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  1. i have no idea if it is easy or not but can you arrange all posthuman types 1to5 in order. if somebody takes a posthuman he needs to choose 3 and would be better if they are in order.
  2. its easy indeed. take chaksa baggages, makauls, kaauris and some kamaels. why not krakot too. list of war panda pretty ok, the only thing that would worry me is that the list is without aro pieces. changing gaoreel spitfire with a sniper variant can be a solution there.
  3. There s less time before adepticon. Most probably we will see this fluff with a new sectorial. Vedics passing to combined ? Aleph players wont like it at all. Maybe it is too much. New tohaa sectorial triumvirate belongs to combined ? Well.. why not. Possible. Maybe they plan tohaa without a sectorial. Achiles to combined.. well aleph players can riot. I wonder alot. Come march... quickly
  4. Shasvasti starter ( combined army ) Taquel viral combi blister with symbibugs (tohaa) Kusanagi with spitfire (nomads) Asura hacker (aleph) Celestial guard swc box Wouldnt it rock the january ?
  5. gaoreel will shine! tearlach, yuan yuans and yojimbo. ( saito togan even. ) now we have hackers. valery with pitcher!, druze assault hacker and killer hacker. now we have more useful adhl bringers. father sforza and kaplan engineer. now we have camo tricks in deployment zone. cateran and major lunah. now we have the best doctor in town. avicenna now we have something cheap to assault in early game. bashi bazouks. these are the better alternatives i believe.
  6. well, even if i try to evaluate from that side there is gao tarsos 30 points variant. GAO-TARSOS Paramedic (Medikit) Combi Rifle, D-Charges / Pistol, CC Weapon. (0 | 30) 0 SWC | 30 Points spending 9 points more, you gain a paramedic again, can be used in but this time with dcharges, regular. extra wound, better arm of 3,bs12, can land where ever he likes and better ph of 12. ( downside is stealth,bts and movement) cc 17 with dcharges strangely can have a similar chance on killing HI/ tags also. ( cc14 with mono against cc14 with dcharge ) cube jagger can be useful in other armies like pano,aleph but for me it is not very suitable option for tohaa. and this is little bit what a pity situation, because he is a tohaa in race side.
  7. i am doing everything to love this. believe in me but in any case not looking as a good idea for me in tohaa. imagine that you have 20 points left. find 3 points more and you can take a regular clipso with boarding shotgun with nullfier. i feel the same. 18 pts smg guy is more selectable. you dont spend too much. but.. imagine now , we take the mercs for 1 swc. and now you can take 2 yuan yuans for 16 pts
  8. in this game, anything in active turn is quite strong. something coming from unexpected angles still can be always an option. however... why would i take a 21 points irregular unit in an army that i have 25 points clipso option.
  9. new neema is better sculpted for sure. not still energetic but face can be painted cool. spitfire is almost like hmg in an army with makauls. after getting closer it makes the same job. most probably i will use the mini as it is.
  10. well, also we are in a situation of being thirsty for tohaa models. what ever they are giving us lets be silent and buy.
  11. dragonforge also very nice. their resin bases are heavy.
  12. Maybe nullifier in minelayer profile. So there will be a nullifier on the ground before the game starts.
  13. i would take 3 zeroes together with bran and prowler for mid table strugle.