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  1. The only silverware we had was her because "there was too much" and she wanted to use hers and she packed that up two weeks ago. I'm not worried about her leaving a bunch of shit behind. This is a concern. She knows what's hers and will throw a fit if you touch it, but she sure as shit doesn't mind uses other people's stuff (see: an entire gallon of vinegar just gone).
  2. I'm in college, there'll be plenty of people to rant about, no worries.
  3. With Spider-Gwen, it is a Spider-person from a different universe, so it works just fine. They didn't just have Spider-Man quit and someone start running around in his costumes with tits. Plus, they have plenty of Spider-Ladies who can hold a book on their own if given the effort. Gwen was just an interesting twist that was meant to cause some emotional drama and she ended up being crazy popular, so got to stick around. With Thor, he lost the hammer and Jane got to claim it. It wasn't the worst idea ever, but sure hasn't been the best, I've read. EDIT: I've decided to edit this in instead of double post: The Roommate is moving out. She plans to be gone come the end of August, but likely before that.
  4. I wish it were that easy. Also, she isn't really necessary at this point, but being able to move anywhere else requires more money than the "enough to pay the bills." Sadly, though, she can't be voted off the island. Also, a small update, the friend told The Roommate that the internet would be getting turned off at the apartment this week. Her response? "Well, I can just go use it at my parents' house," or something to the effect of going to her parents' instead of needing it here. Really hoping this means she won't be staying here and, if God is truly good, she's actually planning to move out and abandon us which would actually be the most desired outcome.
  5. I agree with this. I don't know how she came to be called Thor, though. I know that, like Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk, her real identity was a mystery for a bit before they revealed it so, depending on how they decided she introduced herself, I could see her having taken his name or other characters simply referring to her as Thor for lack of anything else to call her. So, it COULD make sense, but that doesn't mean it was a good story. This. I was really thinking about doing this and then pretending I had no idea what the issue was because she's computer illiterate and I like pretending I am.
  6. What reboot? They just had Jane Foster pick up the hammer, which gave her the powers of Thor. They didn't make him a she, only changed who was carrying Mjolnir (but I still support telling anyone who argues that "Thor's a lady now! I'll call the damn animal what I want!") Also, on topic, not sure how much I've mentioned The Roommate before, so a quick refresher/catch up: This lady once left a week's worth of dirty dishes in the sink then left for a whole other week and got annoyed when she got home that the sink was full of dirty dishes. These were all hers as we'd cleaned ours around them. Mind you, her boyfriend had been here, filled the sink with soapy water, put these dishes in them, then they left. After this incident, she took all of her plates and bowls into her room and has been keeping them there. She doesn't pay for the internet we have here at the apartment (~$120/month bill), but she has a 100 foot ethernet cable running from the back of the modem in the living room, down the hall, tacked up over the kitchen doorway, and running under her bedroom door. She has no problems whatsoever with using other people's stuff in the kitchen without asking, but will pitch a fit if something of her's is moved slightly from where she left it. If we have ANYTHING on the counter top, she will stuff it into our half of the cabinet. Currently, the counter is (and has been for months) covered with groceries she's bought, including a ten pound bag of pancake mix that's been there since, like, fucking March. Today, I got home and all of the silverware is gone. Just gone. Now, my friend, whom I moved to this apartment to help out, had silverware of her own, but sold it when she moved here because The Roommate wanted to bring her's along and that was just too much silverware combined. I am currently eating a bowl of Raisin Bran with a fork because it's the only fork that was in the drawer (and I think it actually came here from my parents' house on accident, hence why it didn't disappear). She also likes to pull the trash out of the can, tie the bag up, sit it beside the door, then leave. She will pull the trash, put it by the door, walk outside, get in her car that is parked near the dumpster, and leave. She'll bring the trash out of her room and do the same damn thing. She piled up all of the boxes she got from Christmas stuff (she got a new, giant flatscreen) right beside the door and left them there for a month. Myself and the friend both asked her if she needed help taking it out and she always declined. We sure as shit weren't gonna move it for her. So, the internet isn't her's to access, the microwave belongs to my friend, 90% of everything in the kitchen is my friend's, actually, so I am planning to move literally everything out of the kitchen, including the fucking shelves, and disconnect the modem whenever I'm not at home. Because I won't be out-crazied. Also, since the internet here is in my friend's name, but they are both on the lease, if she tries to get a new modem or if we just don't pay the bill and they shut us off, she can't do anything. So we're just going to stop paying for it. We have free wifi at the college and we're both there 90% of our waking hours, anyway.
  7. That's a boy name, damn it.
  8. Damn, I'm only 33. Makes me feel like a kid again.
  9. Shit. I'm gonna have to go over to the WarTent and see what's up with 8th. Damn it.
  10. I try not to have weak opinions And, whether the song is good or not isn't in question*, whether it fit the tone and theme of the trailer is. And I, very obviously, think it was a bad choice. *Definitely a good song.
  11. And the same goes for movie trailers. Which is why the new Black Panther trailer is not so great. The music didn't fit the visuals AT ALL and just...wasn't good. And it's been getting praise because the visuals were amazing and, apparently, the song in it is considered good by tasteless hype-peddlers. TL;DR: If you think the new Black Panther trailer was awesome and that music was bad ass, you might be a retard.
  12. D&D 5th Edition is pretty damn win. WotC seem to have gotten their shit together and listened closely. It's much easier to play and it has some of the least and simplest bookkeeping I've had to deal with in RPGs. I'm really enjoying it. On the topic of dropping nukes, I really, really hope it doesn't come to that, but, to quote Lamb of God, we need a "glass parking lot in the American Dream."
  13. All of one friend willing to learn not-D20 :/ This AND made props for the greatest space opera ever on television? Your life has been an interesting one. Same, actually. Had a lot of VtM and VtDA books and absolutely no inclination to play. WtA is the only game I have ever REALLY wanted to play/run.
  14. I miss WtA. Also, didn't hate the new Ghostbusters. I wouldn't call it good, but I wouldn't call it terrible. It had many problems, but I didn't hate it.
  15. Do it. Do it now.