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  1. Especially considering the Deva can't fail the WP roll to Sensor...
  2. Sensor Deva with a Lamedh to drop a sniffer. This is hands down the best/most order efficient way to discover camo markers in Vanilla Aleph. Also, it's nice to have the Sensor Deva with lieutenant profile so that you don't need to squeeze another lieutenant option in (like you would with the Spitfire Deva, or Agema). Also, don't underestimate WP 15 intuitive attacks with nanopulsers to deal with camo markers.
  3. The success or failure of model A's attack is determined individually for each model under the template. The HRL attack will be unsuccessful versus model B (as it beat model A in a FtF roll), and model C will get a dodge at -3 for dodging a template weapon out of LOS of the attacker (potentially dropping him out of the link due to declaring a different ARO from another member of the link). The result of that dodge will determine whether the attack is successful against model C.
  4. Myrmidon officers with Chain of Command are great for late game antenna camping. First ARO of the reactive turn just throw an Eclipse grenade and hope for the best.
  5. I used UHU on it. It's like a clear rubber glue. Takes about 8 hours to really set, but it's completely clear and doesn't leave any white gassing marks.
  6. Probably similar to a yudbot I imagine
  7. Sorry but I don't have a favourite Hector SP list without Dactyls. Dactyls linked with Hector are that good, so if they're not in the list then Hector's not in the list.
  8. Ive had some pretty good success with a similar list, but I have a Spitfire Myrmidon in with the Ajax link to help mitigate the range band weaknesses. Ill echo the same as above though that the Thorakites will be too slow to be your sole objective grabbers. Id suggest swapping them out for a Dactyl or two.
  9. Are you guys playing any kind of objective based missions, or just elimination style games?
  10. Oh right I see what you mean
  11. MMLX specifically calls out that it can only be used in the Active turn. Still, pretty moot point considering Teucer has no access to increased Burst in the Reactive turn.
  12. I don't think Teucer can MMLX the EXP rounds as you need B2 to use MMLX. I love my Dactyls, never leave home without them, especially since I prefer Hector to Achilles most of the time. I think honorable mention needs to go out to the lowly Chain Rifle Myrmidon, for without his cheapness our links would not function.
  13. It's probably standardization. They're likely making it clear across the board that G:Sync units cannot be members of fireteams.
  14. But that's exactly my point? When is it ever beneficial to carry two guns if you're only firing one at a time? Any don't say you can shoot longer before reloading, because holding two guns makes it much more difficult to reload either gun. It is just silly.
  15. I think they're a good alternative to the Xeo haris when you're trying to have an anchor on a budget. At the moment, I don't think they'd make it into my Onyx lists though, but would likely make it into MAF. On another note, I dislike that the tinbot is the same as the Overdron tinbot.
  16. Is the other enemy lying on the ground directly in front of him? If so I retract my criticism and it all makes complete sense
  17. More likely 4 models. Multiple weapon profiles for each Mk I'm not saying it's not possible to wield them one handed (especially with all the sci-fi-ness associated with the setting). I'm saying it looks dumb. Also, why carry two guns when you only point one at the enemy at a time?
  18. Sure, just like how Ajax has his dual combis modelled on him... oh wait. I just think wielding guns that size in one hand looks silly.
  19. What guns are those? Sub machine guns? And why does he feel the need to Space Marine wield them?
  20. Nope. He doesn't have a Link Skill at all in his Infiltrator form.
  21. I was saying deploy them, not in a Fireteam. Just 4 models. Then link them in your first Active turn when it doesn't matter if your opponent knows who Achilles is.
  22. Pat doesn't have Fireteam: Eno anymore. The best use is to deploy 4 Achilles when going second so that your opponent doesn't know which one is the real one, then link them in your first Active turn. By that point it doesn't matter if your opponent knows who the real Achilles is (because he will be murdering things and it's pretty obvious at that point).
  23. I started Onyx with the Xeo/Samaritan link and didn't really get much out of it. I find they're too difficult to protect and easy for the opponent to isolate at +/- range bands. They also struggle to effectively move around the table with a large silhouette and average MOV. I haven't played them for a couple of months now, but if I were to try them again I would likely run 1 in a similar role to what a Sogarat does. Hold a particular fire lane with a hard to remove piece.
  24. For a new player to Infinity I would definitely suggest Onyx over Morat. Onyx provide many more options (camo, strong hackers TAGs etc.) to learn the game with, and Morats are generally considered... more difficult to get the most out of. What MMMMK said above is definitely the best starting point. I'd throw Noctifers into the mix as well. And an Overdron when it is released.
  25. I have used the Red Fury, K1, Hacker Haris in 2 games now and I've been, quite frankly, less than impressed. I love the models so much, and really want them to work well, but for the time being I'll probably just proxy one as a Sphinx. I found my Rodok link outperformed them, and I was really after more utility than the Xeo link could provide.