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  1. We demand more bakunin love. Casandra and lizard please. I also cant understand why metachemistry level 2 is not still the main bakunin thing.
  2. I realised that bakunin can come to table with only girls... Riotgirls , zero, daktari , a few moderators, afew rems and zoe.
  3. aproved!! Enough ugly
  4. Soon. We will welcome yuan yuans in triumvirate.
  5. chimera is looking to me hard to protect, easy to die, very nice warband unit. if she doesnt die in impetious order, she brings many things to us. ph 13 + 3 against total reaction rems or any quality sniper doesnt look positive at all. i would wish she has mimerism also.
  6. i am thinking for a while on chimera. is there anybody using more than ava1.
  7. yes better idea. give sukeuls odd and fatality level 2. 2 symbiont bomb wont hurt.
  8. i am planning to make new utahu my zoe. can you advice me a friend for her. i am planning to take one of the pandas convert her little bit and make her new piwell ? can it work ?
  9. I can sell my kidney against to buy New vedic and triumvirate starters together
  10. because we were very good children this year. we were polite and were smiling nicely. because we were very good children this year. we were polite and were smiling nicely.
  11. i am on the same boat with guys claiming they wont be too dangerous with 5man link. there are already many links there with such power.
  12. I have been thinking about how i can use suntze effectively. normally strategos ability looks more efficient on a cheaper troop. because you can use a liet order on a killer. however keeping 60 points troop waiting in deployment zone doesnt look logical. if you have a suntzu i have to march. suntzu wip 17 flash pulse, maybe coordinating with other forward observers can be cool. an other kanren fo, weibing and maybe xizhuang. how do you use your leader ? do you have any success stories ?
  13. jager. so he is hunting. what he is hunting for ? cubes... he is recovering. with monofilament in hand, if someone stealing the cubes and gains the abilities they had.
  14. haha. yes sorry.