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  1. Here is the first model for the Charity Auction at this year's Michigan GT, painted by @riotgrrl Painting! You still have space if you're interested in coming out. The rest of the nomad army she is painting will have its colour scheme selected by the winner! Additionally every player is getting a Michigan GT Panoply (Final version attached)! We look forward to seeing you there.
  2. 2 weeks to the GT! Looking forward to seeing some of you!
  3. Server errors when I try to update. We have updated the GT to account for the new rules for Season 9. We are embracing what is new about Season 9. 3rd Annual Great Lakes 0-12 ProxyWarOctober 7, Registration 9:00AM, 10:00AM – 5:30PM & October 8, 10:00AM – 6:00PM300 Point ITS “Special Operations” tournament. All ITS will be in effect. Expect to see terrain rules in effect on the boards.2 Days, 5 Rounds. 12 Point Spec Ops Allowed, Solidiers of Fortune will be allowed.Mission List:Capture & Protect, Rescue, Aquisition, Power Pack, Hunting PartyTournament rules update on www.infinitythegame.comRound 1 10:30 to 12:30 Lunch from 12:30 until 1:00 Round 2 1:15 to 3:15 Round 3 3:30 until 5:30 Round 4 Sunday 10:00 until 12:00 Lunch 12:00 to 12:30 Round 5 12:45 to 2:45 Awards 3:30 to 4:00
  4. Muse on Minis has committed to 2 tables of terrain as prizes for the Michigan GT ITS this year! Get your tickets at for October 6-8th!
  5. Go on the store and purchase a "virtual" tournament pack or reach out to gamenerdz or other companies to get you a "Classic ITS Tournament Pack". You can do it through CB but the shipping isn't worth it. The code is then either mailed to you or in the Tournament pack. You can create the event then at
  6. Sorry to hear about the move, but your topic makes it sound like the Thunderdome. Does that mean someone has to leave spokane for Indy now?
  7. For me its all about 5 man Muyib (Heavy rocket primary weapon, spitfire, Leila, and then the final 2 are based on mood. Doctor/LT/Minelayers) I've even been known to keep backup link team members available. (it can be an 8 man link, so extras can be your friend.
  8. We play every Tuesday in South East Michigan. Anyone looking for a game, check in on the Michigan/Ohio Infinity Players Facebook Group. For this month we are playing at Pandemonium in Garden City.
  9. Prizes and Trophies! And much more!
  10. Of course that shows you ones already entered for ITS codes. Events like the Michigan GT or Adepticon sometimes wait to enter their codes. Those larger events tend to advertise loudly though (Rumble on Route 66 has its own facebook page for example, and the Michigan GT would love to see you).
  11. Yeah, the Aleph files for the Army Builder are riddled with errors. Numbers as words, numbers in the wrong spot.
  12. Tuesday's and Saturdays I believe. They have a Facebook group for crystal dragon Infinity.
  13. Event knocked down to 5 rounds by player request, to give more time for travel, drinking and dinner. Patch has been designed.
  14. It's a bit if a hike, but if you head down to Niles there is a great community out of crystal dragon. I occasionally head down there from Detroit.