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  1. Wotan is over, my nomads got some love... I am on vacation... It is highly time that I stop enjoying the view and paint Scylla and Charybdis... Gesendet von meinem FP2 mit Tapatalk
  2. H-Logs last stunt in the Wotan campaign. Enjoy. Next time, models again https://wotan.warconsole.com/battles/hydra-vs-macue_topschnur-1500817383
  3. People! I need to tell anyone and I figure you can share my excitement... my listerners emails have been read aloud by Maycast. I am sooooo fanboy right now... and they read BOTH!
  4. Man, your table is fantastic!!! I am no big fan of either mats nor paper terrain, but you make it look planly awesome!!! Keep it up!
  5. Argos, the captain if the Pileus, noded satisfied to himself. The data, scrolling down on the screen in front of him, concerning the latest deployment filled his heart with joy. What ever the clockmaker had salvaged in that yu jing territory on flamia and what ever they had done to it, had worked in its first test run. Now it was back in the workshop, being worked over and remodified, being readied for its next deployment. Argos, closed the file and smiled. Project "Basilisc" looked really promising ... Gesendet von meinem FP2 mit Tapatalk
  6. Luckily I am aware that there is such a movie... otherwise being compare to a tomatoe isn't a thing even a Krakot renegade would be proud of
  7. Scylla is still waiting for paint. Probably once Wotan is over... But I got some paint on an Irregular w Spitfire to form a nasty storm link with 2 Spitfires...
  8. New stuff! Wotan has really got me going! I want to start with my second "ApeMan". I really like the space monkeys, but I don't always want to play them as Krakots. So ApeMAn one got thrown into battle as Senior Massacre, accompanied by Senior and Lady Massacre as Jaguar Stand ins. To make things a little easier for my opponents, I thought, it is hight due for the second ape to get paint, so that I can play the two monkey boys as JAguars and Senior Massacre as Senior Massacre. Having played Corregidor for the first time success, I came to realise, that a Bandit, can really be usefull. So, paint on that too. Finally my Bran Do Castro got some love. I am going to write up some fluff for this carackter aat some point. Until then, I hope he does what he does best Painting this miniature I came to realise one thing: I just LOVE the old Tomcat sculpt. I know, workig in 3D brings lots of benefits, but this model is done the traditional way and you can almost smell that. It is a pure joy to paint.
  9. I made the report public a few days ago. Now I have come around to update the thing with text and pics and so on. Hope you like it! https://wotan.warconsole.com/battles/hydra-vs-macue_topschnur-1498824574
  10. Go Go Nomads! Join the dance! Being Court Martialed can be fun too!
  11. All I have come up with so far, first some ad for my "company", the others are probably obvious And, just for our beloved master Bromad Nazroth, the Logos for the campaign, I have come up with to support the nomad efford: And, most importantly of all probably, our great command got a logo aswell...
  12. So FRAKKING AWESOME!!! Lovely style, keep it up! Seriously, where is that Druze Artwork from?
  13. Sadly I am not techy enough to understand what a colo server is, but I though about migrating to flickr or postimage...
  14. Thanks guys! I would have loved to spend some time on him, painting him up, but sadly has Photobucket decided to kill all my image-links. Therefore, I will be busy re-hosting all the stuff instead of spending joy-time with paint and brush.... sometimes I hate the interwebz...