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  1. Talk like a pirate... right.
  2. It's ex-Celestial Guard Han.
  3. Are you saying it was just a photoshopped mashup of parts of letters in another font? Someone teach me how to make fonts and I'll make a few Tohaa and Morat ones.
  4. I just noticed "Between 1 and 3 knots southward". My sides
  5. Sakiel what? Also, gimme dat Tohaa font.
  6. Zhanying/Nexus please. So is Fat Yuan.
  7. It's even got the attack helicopter and mayonnaise genders
  8. Couldn't find the mil chat thread (WTF FLIP), so here:
  9. memes

    What about "the Greys" do you find so amusing? The Reticulans really dislike that name, you know. Please keep your skin coloration prejudices on your own planet.
  10. Didn't you specify "no material from the internet" in your own rules?
  11. No, but we're not talking about Knauf.
  12. I miss the times when minis could have separate fingers. Nowadays it's all Vulcan salute all the time.
  13. You may be right. Excessive tactical garbage is a sure sign of an AD troop.