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  1. VK T2 seems a good option but those range bands are dangerous, all their links are going to shot a lot of dices with +3 in the 60cm range (speedfire, etc)
  2. The foxtrot lieutenant only makes sense if your opponents really know your lieutenant options but even then it is too expensive. The problem with the devil dog is the price, those points could serve to make 2 strong groups with a good order pool.
  3. Is the population of haqqislam or nomads known?
  4. How is it even possible to have so much territory of dawn with that population? is it that small compared to earth? it has almost the same gravity. I mean spain is not a big country and has a population of 46,7 million, germany has 80,6 france 66. And thats nothing compared to china or usa. How is it possible to even have a space program? or build infrastructure? the trains, the usariadna wall. Catalonia alone already has a population of 7,5. Its imposible to consider ariadna as a faction or as a O12 member with those numbers. With 70 million? maybe, i was expecting a bigger number, but 8,5? thats just absurd.
  5. Too small to be even considered as a faction in my opinion, they have gone to far with that number.
  6. 8,5 million inhabitants is a really low number. They can't waste man power. On the other hand 25 million antipodes are a goddamn lot of doggies.
  7. For me the biggest mistery of the faction is the source of theyr camo and mimetism. It should be some kind of cheap adaptive camouflage clothes for mimetism, and visual camouflage (unable to hide thermal image) for camo markers.
  8. Random thoughts with more experience on the field. I don't like the grunt core outside the double sniper. the hmg seems a waste. Marauders are good aro and offensive pieces. But don't push your odds with them, I prefer their offensive use but 10-5 is quite limiting, so use desperados and other units for far targets. Minutemen are surprisingly strong if they are used correctly, better than moblots i must say (that's not a big achievement). but a core to push up the board is extreamly risky, one lucky template and you are out. With 3 burst flamers, BS 16 HMG AP and mov 10-10 they can be is interesting. They can be used in a 3 men link team and a marauder harris with two big order pools, its a fun configuration but not strongly competitive. At this point with my current experience they seem a good change of pace but far less powerful than vanilla, mostly due the ava of usarf units in vanilla
  9. As the title says, sell me the usariadna sectorial. I have some concerns about them: in a lot of cases inferior to vanilla ariadna in its. lack of exotic flavour (i mean merovingia is bad but at least has a bad tag a dog warrior paratooper some zapped troops and a viral amo link team). its clasified obgectives are even harder to get compared with the other sectorials. airborne rangers are clearly the worst paratroopers of ariadna without mimetism. lots of mov 10-5 troops with short range weapons. overpriced dog warriors. almost no d-charges. almost no camo. low amounts of hard hitting weapons. armour 3 is inconsistent. The unknown ranger is a vet kazak without shock immunity and hmg. limited insertion is an uphill. On the plus side i have to admit: Desperadoes with assault pistols shenanigans. infiltrator grunts shenanigans if you are ultra lucky (you are not) van zant All things maverick except the expensive molotock one. As i see it the new grunt spec ops must fill some gaps or be somewhat relevant/exotic for usarf, he is the only hope.
  10. tactica

    Nice, I will read it right now! This thread should be pinned
  11. Where did you got all those weapons? they look fantastic.
  12. DTW? Also with so many msv lv1 and flamers? i mean is not ideal but you are going to have more visors than using vanilla.
  13. Minutemen are not limited but as mentioned they limit a lot the list you are going to make with them.
  14. Sorry i have to admit, I'm pretending to be more stubborn than i actually am just to force some different points of view. With so many cheap templates in the game is it even reallyable to take a core minutemen team to the middle of the table and beyond? I still see the grunt sniper aro link + offensive/aro marauder haris the most competitive option for usarf. minutemen + marauder seems extremely limited and not reliable. Traktor muls. Do you rely on them in usarf? i have been testing them for a long time to try make them work but the only reliable role they have is cheap order and ITS objective tax.They seem pretty unreliable inefficient and order expensive. in n2 had no +3 band but at least the ammo and the not hackable part was interesting
  15. Indeed foxtrots have been good since n2 but for their price, i use and abuse them but let's remind that the only special thing they have is the price. Blackjacks have been a good addition in my vanilla lists the T2 sniper is really useful but the hmg one seems a poor choice in any case is better than nothing. Submachineguns are better than a rifle and rangers have high cc but with wip 14 and mimetism i prefer a paracomando any day of the week Double sniper grunt + marauder haris seems the strongest link configuration usarf is able to make, sell me the other ones, why should i grab an offensive grunt core with hmg? minutemen are moblots with flamers, less wip, ap hmg and no panzerfaust, why should i refuse to use 2 link teams for a core of minutemen outside of limited insertion?
  16. tactica

    I'm considering using kazaks for an upcoming tournament but im not confident about it. The missions are: highly classified, the armory, frontline, show of power. 300 points, limited insertion, no specops. I mean seems a good scenario to field them but im not 100% sure, the gap seems big compared with vanilla ariadna just by the lack of one or two profiles like vant zant or uxia and other useful its profiles.
  17. I have difficulties seeing dogs as a good wb option. Antipodes have their niche, duroc is generally not worth it but can be effective. The thing is, for the cost of one dog warrior you can fill your list with 3 irmandinhos, specialist and able to throw smoke across the board.
  18. tactica

    Vassily's resume sounds way more interesting
  19. Is there any way to get just the gun? it will fit nicely the anaconda.
  20. I fear that the sniper model can ruin the whole miniature, ariadna snipers look quite silly, its just the rifle with a not particularly detailed scope an a longer barrel, the t2 is not that much better.
  21. tactica

    Thanks a lot! I'm still missing some ones like the old scout art or high resolution versions of others like the dog warrior. Mormaers exist for a reason you know? ^^ also yeah awesome movie.
  22. tactica

    привет comrades! I have made a thread similar to this one in the spanish forums with the intention to share dreams, hopes and tactics related to TAK. But everybody seems more interested on talking about other sectorials. Probably tired of all the years of speculation because TAK has been more visible since the beginning.
  23. Could you make some more photos of the new anaconda?, more angles and some close ups would be amazing, i like the pose, i'm making a recopilation of ideas for my own conversion.
  24. I Can Haz Anaconda Stats? YES