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  1. Infinity Review has been updated with reviews of August's releases and a look at the cool stuff from interplanetary! Check it out here!
  2. If you're interested I'd be happy to add you to the local Portland Infinity Mailing List that Nate mentioned. Let me know! I should apologize that I haven't been scheduling official ITS game nights for the last few weeks. Work has kept me unusually busy. I'll add soem to the calendar now and they should appear on the site soon.
  3. I do a blog called Infinity Review, featuring in-depth reviews of monthly model releases and other Infinity products. You can find it here.
  4. Infinity Review has been updated with a full in depth review of Operation: Red Veil. Check it out here!
  5. Infinity Review has been updated with a (poorly shot) Operation Red Veil unboxing video. Check it out here!
  6. http://infinityreview.tumblr.com/Check out my review of the Gencon exclusive USAriadna Unknown Ranger! http://infinityreview.tumblr.com/Check out my review of the Gencon exclusive USAriadna Unknown Ranger!
  7. My comic has been on hiatus this week (due to a dental surgery) and I'm no longer participating in this forum (except to post updates for Infinity Review), so I guess it might have looked l vanished from the internet this week.
  8. Infinity Review has been updated with reviews of teh May and June Infinity releases. Check them out here: http://infinityreview.tumblr.com/
  9. This was not needed. I'm very unhappy. I spent many hours over the last few days putting together a calm and reasonable thread full of solid and friendly discussion. I'm tired of you shutting down Morat threads. Congratulations, you've officially driven me from this community. I can tell where I'm neither valued or wanted.
  10. As I said, I ran the Raicho a lot in N2 and early N3, and while i love the model, it just never felt very exciting to play. On the other hand, I like taking the Squalo in PanO quite a bit (although I haven't run it since N3) and have enjoyed the Guija the few times I've run it in Yujing (I'm new to Yujing). I'm not entirely sure why those TAGs feel compelling to me but the near identical Raicho doesn't, although it's possible that I want the Raicho to be something special/different because it seems to be like Morats should have a suitably different TAG. I do know that from a list building perspective I can take either of those TAGs and still build a fully fleshed out list, just because both YuJing and PanO are substantially cheaper than MAF. Getting a meaningful Morat list that includes the Raicho is always a challenge. As I pointed out before, the Raicho's shooting capabilities no longer seem like anything too special in MAF. Or rather, there doesn't seem to me to be enough distance between the Sogarat and the Raicho. Maybe that's most of the problem though. The Sogarat has some flaws, but it does the TAGs job pretty well, and because of that the Raicho often ends up seeming dull to me.
  11. My point is that Morats can't afford to throw away any unit. Not unless they can guarantee an unequal trade or accomplish something of similar value. That doesn't mean that a Morat Lieutenant should hide in the corner either, but there's a difference between using your Lieutenant well and being reckless, and I've seen a lot of people look at the Morat ability to ignore LoL and call it an excuse to play their Lieutenant in a reckless way. Different people have different playstyles, and thats fine, but I see this (specifically this) listed as a Morat advantage frequently, and I think that it's not at all. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Different subject. Can we talk about the Raicho for a moment? I know that not everyone feels like there's anything wrong with the Raicho, and in previous threads I often heard people say that it was meant to be a generic TAG and is fine as is. While I agree that the Raicho was meant to be a generic TAG, i don't think that a generic TAG has much of a role in MAF. I played the Raicho extensively in N2 when it was arguably much better than it is now, and while it was often effective I found that it wasn't particularly exciting, and bringing it in a list felt very limiting. After the changes in N3 (to both the Raicho and the game in general) I feel like the Raicho is less compelling than ever. It's still the best individual model for winning face to face rolls in MAF, but it's marginally better in that role than the much cheaper Rodok, Suryat or Sogarat. It's conspicuously low WIP (no other Morat has WIP 12) makes it more vulnerable to hacking than it should be (even if the Morat ability allows it to ignore one of several hacking attacks). Most importantly, it's super expensive in one of the game's most expensive armies, and seriously restricts list building choices without being a particularly compelling choice. I know this is the fate of many generic TAGs, but does the Raicho have to be so generic? Why can't an alien TAG be more novel? Especially an alien TAG that is the favored war machine of the galaxy's most destructive military force? I'd love to hear some interesting ideas, minor or invasive, for changing the Raicho into something more interesting. In the last thread Counting_Kittens (I think) suggested this: " Alright, the Raicho is really boring. All factions seem to have the default TAG but even by those standards the Raicho doesn't really feel like much. In vanilla its completely eclipsed by other options, and in Morats there's better stuff to take. So the "A no frills TAG in every faction" is a design guideline I feel very comfortable breaking. I wonder if Berserk might be a possibility (along with a CC boost)? The O-Yoroi has shown that CB are willing to give TAGs CC related skills after all. I'd also boost the WIP (or at least give it V: Courage) and give the actual pilot either an assault pistol or heavy pistol (this I will admit is a purely fluffy choice). Someone earlier mentioned the idea of a dual-Autocannon profile which I have to admit I absolutely love. Its unique, serves a distinct role, and would quite frankly be scary as hell. " I really like the idea of a Raicho with some close combat punch. That seems VERY Morat to me (especially since we know that unarmed Raicho are used in a specific Morat hunting ritual). Awhile ago I suggested a cheaper version of the Raicho that replaced the Multi HMG with a pair of Heavy Shotguns and EXP CCW and gave the TAG the Assault skill. I also really like the idea of either 2 Autocannons replacing the Multi HMG, or a SIngle Autocannon and a very substantial price decrease.
  12. Hi TexasTree. I don't think there are any dumb ideas when it comes to list building. Everything is worth trying, and viable lists largely depend on preference and playstyle. I think your list could work well, but I have a few suggestions: - If you're relying on the Oznat Fireteam to generate orders, it's good to remember that this Fireteam is very fragile. Both Osnats and Hungries are very easily killed, and once the Fireteam is broken it can not be reformed. If I was facing this list, killing your link leader to rob your Sogarat Haris of orders would be my first priority. Because of that, it might be better have your Vanguard and your Oznat+Hungries switch places. - Gaki are great, but they also explode when they die. If your goal is to get this Fireteam into close combat, you might want to consider that an enemy killing a single Gaki might end up killing the whole team if they're all clustered around a single target. for that reason it might be best to break the link and let the Gaki's loose before they reach their target. - You have 3 Specialists, but none of them are particularly solid, and depending on the mission you might wish you had something a little more capable. I'm sure you're aware of this, but linking up your Vanguard and going for objectives is probably this lists best bet in a number of missions, in which case you might wish you had more close range firepower. If you can find the points, I might suggest Anyat or a vanguard HMG over the ML.
  13. Enough. Please. Wuji was out of line, but continuing to call him out only serves to derail this thread. Also,one of the specific points of this thread is to discuss changes here in thehope that it will attract CBs attention and encourage them to make the changes that we want. if you don't like that, please consider ignoring this thread.
  14. I think you're maybe missing what I'm saying. I see MANY people talking about Morats being able to run a suicidal Lieutenant. Talking about throwing Kornak or a Suryat at the enemy and then just choosing a new Lieutenant the next turn. That kind of approach just doesn't work well unless you can force an uneven trade, and that's not something Morats are good at (Ajax is very good at that, in my opinion). Morats benefit greatly from not having to worry about the Loss of Lieutenant rule, but suffer from losing any model, including their Lieutenant. I'm not talking about using your Lt. as best you can and, if he unfortunately dies, being glad that you have a safety net. I'm talking about players sending their Lt out to die as if he's a Gaki or a Galwegian, knowing that if that one fails they have another right behind it to throw into the fire. Now that may be less of a rules issue and more of a playstyle choice, but I see it commonly referenced as a Morat advantage since N3.