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  1. I see the reasons for CB doing this, but setting up a forum is alway a kick to the.... atleast it feels to me like that. Having to leave "home" and coming to that unfamiliar, optical not really convincing place makes things not better... I feel cheated. End of emotional rant. As always, in 10 years noone will care anymore.
  2. Well, that's it. All reports transfered and while I am at it, I am publishing my reportsfrom the Wotan campaign there soon aswell.
  3. This is really time consuming, so thank you for your patience. @Golem2God & @Volgo Thanks guys, it is great to knw, that I am not doing this for my own entertainment and that there is actually someone out there reading this
  4. I have currently no time to dig deep intot your system and give any usefull feedback, but I wanted to let you know, that your 20x20 system was much loved by me and my opponents. We have actually based most of our campaign on that missions. Sadly Photobucket has shredded the post into unrecognisable pieces, but if you are interested, check this out: So, pleeeease, pretty please with a cherry on top, keep on doing this!
  5. Since this Photobucket Screw-Up I have been hasseling with my fate of all the work gone for good. And I am not paying Photobucket a cent. So, I am migrating all the stuff to my blog and flesh it out there with pictures. So, if you want to check it out, you will find it here: https://h-archive.blogspot.de/
  6. The display looks ACE! And Makes me want to do one immeadiatly aswell! Did you cover it in magnettic paint? Or will it be "just" display? You REMs will look fantastic on that, that's for sure! I like the bunnies' idea and execution, but they could have been a tad brighter for my taste, but that is crying on a very high level! You actually make me want to go back to my nomads and finally get stuff done!
  7. @M - just M has a wonderfull Haqq-NOD force and imho it works fantastic. That red turned out great! Stay with it Though the grey looks pretty sweet aswell!
  8. What an awesome idea and execution!
  9. You like it? It was not an intentional texture, I am going to primp it up more. But, it's just a drywall saw. Like $5 at a hardware store. Makes a big mess of the pink foam, though, so keep a vacuum and trash bag handy. Yes i really do like it. I think when you cover it with a mixture if paint, really fine sand & PVA glue you will get an awesome and realistic texture. What I would do though would be going to town on the flat surfaces of the pink foam with that saw of yours. Not much, but adding a dent here and there might add even to that. Then cover it all in sand and glue and paint! If your primer layer is thick enough you can even use spray cans to speed up the second and third layer of paint. Gesendet von meinem FP2 mit Tapatalk
  10. Hu! I am excited to see the twins, espcially how you will turn them into somewhat standing... I have one of them kicking around myself
  11. I take back everything I might have said about that raised back piece. They simply look fantastic! I don't even want to fantom about the price-per-bot, but it surely is worth it. soooo coool!
  12. looking great!!
  13. Well... I though you used it to make that commercial thing. Awesome nontheless we need more like that Gesendet von meinem FP2 mit Tapatalk
  14. Is that mug your doing? If so, would you mind sharing the moded picture, when youu are done?
  15. Sooo awesome looking that hexx3r. Sooo awesome looking that hexx3r.