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  1. The levels of frustration when you realize that usarf has one single profile with d-charges, a lonely ava1 dozer.
  2. USARF has more problems, if you need specialists in 2 or more parts of the table you will start to see the restrictions, additionally it struggles with missions like looting and sabotage your only option for d-charges is the dozer, and the unknown ranger has to walk all the board (if the CCT2 weapon is finally anti material) and don't get me started with highly classified and trying to get a doctor a hacker and a engineer in a single list. If you try to make lists for missions you will see how usarf has 3 or 4 main lists with small variations at best. that's considering that you are spending all the 300 points and 6 cap. If you try to do the same with vanilla then you will realise how it has better options for anything meanwhile having a lot of camo to protect itself, and even more firepower and board control. Aditionally access to a lot of d-charges and premium specialists like the veteran kazak with medikit o hell even the moblot enginer can work properly in some misions. There are other factions with extremely powerful and competitive lists that can easily wipe usarf in limited insertion. In the brigth side at least usarf has a chance and some lists, mrrf has just one list.
  3. I disagree you are really limited considering the different its missions and the list are really limited, also minutemen are easy to kill. In a battle even someone with a spoon can do fine but that doesnt mean its fair or balanced.
  4. Forget about usarf, it can work but it's extremely limited in limited insertion. Vanilla ariadna works really well with limited insertion. The 13 orders list can work but not exactly optimal, playing with 15+ orders is not exactly spam because even if you have a lot of cheap units they feel extremely useful and most of them are optimized profiles.
  5. With a network of orbital rail guns considering the lore of the RPG.
  6. Soon.
  7. @Graviton How is segmented? how many pieces does it have?
  8. The black jack right now it's really good, the autocannon is cool and all but the t2 sniper grants you a good range in turn 1. Also i prefer the current price rather than the addition of fatality. The current profile is awesome, take a look at the Haqq S5 and you will see why. Foxtrot minelayer is a nonsense. first of all because it could easily brake balance for vanilla ariadna, also why do you want minelayers when you have the cheapest FO infiltrator, and the hard case to spam camos and shotguns? Minutemen are a little bit unattractive but not because the marauder core but because you loose the option of making the grunt core with the extra haris, Also they are quite risky to field against templates, EM, etc. In their defence i must say they are really really good at shoting down stuff during the active turn and its posible to fit them in a 18+ orders list, additionally the FO can be useful improvised aro pieces due the excellent range of the flash pulse + link bonuses. But yes at the end of the day the grunt core + the marauder haris is the way to go, its a shame because i really like the minutemen miniatures, if they had a haris profile ... now that could be quite interesting ...
  9. Considering balance: Marauders, grunts and black jacks are fine. The airborne doesn't need marksman rifles or mines, don't expect mines for ariadna paratroopers. Traktor muls need some kind of rework, additionally a new more direct action profile could be fun, but don't expect anything that can overlap other units with those kind of weapons. (Even with that is not going to happen soon). @Talon65 Foxtrots are good at being cheap, they don't need minelayer because you can take hardcases, also a new minelayer profile for Ariadna is a bad idea, we have enough with 2 chesaurs minelayers. Why FO hard case? you have foxtrots for that.
  10. D-CHARGES!. Hackers are a thing but the lack of d-charges in USARF has no excuse, the classified objectives end up being just annoying, and now the only way to deal with the new power pack without taking panoplies is a single Dozer (ava1) that has to cross the table (The T2 cc weapon is not antimaterial). The airborne seem a good option for a profile with d-charges to compensate the lack of mimetism compared to the other paratroopers. Thats the only thing i ask for. i mean yeah a minuteman paramedic could be awesome and help them to be more attractive compared to marauders (or at least not so risky to field) But in general everything seems fine except minor details like some costs or profiles (maverick molotok, unknown ranger) With the day dreaming mode on, I could ask for a synchronized land drone, or just anything mechanized with current tech.
  11. Awesome
  12. the T2 ccw seems to lack the anti-material atribute. @Savnock Yes its posible to make one list with each sectorial, but try to make a list with mrrf without taking the anaconda and mirage team together. Usarf has somewhat a couple more options but overall all 3 are extremely limited if you intend to achieve 300p 6 cap. The point is that if you try to make a list for a specific ITS mission and compare it with competitive lists of other factions you will see the gap between them.
  13. How is usarf supposed to destroy a pac? bike spam if they can access the panoplies? Also limited insertion feels really unbalanced specially for ariadna sectorials, and that's considering 300 p matches, 400 are unplayable.
  14. The black jack profile is absolutely fine, the hmg one seems somewhat more difficult to fit in my lists outside limited insertion. Overall their best strength is the price. As an aro piece at that price the t2 can make a lot of damage and if he fails its not as harmful as losing other premium aro pieces like the yuan huo. Personally i'm ready to rock them Madox style! (except for the price, if they end up at 35$ ... especially when it's an oversized s5 miniature there is no reason to make it that big except for making it more expensive)
  15. I really dislike the xvisor profile (linked) the FO are cheapear and can save your life with flash pulse. The xvisor is too expensive. The guy by itself can be used as supresive fire turret if the mission demands it.
  16. Now that lo-tech is a thing, probably they are going to get something with that rule. Now that lo-tech is a thing, probably they are going to get something with that rule. Now that lo-tech is a thing, probably they are going to get something with that rule.
  17. How scores are managed if ariadna got the highest amount of campaign points? Highest amount of campaign points means ariadna won the campaign? If the sistem looks for report rates, downvoting the reports of a faction is a valid way to negate the points of your enemies?
  18. Another option for cavalry is a haris of riot horses with loup garous.
  19. I don't know the more i think about it the more sense it makes to me, ariadna has so many s2 miniatures and needs more variety to spice things up visually. A couple of new remotes or a g:servant, a tag, a micro vehicle could make so much sense.
  20. Everyone knows about ariadna sectorials having a bad time making limited insertion lists, usarf is no exception, you can make some lists with 3 blackjacks, or try luck with multiple devil dogs with the unknown ranger, maybe a minutemen core with a marauder haris but thats it, no more options for a 300 points list. (don't even think about a 400 points) Scarface is not a good option to fix this because his cost splits between 2 models, the anaconda could help a lot in this situation. The only concern is the quite bad profile of the anaconda, well at least it suits the main theme of slow troops in USARF.
  21. Another one, im not sure if it will be the last one for me.
  22. The patches made by Erik have arrived from united states to spain, and they look incredible. i love them!
  23. OOC: If you have been playing missions on wotan you have probably seen that logo. I had the idea of creating an incentive to leave an impact in the lore of the game, thus was born the project Buran. This project was about coordinating efforts to attack specific objectives with a common purpose. The successful outcome of these missions would serve (if CB gave the go-ahead after the effort) to gather data and supports for the construction of a modest orbital shipyard at the planet Dawn. The idea was a great success and a large part of the Ariadna players enjoyed keeping the secret and placing the logo in their reports. So much so that even made a patch with the logo. Now is the time to make our efforts public. The objectives and the name of the operation were chosen democratically by the players of Ariadna. I made the logo except the change of frame made by Peter Lilith Balogh. I also made 3 rendered videos in 3D and some quick photoshop works. The patches were made by Erik Jung. A special thanks to all the participants, I hope that my idea has served to make the campaign even more enjoyable.
  24. As high command i present you my new report, 3D animation included!
  25. As part of the ariadna high command here you have 2 reports more: (Part 1) (Part 2)