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  1. @AzureAisha do you have a site/blog?
  2. Just gorgeous!
  3. Honestly, I prefer the more "nude" look of the current Asura , but your ideas are really cool too! It's how I imagined the Proxy Mk4 should've looked. Also I especially like her face! Thanks for sharing her with us!
  4. Umbra is a eh, but that's not because I dont like it. I just have no interest in Onyx :/ However, that Shikami looks legit! The extra head option is really generous. I'm actually thinking of giving Nakadai a headswap with the extra piece
  5. So cool! I love it!!
  6. Yeah, locust is a must-have for me!
  7. I don't care what the umbra's arm is doing; He could have been picking his nose. That wasn't really my point. My point was, that from the crappy photos I've seen, the hand looks sculpted onto her leg, making it difficult to remove for me to remove it (and I am NOT great at conversion/sculpting work). If the hand is optional, than I could easily just clip off the umbra for some rubble/rock (also point the sword down by her side instead of directly raised to towards air. jesus christ, that looks like a nightmare to transport). Basically what you said; Minus the gore part, because I don't really shy away from gore (unless it's cringey edgelord shit, or just excessive). Also umbra grasping at Joan before his final demise while she raises her sword for the finishing blow is a super specific narrative moment - which would work awesomely in a piece of art. However, I simply would have preferred a cleaner mini that works within any context. I'm going to stick with the LE model
  8. Or if the arm was outstretched as if he's trying to stop the sword (or reaching for her head). Or if the arm was reaching for a sword. Etc etc... Anything wouldve be fine for me, if that hand wasn't molded on her leg - which is starting to look like the case after closer inspection; fingers on thigh, thumb around under the knee pad. Honestly I would've just like a boring pose with less dramatic flair. Easier to transport and to play.
  9. Yeah, but I didnt want a diorama piece; I wanted a game piece. I'm really hoping it's optional. If not, I'll stick with my LE Joan too. I dont even hate tactical rocks. Never have. But it'll be really disappointing for me to have this mini be a "pass" just because of the shitty rock.
  10. Maaan....the closer I look at the new Joan the less excited I am about her: the non-Saber hair, sword pointing straight up is gonna be an absolute pain in the ass to transport/play, and the tactical grope rock
  11. DAT NEW HASSASSIN STARTER, NEW MUYIBS, KANREN QT, AND JOAN! It's like CB infiltrated my dreams
  12. Well, they're still good as proxy models - which is what I'll be using some of them as. Emily is perfect as a new Trauma Doc/Machinist
  13. You're the hero we deserve!
  14. . . . .Fair point . . . .