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  1. They are 3mm thick. Hope that helps!
  2. Full set is $22. And yes, the 25mm are available in a pack of 10. Same price and options as all of our acrylic bases that you can check out HERE!
  3. In collaboration with MayaCast, we proudly present the limited edition Warsenal Studio B. The first in our new Alcazaba range of Haqqislam-themed terrain for Infinity the Game, this unique building offers three levels of play with four unique rooms. This impressive centerpiece building measures a massive 13" x 11" x 8.5" tall. Several levels and rooms offer many tactical possibilities. This GenCon limited edition is only available in a very limited quantity. Once it's gone it's gone! It will be available at the show, as well as online starting during GenCon.
  4. These Morat-themed acrylic Infinity bases will be releasing at GenCon!
  5. Launching at GenCon, the Arapaho Position bundles together several Comanche Outpost pieces into a convenient fortified position for your Infinity tables. The Arapaho Bases are a set of resin bases that match our acrylic Comanche bases, with extra details and no assembly required.
  6. Morat-themed releases launching at GenCon! The Taugak Headquarters is an Objective Room-sized building for ITS missions, and is fully modular with our Taugak Trench System. The Taugak Redoubt bundles the Headquarters building with our Trench System and Hemat Crates for a great start to a Morat-themed Infinity table.
  7. Sorry, we're still about a week and a half out for the restock on the Runohaa. If you sign up for notifications on the site you'll get an email as soon as we get them in. Combined bases are coming by Gencon. Shhhh, don't tell anyone...
  8. I can't speak for Magno, but on the "studio" versions, they were painted with P3 Menoth White Base, highlighted with Menoth White Highlight and then Vallejo White. Finally, they were weathered using Agrax Earth Shade through an airbrush.
  9. Hi Adra, Everything aside from the magnetic markers is available to distributors. We don't have retail packaging available for those pieces, unfortunately. If you'd like SMG to carry more products the best method is to have your shop request it. Just like your old economics class, if you demand it, they will eventually supply it.
  10. Enjoy twelve days of holiday savings as Warsenal presents its Twelve Days of Warsenal. If you know the song, sing along as we unlock a new deal every day! Each day's offer will remain in effect once it is unlocked, leading up to Christmas Day.
  11. Today is the last day to receive 30% Off your entire Warsenal Order using the code STRESSFREE during checkout! We also have Free Shipping for all US orders, and for International Orders of $200 or more (after discount). Time is running out! Act fast to get this fantastic deal on all those great Warsenal items you've always wanted!
  12. We are proud to announce the Warsenal App, available for free in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The Warsenal app gives you quick access to relevant terrain stats, the ability to create and share product collections (just like this), full product images and information as well as assembly instructions. With the Android version, tag your building with NFC technology on supported devices for instant access to stats during gameplay. That's right - using RFID Tags, programmable in-app, simply touch your phone to your terrain during your games to bring up all the stats and information you need. (Sorry, iOS users. Apple doesn't allow developers to access NFC in their API. If that changes you'll be the first to know! In the meantime, the app is still a great way to look up stats on your favorite Warsenal terrain pieces.) You can purchase RFID tags on Amazon like these, these or these. Don't forget that our terrain rules are officially endorsed by Corvus Belli, legal for all Infinity game play, including ITS! Have a custom painted terrain piece? Snap a photo in-app and assign it to make your collections personalized.
  13. They are always 25mm.
  14. Each month we'll be releasing unit markers for the various units that are released for Infinity: the Game. Once we've released a marker for a unit that marker won't be repeated so get them while you can! Repeated units get a one time Blast template release. This month, we have Markers for the Guijia TAG and the Seraph TAG, and Blast Templates for the Azra'il, Dactyls, and Van Zant. Get them HERE.