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  1. Back at you. Infinity is loose about proxying, so there's no problem with using a vanilla YJ model instead of the current one, right? Since it's pretty much the same as just having a new sculpt Yes it is. And no, there's no Caskuda, the closest we got are Xeodrons and compared to the big bug those look like larvae :|
  2. Right, let's lose some units so we have to buy their equivalents which also happen to take place in new release slots. Yeah, no. I've already experienced that in CA and if CB did that shit again I'd spill lots of salt here.
  3. Those are awesome, the problem is that they're more awesome than the new ones.
  4. No, you're thinking of the Huge Machine Gun. It's easy to mistake them for each other.
  5. Stahp. I already have 2 tables' worth of terrain that won't get painted within the year.
  6. Amazing how much tastes vary.
  7. When exactly is the seminar, anyway?
  8. I'm definitely gonna run some "one Imperial cat-wrangler and a bunch of mercs" lists.
  9. So many BS Shrouded
  10. Hey, I like my aliens alien and popular SF has relatively little of that.
  11. Some people find Canadians sexy, no need to be rude about it.
  12. What do you call a Specialist Sergeant with a huge mold line across his buttocks?
  13. Do you have something against mint sauce?