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  1. Welcome back. Strange to see a post devoid of the letter A.
  2. I only vote for Shasvasti in things like this.
  3. Has anyone heard if they are enforcing street dates through retailers and distributors or just trying to shift the expected date? Feels like those handful that order direct (warstore) will still have them before stores that get product through the channel.
  4. I wish scenery interaction was a default for ITS. I love blowing holes in things to get around.
  5. Hopefully it is I have an old app in and Michigan could use the additional coverage.
  6. I don't know that there is anything I would describe as glass cannon in Infinity. Closest I can think of are units like Fidays in Haqq/Hassassin Bahram. Almost no armour, ability to be up close, great CC, 1 wound. They need to kill/hide/kill or die. Your more elite units/armies (Pano Aleph) don't tend to be fragile. Yu-Jing has some assassin type units as well (ninjas and oniwaban).
  7. You've got a couple good communities for Infinity in the Illinois area, so getting games should be easy. Personally I'm a haqqislam players. I enjoy the fact that while we often don't have the best of anything we have a ton of options. Example, Combie rifles (what most armies have) are good at close and medium range, poor at longer. Most Haqq models have a Rifle (note the lack of combi) and light shotgun. This means we're VERY good at close, good at medium, poor at long. Most Haqq models have more options than other models to solve issues (long range, close range, close combat, explosives) just not a a ton of elite all rounders. We either focus VERY narrowly, or we bring the kitchen single. Fewest Tag/Tag like options in our faction as well.
  8. I thought the locator beacons were 25mm.
  9. Wow. CB should really remove them after watching that video.
  10. Just over a week away if you are looking for some Adepticon Practice.
  11. Do you use the WGC Infinity group on Facebook? You can find any number of folks there.
  12. Good luck and welcome aboard. I know the east coast has a thriving infinity scene. WIsh I had some names off the top of my head to refer you to.
  13. As someone who lived in Dearborn MI and now lives just outside it, ISIS isn't Islam. Also Haqqislam isn't ISIS because its a different universe where the scientific progress of the middle east wasn't quashed by theocracy and constant invasion by @-holes.
  14. We will be at Pandemonium Games in Garden City starting at 4pm today if anyone is interested in getting a game in or even just seeing one if you are on the fence about playing.
  15. There is a community that plays in the Lansing area, mostly out of Evolution Games. Decent community. SE Michigan/Detroit Area meets at Pandemonium pretty much every monday (we'll be there today starting at 4) if you want to hike down. As Gregmurdock mentioned, I have several tourney's scheduled. If I can help you in any way, let me know. FYI, if you are a facebook user, Michigan/Ohio Infinity Players group will help you meet up with all these folk.