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  1. I'd suggest posting them here, instead: https://forum.corvusbelli.com/forums/miniatures.109/ This forum is shutting down next month and that is the new official forum. Otherwise, looking good and keep 'em comin'!
  2. As an American, I don't feel I can participate in this conversation as our political swamp has been, you know, drained. I know so because Crafty Canid News Network said so.
  3. This happened a lot in the town/city where I grew up. There was a nightclub on one side of town (the only one in the whole damn town, and Dave Batista used to work there as a bouncer) and when the city started to grow and people began selling houses there across the street, the new tenants began to complain about there being a bar across the street and the city ended up forcing the place to move. There was also a baseball stadium across the street that they'd complain about being used for its intended purpose because of stadium lights and crowd noises. And then there is a bigger stadium across town for a higher-level team (it's one of the teams the Orioles recruit from) and there firework shows for home games. The city told those people to piss off. TL;DR: humans are stupid, whiny bitches.
  4. You know, I was prepared to argue with anyone over this and maybe even have to throw hands, but...you're as right as right could be I still love Voyager, but it's more nostalgia. I was there when it began and watched every single episode until it ended. I didn't watch DS9 when it was on.
  5. So, what @Section 9 is saying is that Voyager is the superior Trek show. Also, Voyager did touch a good bit on the implications/morals of using certain technologies, but not to the degree that TNG did.
  6. I find them utterly unconstitutional and would break myself financially fighting them in court over literally anything were I ever to have to deal with those Satan loving Stepford cunts. Next post, I'll tell you how I really feel.
  7. Does anybody want to talk about how Guardians 2 did the same thing, but better?
  8. So, it was perfect. I loved it. The eyes thing was interesting and, clearly, intentional. As for the soundtrack, Mr. Gosling has a habit of being in movies with phenomenal ones.
  9. American-by-birth who is a professor of German, for the sake of clarification. Also, on-topic: I wish @ChoKonnit had some stories about Autism Quest. Haven't had any updates on her in a while. I say this as I am on FB reading a post about autism and all of the posts and I just can't help but want to set everyone from both sides of that conversation on fire. I don't understand this "person first" bullshit when it's not accurate. You don't fucking HAVE autism, you ARE autistic. It isn't a disease, you don't catch or contract it. That's like saying I'm a person with whiteness. Nah, bruh, I AM a honkey. Just...holy shit, the entire "conversation" around this just makes me want to kiss someone on the teeth with a brick.
  10. You sound exactly like my German professor. Are you my German professor? Like, this exact conversation with these exact points were made in class yesterday.
  11. I am very much looking forward to seeing this.
  12. The cat in The Rats in the Walls was also named this.
  13. At the same time, look at the time and place in which he lived. Not exactly a world full of enlightened individuals. If anyone is surprised, I wouldn't know whether to be pleased that think so highly of mankind or saddened by their abysmal grasp of modern history.
  14. My WTF for today involves rediscovering exactly how irritable I am. Was sat in the theater building working on homework this afternoon/early evening and it was relatively devoid of bothersome things, but a friend sat beside me with food and I decided I needed to leave before I killed someone. Now I am in an entirely different building with more noise, but none of it near me (and more space between me and other humans). I am in a booth (restaurant style) with the gf sitting opposite and I am being hyper particular about how she sets up her laptop and notebook to do her own homework so that it doesn't annoy me while I do mine. Thank all that is powerful and glorious that I'm gorgeous, because I don't know how she'd put up with me otherwise.
  15. Looking at my GPA, I think I'm barely fit enough to survive college. But I'm awesome at learning German, so that's nice.