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  1. We are starting what we are calling a "De-Escalation" league out of Pandemonium in Garden City Michigan beginning April 3rd. It will be free to play, 2 game every 2 weeks (feel free to knock them out quickly or pace them out). We are starting with 300 points, spec ops allowed. We are adding a self imposed restriction. You cannot take a unit type in subsequent games you didn't have in the previous. Points will decrease every 2 weeks. Example, if I take nothing but Ghulams in my first week, I won't have access to anything accept Ghulams in later weeks. This encourages diversity of selection in early weeks so you have access to greater amounts of troops in later weeks. It also lets up replicate an attrition league without lots of book keeping. If you are in Michigan/Ohio and want to get involved, we can expand out who plays whom a bit. Message me here or at [email protected] if you are interested in participating.
  2. This year the Michigan Grand Tournament is putting on the Third Annual Great Lakes O-12 Proxywar. This year it will be October 6 through 8 in Lansing Michigan. The main event will be a 2 day event, on the Saturday and Sunday, 3 rounds each day, total of 6 at 300 points. This will be a 32+ player event. Additionally we will be having a Friday night Beerfinity event, and Saturday Night TAG Battles for those not to busy drinking (or jumping into other events at the convention. More details will be posted over time as we get closer to the 2018 season which this event will be part of.
  3. 300 Point No Spec Op Joint Operations at Pandemonium Hobbies in Garden City Michigan this Saturday (Feb 11) at noon. $10 entry, prizes will be an ITS kit and gift certificates based on attendance. Hope to see some of you there.
  4. This is mostly covered by the ITS download. 1: You need to at least buy a code if not a pack 2:The ITS gives you no rights to their IP for usage, though they are fairly liberal in its usage. 3: No, that would be 2 different events. 4:Anything covered as required in the ITS download 5: No, the rules in the rulebook state the only time you cna use scenary destruction is when the scenary allows it and it is very limted in just a couple approved its missions. Get the download and read that my friend.
  5. I thought Mayacast said they were all in the Raciho pilot pack.
  6. Part of the raicho pilot release
  7. Last time they pulled what? n3?
  8. Play another faction then, there's always room for more. Personally I wouldn't mind if Tohaa didn't get them either.
  9. Damn, late notice. I might try to make it down though.
  10. Welcome back. Strange to see a post devoid of the letter A.
  11. I only vote for Shasvasti in things like this.
  12. Has anyone heard if they are enforcing street dates through retailers and distributors or just trying to shift the expected date? Feels like those handful that order direct (warstore) will still have them before stores that get product through the channel.
  13. I wish scenery interaction was a default for ITS. I love blowing holes in things to get around.
  14. Hopefully it is I have an old app in and Michigan could use the additional coverage.
  15. I don't know that there is anything I would describe as glass cannon in Infinity. Closest I can think of are units like Fidays in Haqq/Hassassin Bahram. Almost no armour, ability to be up close, great CC, 1 wound. They need to kill/hide/kill or die. Your more elite units/armies (Pano Aleph) don't tend to be fragile. Yu-Jing has some assassin type units as well (ninjas and oniwaban).