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  1. Hey, I want a Staldron (or 2 if you're selling them that cheap), I was just looking for someone to get the dronless Avatar to hasten the trade
  2. Don;t get me wrong, I love assembling MFX minis, I've already done like half the entire range. My problem is that the first boxes in M2E (the marble-colored ones) had everything mixed on one hude sprue (now they're divided into sub-sprues for specific models), and you had to spend half an hour meticulously hunting parts marked with a certain letter. Oh no, wait, you forgot that 2mm bit. No, you don't need those, those are alternates and you already cut out the basic variant. That was !!fun!!. But if you hate a standard model being in 6-10 small pieces (extreme cases being S1-equivalents in 35 pieces and tiny 1.5mm spider legs), by all means, steer clear.
  3. But they come preassembled and not broken down into a million pieces mixed with each other on a single sprue for no discernible reason.
  4. You forgot the best part.
  5. Aleph is an AI and therefore doesn't have a conscience. Nomads are degenerates through and through, Haqqs heathens, and Tohaa/CA aren't even human.
  6. Yes but using smoke with MSV is a sin, the Chinese are heathens godless communists so no wonder they practice moral degeneracy.
  7. Anyone want a cheaper nuAvatar without the Staldron?
  8. Serious, but mistaken. Thanks for checking.