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  1. Hobby time has been at a premium this past month (well, did had a bunch of games and some tournaments). Finally get around to paint again. Here's the 3 Celestial Guards from the new ISS starter pack. Painted to my new Yu Jing scheme. I'm now tempted to strip my old CGs to paint them up to match the new guys........ or should I just wait for Celestial Guard SWC box (which we have no clue when it is coming out...)? Next up, the Zhanying, Crane and Pheasant. And hopefully squeeze in something for Mayacast's Q3 competition....
  2. Sure. My Yu Jing white has evolved a couple of times, here's the current way (VMC - Vallejo Model Color; VGC Vallejo Game Color): VMC Dark Bluegrey - VMC Pale Blue - VMC Pale Greyblue - VGC Dead White The Haqqislam cream white is different on the troops and the Al Fasid: On the troops: VMC Deck Tan - VMC Dark Sand - VMC Ivory. Shadows was done with VMC Aleman Cam. Luftwaffe. On the Al Fasid: 50/50 Deck Tan/Aleman Cam. Luftwaffe - Deck Tan - Ivory. Shadows are again VMC Aleman Cam. Luftwaffe. Skipping the Dark Sand on the Al Fasid makes it slightly colder/less yellow, which in my mind functions better for the heavy armor. Thanks! I actually thought about doing gold trims ala Giraldez on the Yuan Yuan, but I was just tired and didn't want to do it, and just simply wasn't feeling wanting to put more time into the Yuan Yuan. Maybe some day I'll go back to it when I feel better about the Yuan Yuan. Up next is the Imperial Service Starter box.
  3. Thanks guys!! There are just a lot of really good painters out there and many of them were so good at giving help or sharing their skills. Of course Angel Giraldez is great at that. So couple of things I can think of this past year or so that changed my painting. 1.) Acquiring an airbrush. It very much is an extra tool that allows me to do something I was unable to do before. It did took a good number of months until I really get how I should be using it. 2.) Getting good with an airbrush. As you said, my old Zuyong and new Zuyong is a huge difference. The old zuyong is one of my first airbrushed mini, but I am getting pretty good control now on my airbrush to achieve gradients a lot better. 3.) Getting better with a brush, thanks to having an airbrush. There are so many instances I messed up my airbrush job when going in with a brush. I had to learn how to replicate airbrush results with a traditional brush. This really helps pushing my brushwork in many sense. 4.) Understanding color wheel/color theory better. I read up some articles/books on these things, and have a very coarse understanding of it. Many of it come from trying to experiment with minis, playing around with color temperature and temperature contrast, and using complementary colors in color schemes. Feel free to ask questions. I am no master, but I am happy to share what I learned. I also finally got the Op. Red Veil Yuan Yuan done. The Yuan Yuan is a space pirate, so the idea is to paint him messy, since most if not all of his equipments are probably loot or taken from dead enemies. With that in mind, I tried to paint him a little messier/more worn than my normal paint jobs. Not exactly happy with it, but the sculpt wasn't really screaming at me either. I found the landing pose a little too "elegant" for a space pirate. Alternate angle that shows the landing a bit better:
  4. The NMM looks great!
  5. Yep. They are all on my facebook page album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.671766562971140.1073741862.568983466582784&type=1&l=966ac685c1 Enjoy!
  6. Done! Just in time for the demo tomorrow! (The Yuan Yuan will have to wait...) Hsien (man, I love this sculpt!): Ninja (I still think my tacbow ninja conversion looks cooler, but this is not a bad one either): And family shot:
  7. Zuyong done. Progress has been slow today. One more day to paint before the Red Veil preview/demo at the FLGS, and two more minis (the Hsien and ninja) to go... Let's hope I can get the remaining two done tomorrow.
  8. Thanks man! The sculpts are really awesome to paint, and especially the dragon lady. Progress has been a bit slow this weekend, but then I played couple games of Infinity both Saturday and Sunday.... And here's the Red Veil Tiger Soldier:
  9. Thanks guys. Started working on the Yu Jing half. Zhanshis:
  10. Nope, everything but the Al Fasid have the head sculpted on the body, at least on the Haqqislam half of Red Veil. Speaking of the Al Fasid, it's finally done: And a family shot of the Haqqislam half. Moving onto the Yu Jing half, and hopefully I'll get it done before the demos next week...
  11. And the Khawarij done:
  12. More work on Operation Red Veil: Murabid Tuareg Sniper: Zhayedan: As usual, more photos on my facebook page. Hope you like them.
  13. I use an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS. It is a 0.35mm needle, but I can get good details on it. Easy to use and easy to clean. With the .35, I can still do hairlines, but it is definitely easier if there's a smaller needle. At the same time a 0.35 have more margins for error (especially with paint consistency). It is versatile enough to get a lot of things done.
  14. Yea, the Solid Snake one lost an eye patch too. The heads all sculpted onto the body, only the arms and backpacks are separate.
  15. Thanks guys for the kind words (and the duck faces!)! Next up is Operation Red Veil. Got the 3 Ghulams done: I am hoping to get the entire Red Veil box painted by next week so I can start demo-ing for my community. And on a non-miniature related project: I have always wanted a tournament tray, but nothing out there has a tray with a metal bottom for my magnetized troops. A trip to a diy/craft store and two hours later, I now have my own tray: