movie, more like a loose "inspired by" or pretend it's a random cyberpunk movie with names filed off. Loved the little things and callouts they put in (did I detect specific inspiration with Deus Ex HR and dare I say Infinity?), not sold on changing the main plot/theme from AI and man-machine dichotomy to personal rediscovery. It was OK as it was, but compared to the original it felt cheapened. Maybe we've been exposed to the AI theme way too much after the original and don't need it so much anymore, but it still felt dumbed down for the average moviegoer or something. Also not convinced by the Major's acting. Being a cyborg doesn't excuse wooden acting at times when Karakuri do it better I liked Batou a lot more.
  11. so you're saying you had cocks shoved in your face