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  1. Like you haven't ever said "fuck this piece of junk" when scrubbing ventilation ducts.
  2. That's one hero who's not afraid to be a dick when the situation calls for it.
  3. Literally what
  4. Oh so THAT's why the Steam store shat itself... @Maru we need your filtering skills, what's good in this sale?
  5. What next? More expensive HRLs? Recosted Posthumans/Ghazis? Exrah coming back? I mean, let's be realistic
  6. You mean the default color scheme for everything being "grey on slightly lighter grey"? As someone whose perception is very much color-based, this is my personal hell and for that I'd happily make those designers use the shittiest interfaces known to man for a few months. Along with those who remove text from everything. Facing that crap I even find myself appreciating text consoles.
  7. Also add some medium (I like a drop of Vallejo's Glaze Medium), it'll help paint not behave like a wash.
  8. If there's no Dogmovoi, I know who's getting pressganged as the third Irmandinho