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  1. Nice!! This is shaping up to be pretty awesome!
  2. Well as I said in the maplewood thread..... crap crap crap crap crap!! Life has put so many road blocks in my way that I haven't played a game since the warstore weekend in 2013!! Don't even have the new rulebook. Jeez, whats the matter with me!!! So needless to say, if I'm coming it's to keep any non new yoik, new joisey guys in line , especially Magno!! Thats right G I have my eye on you!! So if you need a helper Laz than maybe I could come. Where is the tourney happening, on LI or up by Albany?
  3. Crap!! My life has been in such chaos that I still don't even have the new rulebook! Wouldn't even know how to play anymore! This sucks, so much stuff happening in this area and I am completely out of the loop. well here's to life coming into focus in 2015 so I can get back in the swing! Have fun everyone! I will put positive ju ju into the universe for all of you!
  4. You want a nightmare I can change my avatar to the bostria lee avatar
  5. But, but, you "are" old
  6. You know this thread would have had a completely different meaning if you titled it 300 bakunin girls with toys Now that would have been a party!! Whoo hoo!! Always gotta keep my pimp hand strong Skadoosh!! fly guy
  7. Bostria is ageless! cmon you should have known that. turned 40 in september.
  8. Is it Bostria day or your sig that he wishes would go away. You know I had one of the same drinks that night and it was gross. Your a better man than I for actually drinking it.......... wait did you drink it? I still laugh whenever i think about J setting you up as a ninja master. Shit was gonna get real!! LOL!
  9. I'll give you a buck three eighty for it Such a shame, I have always loved that model.
  10. So awesome!!! So friggin awesome!!! Theres only one issue I can see............. Pan O!! Grrrrrr!! Now I have to figure out a way to get you to switch to YJ!
  11. Like, what are we like talking about here. I like wanted to read this thread and like lost my place. It's like grodie to the max, fer sure! Can you like understand what I'm like saying er what!
  12. Looks like a ford flex, pretty cool!