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  1. Could you mark me for the following aleph: 2 x netrods and 1 yudbot tx in advance alleycat
  2. Hi Warsenal, Do you have any European distributors besides Wayland? There was some talk about Antenocitis stocking your things, but everything's been listed as out-of-stock for a very long time now. I'd really like to get my hands on some of your stuff, but buying it from the US is just too expensive in postage and what-have-you-not.
  3. I had a troop in sup. fire mode, my opponent moved a camo marker into line of sight. I chose to delay my ARO, as per p.70, and my opponent claimed that this would cancel my sup. fire state seeing as it constituted an order different from BS attack, which is the only permissible order in sup. fire. Is this interpretation correct? IMHO delaying an ARO means that you delay declaring your order, and therefore does not cancel sup. fire. As I see it, I should be able to delay my ARO and then let him have it provided that he uncamo as part of his second short skill. Any opinions?