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  1. A little sketch I did a few weeks ago Thanks, yo! I havent done or played with any Tohaa or CA because they dont really interest me unfortunately
  2. Riot Grrls - dont like em. But then again, I never liked them. Rodok ML - looks alright, but I stopped caring about MAF ever since CB repacked Zerats Airborne and Zhanying are my favorites this month. Really like both! Sukeul - I assume the repack shit is happening to lower SKUs, but then the Sukeuls are packed separately.....okay.....model looks nice at least Outrage crew - Not a fan. I'm really hoping that it's just the paint job or possibly crappy photos, and that the miniatures are fine in person. But even then I'm not sure if I would've got them even if they looked like the usual CB standard: I thought the comic was just 'okay', and I dont play any of the factions they represent. Aristeia! looks really interesting, but if there's no miniatures, I'm less likely to get it :\
  3. Yeah, I dig the Zonds (All Nomad REMs really). But I can't agree with you on some of those other points. Yaogats look infinitely better - more like professional soldiers, and less like goofy aliens. Also I do not want my generic CA Drones (generic CA units in general) to have too much character. I prefer them to be clean, sterile, and a small part of a larger entity. It's not just about looks and wanting the latest version. It's also hobbying. The N3 miniatures are -for the most part- easier to assemble for many people. The Aleph REMs for example are a pain in the ass to assemble. For me, it's purely aesthetics: Those Zerats, Zeros, and ORCs look like crap to me in design, scale, and/or proportions when compared with the current standard.
  4. Really looking forward to the Airborne and Zhanying (still sad there's still no updated CG box). The 6-pack Outrage box is interesting - especially considering the fate of some of those characters (I guess their cubes were recovered). I thought the comic was a big "meh", but will buy if the minis look good.
  5. Got my minutemen a couple days ago. Thanks again!!
  6. I've only had 3 gamea with USARF, and I've been having a lot of fun with them. But the repetitiveness is definitely starting to show. Since they're a pretty new faction, I'm sure they'll be getting new unita and maybe a spec-ops character. Also I've been using only 2 Lts Options. A lone Grunt LGL or Minutemen AP HMG. Having the most fun with the Grunt LGL LT imho
  7. I definitely like their new size. The old marines look like poop next to them. I wish GW had just replaced the Space Marines instead of making them a new unit, and also make everything else in true scale. Until then I don't see myself ever fielding a single infantry miniature (I'll just stick with battlesuits).
  8. Deleting one of my lists deleted at least one other list too. Also I think it also deleted the slot itself, so I have less save slots. Also, what's the source of your profile pic, @Zoe ?? Looks really cool!
  9. Most recently painted stuff: Some Minutemen. I absolutely love these minis. In fact, they've turned me around to USARF. I wanted them to stand out from the olive green armor of the rest of my USARF, so I went with a tan (even repainted the starter Minutemen). I picked up a couple of Marauders from Cho (BSG and Molotok). I really disliked the Marauders' poses at first, but I'll have to admit they look good standing next to each other (except for the HRL. I still think he looks super dumb). Haven't done a whole lot of infinity painting or drawing, because I picked up some Malifaux and 40k; Also I'm painting two 40k 8E starters for my FLGS's demo sets. Other than that, I've got Mavericks Box, a converted Female Marauder, and some terrain from Warsenal on the painting block. That's it for now!
  10. I do appreciate that the rear view just perfectly frames her ass
  11. That and a Ekdromoi with Chain Rifle/Hacker A Joan 2-pack would be super cool!
  12. I wishlist/guesses would similar to June's guesses...and mamy other months' guess list: - Joan/Hospitaller Knights - Probably that Zhanying w/ Breaker Rifle - Thorakitai box or Ekdromoi Hacker - Probably Molotok Airborne for Ariadna or Volunteers box - Nomads/CA don't care anymore It's pretty frustrating actually. It would seem logical to releasea CG Box soon after the new ISS starter. But those Zhanshi.......I guess.... Or do the repack bullshit blister
  13. I do my eyes looking towards a direction. For me it's far easier than trying to pinpoint them looking forward. Anyways love your work!!
  14. Oh, fo sho! I was thinking she would be a former sheriff or deputy of a small town who caught the attention of the USARF after assisting in a major Merc tessium smuggling ring.