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  1. They're not generic spacemen. CJC is pretty much what it says on the tin. They are Mercs and Engineers. Their armor and units reflect that. Iguana and Geckos scream "low-tech" and jerry-rigged. They're really like the souped up HI of other factions. Running security, offering their repair/maintenance, and being the main military branch is reflected in their selection and types of units. Intruders and Tomcats represent that to me. Tunguska units are really unique in the amount of gear and unique loadouts they have. You can tell they are the well funded group. Hi tech and sleek. Can't wait for a new Szalamandra. Troops like the Grenzer and Interventor have such nice gear compared to other units that it's almost like how some of the Tohaa units are. That uniqueness is nice. Bakunin is a mish mash of everything under the sun and that's reflected in their units. You've got your crazy Religious sect, weird lab experiments, and some experimental type units. On the subject of PanO being space knights, that's really what MO is known for and is a facet of PanO as a whole. They have a huge Latin and Sikh department with the ASA and NCA along with Varuna seem like Pacific Islander and Aussies. With Svalarheima, you get the Swiss and certain Europeans groups as well backing that up. Christianity does happen to be a larger body within PanO, but it doesn't dominate the melting pot of cultures as much as one would think. Nomads are definitely unique among the other factions in how resourceful they are and the lore fits. Using outdated TAGs and equipment, and making it their own. Compare an Alguacile to a Moderator, and a Securitate. None of them really look alike and compared to the other factions they have an underlying theme that does bring that cohesion you mentioned. It still separates themselves from one another in addition to the other factions which is why I like this game so much. Some of the differences are subtle, but at the same time can be noticeable if that makes sense.
  2. But when?! I've been waiting for a Spitfire Shang Ji for a long time.
  3. Unfortunately we don't have models for Blackjacks yet, but I still think V. Kazaks work fine against Tohaa due to their stat weight and abundance of abilities.
  4. I heard if you say Pride of Rosina three times while looking into your miniatures case, PoR appears and changes all your minis to the Ariadna faction. GASP!! I jest. As for Limited Insertion, you might want to hold off on some units that revolve around V:NWI or V: Dogged. V Kazaks are still a fine choice as they have Mimetism and great stats to allow them to go toe to toe with those living algae wearing artichoke heads. If you have Antipodes, I know it cuts down on your orders, but if you play an Aggressive Lt. or have Voronin, you can make up for that and get some great board control in the process. I hate "tailoring" for opponents, but Ariadna already has some great HFT and LFT options that are used anyways.
  5. Thanks for your help! I requested to join, so I must patiently wait for that. You ever going to do an article on the Boarding Shotgun Spetsnaz?
  6. Do you by chance have a link for that Facebook group. My Google-fu is weak today. In regards to the looks, I enjoy the look of those over the general release and don't mind paying double blister price. However, I doubt it'll be that. Thanks for your help. PoR. I had fun talking with you about V.Kazaks on your GBlog.
  7. Shot in the dark, looking to get my hands on the GenCon Van Zant and the Unknown Ranger. I know it's like impossible to get for a decent price or even all together. Don't know where to post a thread for interest on this, so I threw it here. Trying to make the Avengers happen with Ariadna since almost all the characters fill a role. Cheers!
  8. That's fair. You've gotten me to get back into ISS full tilt. Of all the Sectorials, I enjoy their options the most. The amount of units they have are pretty great compared to others. Gonna pick up: Red Fury Pheasant Agent Kanren Su Jian box ISS Starter 2.0 Wu Ming Box Wu Ming HRL Whenever they plan on releasing that MR Hsien, I'll pick that up too. I already have the Red Veil stuff to add (Hsien and Ninja), NIB Kuang Shi, and some older ISS stuff.
  9. A Su Jian duo and full Wu Ming core?
  10. No Red Veil split for the Yu Jing side with the wonderful Hsien and Ninja? Bollocks. Soon, you will see the glory that is the Wu Ming. The most prestigious penal corps the empire has ever seen. Seriously, Wu Ming are ace. Can't recommend any of the REMs enough either. Those are quite the toolbox. Su Jian are also awesome, glad you like them. The old model was a pain to put together, but it was one of my favorites in game. It got some good buffs.
  11. Didn't realize it was a community thing rather than CB handling it. Thanks for the updated wiki, been out of the game for a while and it's nice to be able to look at all the entries.
  12. That works for me. I revised mine a bit. Instead of only one of each unit, only one of each profile from a unit. Limits spamming the cheapest option from certain ones while still letting Sectorials have their edge over Vanilla. Have you tested your Iron Man mode at your meta yet?
  13. Are you forced to take one of each specialist? That might not be that bad. I definitely like the idea of one list too. Does Strategos II allow you to take a single model in Reserve?
  14. I've always wanted to do like an "Iron Man" modes for Infinity. 1 AVA for each unit even if AVA T. 1 Combat Group 1 of each specialists maximum. Does it matter if you play older and newer scale models together?
  15. Been a while since I have been on here. Just recently got Red Veil and was going to put an order in with Cho. On to the idea. I don't want the Rifle + LS profile, so I was thinking of where to get a Boarding Shotgun from that was recent and wouldn't look weird on the new model. It came down to the Bashi with BS and the Govad Hacker with BS. Are the sizes of these arms all different or is this something I could get away with? Thanks for your time and effort for those that have the models and can provide some input.