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  1. Hmmm. That's alright (for an XL skiavoros). But I like the current version better. It looks more alien with its no - feet legs and featureless face. The fact that the new one is just carrying a regular hmg is also much less weird and intimidating. It makes the EI seem much less technologically advanced than the fluff would indicate. I'll happily stick with my old avatar (and drones for that matter!)
  2. But why a spoon, cousin?
  3. For additions to existing profiles I would like to see: Anathematic, noctifer/malignos, Samaritan and/or zerat khd. Skiavoros hacker lieutenant. As far as additions go, a mechanized deployment morat unit would be cool, especially since camouflage and infiltration seem to mostly be off the cards for them. Alternatively, mechanized deploy could be a great way to reintroduce Exrah since the bugs manage the fleets after all. Bringing back the void operator with his 360 visor would also fill a niche that CA doesn't really have right now. (Please bring back Exrah!) Things like bio immunity and biometric visor seem like they would fit with the sygmaa.
  4. I was as surprised as everyone else here at no kHD for CA especially since several units really seem like they would/should have it (Samaritan, malignos, anathematic etc.). Then again I think I was equally surprised at interventors getting access to it as I was at us not having it!
  5. Yeah, that sculpt is pretty boss. Here's to hoping for interchangeable weapons, although two different sculpts wouldn't be the worst thing on earth either, if the second looks as good as this one!
  6. My main faction is also vanilla combined. I frequently think about branching into onyx or maf, but somehow it never materializes. I think I am just too much in love with the ei aspects! Edit: if Exrah came back and had a sectoral though....
  7. I really like that scheme estalies! The umbra especially looks ace!
  8. I miss the exrah too. Aside from having insane rules, the caskuda was also an awesome model. And I liked the vector's look too. Hey, see this hunchback with the tiny pea shooter? He's actually a 6-2 super jumper with an hmg. Sucka. I haven't tried the rodoks yet but will give them a go if I like the minis. I don't really care for the look of the fractaa, so they don't really interest me. I do like that we're getting more varied races representing the CA though and am looking forward to the triumphant return of the shas and hopefully exrah in future books!
  9. So far it seems like the main attractions are batroid link and the possibility of a maakrep link. I guess maybe increased ava on something like speculos or umbra? If that's it, I will definitely stick with my EI aspects and perhaps run MAF/SEF if feeling quirky. In other news, I miss the vector operator. If there were a sudden surprise return of exrah tothe ca in HSn3 I would be super giddy. ?
  10. Thanks for the math, ToadChild! It's interesting to see the numbers broken down like that. for a hypothetical situation, what's it like for a daturazi with APccw who gets into combat with a tag/hi? Does the B2 option come out on top then due to negating the enemy armor?
  11. I was watching a battle report last night in which a CA player had his heroic Umbra dodge into close combat with an evil, ramboing jotum as an aro. This was a pretty smart way of putting a stop to the nefarious pan-o rampage, I thought. What surprised me was that in the following turns, the ca player only used the Umbra's MA 1 instead of going for level 3. I would think that since both levels inflict the same penalty to the enemy's hit chances, going for an improved chance at a crit would be better against the jotums heavy armor than simply increaSing damage by 1. That got me started imagining all sorts of crazy scenarios, which leads to the question, under which circumstances do we want to get into close combat? And since we have several martial artists with varying weapon loadouts, what situations lead to a particular level of MA being a superior choice to the others? The speculo always using MA3 seems obvious since mono weapons rely on simply hitting, but for the umbra, razyats, daturazi etc. it seems like different situations would demand different approaches.
  12. I would guess another sygmaa option to fill in some roll that hasnt been covered elsewhere, but I feel like this is going to mostly be the batroid sectorial. I think maybe suryats to fill the basic, linkable HI spot, maybe rodoks for the linkable MI option and then malignos in the TO infiltrator role. Fractaa and makrep cover the drop and visor troop options. Overdrone subs for a tag. Maybe noctifers as a basic TO profile?
  13. My feeling is that while Seeds/Shrouded/Malignos look cool, they are quite similar. Noctifers and Haiduks escape that issue wiith their awesome and distinctive capes. Gwailos are also distinctive but suffer from fiddly rules and (for me at least) an undefined role in vanilla CA. I do like that they sort of recall the sphinx armor though. As for the calibans and cadmus, they have goofy head-protrusuions and unnecessarily complex rules. As a vanilla player, I would rather just take their awesome looking morat eqivalents.
  14. I feel like there is still a lot of design space for the MAF. Aside from the obvious addition of a doctor (and the knight hospitaller shows you can easily make a doctor who is also a bamf) there are a lot of additions to existing profiles that could come up. Sogarats with dual shotguns/mk12s, or if you want to keep them long ranged perhaps an hrmc? Rodok FO. Yaogat hacker. Zerat FO/minelayer/lgl/smoke grenades. Oznat FO or hacker so she can immobilize heavy infantry and let the hungries eat them alive while they're defenseless. Something with a deployable repeater or some way of simulating the coma ability from before. Maybe its stepping on the toes of the shasvastii a bit but I feel like having a few more automedkits would be appropriate too. Then you could really make use of the morat rule-your army wont run when guys go down and the ones who do fall may just end up getting back into it again!
  15. When I first started looking at infinity I opted for nomads for looks and what I perceived to be an interesting play style - hacker heavy - that other factions didnt really have the same level of access to. This was just before HS came out, and unfortunately the game just didnt take off in my area. Around the time of Paradiso I came back to the game and the fluff and aesthetics of the CA won me over. Now I just recently picked up icestorm, so it seems nomads may be in my future again after all. Of course CB's minis are so beautiful that its hard not to find a bunch in every faction that make you want to start a whole new army.