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  1. Hello Panzerkunst. I contacted Cervantes3773 because I was in the proces of making some custom billboards. I asked for his permission to use the artwork on his signature, as I am an avid Nomads player. :)
    Before I post anything on Instagram, I wanted to ask if you have any username or anything, so I can give you credit for the artwork on the billboards I made. :)

    Kind Regards

    - Michael H.

  2. yeah, uh. this is unexpected to say the least. i'm doubting 2 weeks is enough time to do the level of awesome i was hoping for.
  3. okay, well, he's not a highlander because they didn't have her when i bought and painted him, but here's my proxy highlander spec ops testing out the new camera on something that was painted over a year ago. which, incidentally, was also the last model purchased and painted. for having really poor lighting, the camera test wasn't bad (one 60 watt dining room light in the ceiling fan).
  4. this thread has a disturbing lack of sho kosugi. also: ninjas do not exist.
  5. okay, now i'm really calling this one finished. late into the coloring i realized there were no guns in the picture and i love drawing girls with guns/swords. so i tried to find a place to add some weapons but after a very brief consideration, it occurred to me that they weren't needed. it still tells the story without them and i feel it still portrays her as a badass AND still has the soft side of her snuggling her pits.
  6. i like the idea of an infinity pool party. a piece that evokes not so much infinity, but the infinity forums specifically. that sounds fun.
  7. some excellent work, blitz. love all the little details on each piece.
  8. alright fanatic peat, here's your chance to put us to toil. with mothman's okay, i'm going to say you need to get your butts in gear with some suggestions. maybe leave this thread up until July 7th ish for you to spam us with your requests. he an i can comb through them and pick out the top 10 and put them in a poll thread for voting for a while and after figuring out our schedules and logistics, we'll start pushing lead and 1's and 0's around. or is it Die Panzer-Moth? it's been about 20 years since i was in germany... what say you, mothman? sound acceptable?
  9. sounds like it's poll time......
  10. hells yeah. i'm totally impressed with the way you color and it's exactly the opposite of how my brain/process works. i'm so focused on nailing down a good outline that i often if not always fudge the color in my personal work. i never do a color version of my tattoo drawings as that all comes out organically during the tattoo and i've never worked with paint beyond miniatures. so yes, let's create some awesome
  11. done? eh. not quite. but i'm backed up in work sketches so this one is going to sit as is for a while.
  12. so, in between 3 tattoos today i did some more coloring.
  13. @mothman - danke, sir. yeah, i changed that entire side of the drawing completely. moving the angle of his hand helped. once it gets color over there i can shadow his wrist and help it. @maru - the first drawing on the previous page has the skull face mask tattoo, it's just not as detailed. my 'model' for this one is a client i tattoo and she's a very active in pittbull rescue and (here's the skull part) a fan of rico zombie. she's also a huge fan of riddick. so it kind of works out pretty well. and when i say 'model' i mean i used her likeness for the face and hair. she also helped me with pitbull reference
  14. small update. i'm painfully slow at coloring. managed some time at work again.