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  1. well. depends on situations and the team you are bringing. I always try to make my lists according to be ready for almost any situation. Aeleis keesan can kill jotum very easily for instance, but hard to take her into the lists. makaul and k1combi are two must haves for tohaa. depending on the situation, you have to use selecting attack piece, which is approriate. however, i have to confirm that tohaa is weaker against armies bringing tags.
  2. dont you find advanced command expensive ?
  3. i want a box of 8 different kuangshis celestial guard hacker celestial guard smoke luncher celestial guard grenade lancher celestial guard with a device
  4. this is something alien. can be tohaa - shasvasti ( i cant believe it ) or chonotid.
  5. yes it is very tempting indeed.
  6. many things you can do there. try guided missiles for instance.
  7. vanilla tohaa completed ? if it is true, i can sell tohaa right away. ariadna has already 3 sectorials that they can choose varieties among 4th one on the way with kazakhs, even kazakhs are already there as options. pano has 3 sectorials , 4th one is on the way etc... tohaa is the only army wihout any sectorials. Tohaa is ofcourse playable but. i really hope that it doesnt happen.
  8. one of them is vedics. tohaa vedics kazakhs and shasvasti i hope....
  9. is kanren coming with mad traps?
  10. Taking back the nwound inc. , giving her a killer hacker option and multirifle/heavy shotgun.
  11. if cronotid for january , i believe it can be march
  12. you dont see me but i stand up and clap my hands for you.
  13. i want sneaky options. triumvirate name is no joke. impersonater, some hackers, some camo options with tricks, no symbiont mate or bomb but access to pheroware attacks. maybe some new ones ? new fluffy mercs, new personalities. but please new troops with symbiobugs.
  14. yes comeon. we need some shiny stuff.