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  1. Will you guys be doing a Neon Lotus 4x4 mat?
  2. - Joan, please? Maybe like the 2-pack box like Miyamoto and Achilles? One for each armor....or Hospitallers! - Thorakitai Box or Ekdromoi Chain or Hacker. Pretty please? But it's probably going to be Danavas Hacker - Zhanying qt or CG box - 5th Rodok....or whatever. I dont care. That zerat BS drop a lot of interest I had in playing MAF OH forgot. I really would like to see more CHA and BJC resculpts!
  3. I saw your posts on /tg/. Spectacular work!
  4. I like Lunah's mini, but the paintjob on the face is a bit weird.
  5. At one point I had a Zerat, and currently I own the Oznat and Raicho Pilot. The Zerats are closer to the oop morats in quality and details. Also they're still using the old goofy combi rifles.
  6. I really like the tinbots. They're a super fun additional to a box....BUT I really would not mind paying a little more for the 4th HI (for 4 heavies plus Tinbot). Definitely would have appreciated a AP Rifle Janissary or a Suryat with Vulcan Shotgun.
  7. Yes, they're super nice miniatures. But it doesn't match the current design/miniature line, so I won't ever buy or field them. Same goes for the inevitable ninja repack. After seeing far superior dossiers/resculpts, why would I ever want the old ones. Also I don't think it's harsh at all. I still recall carlos on a BoW interview (around N3/ Icestorm release) saying that CB is going into a new direction for their sculpts, and that they want to be known for those new miniatures and designs - not the old.
  8. I'm okay with Dactyls getting packed together for a SP support box. Makes sense, even though I would not have minded a box with Acmon and a 4th dactyl. But fine whatever. It's happened before with Muyibs and CGs. Not okay with old crap being packed together especially when they've been redesigned/re-sculpted already, or when the army has gone through significant design changes like in the case of MAF and the Zerats. I would have been less disappointed if CB had just stopped producing them completely until a new miniature replaces them.
  9. Okay, sure. I can buy that they're suppose to be less like the rest (even though it doesn't match Leila and Yasbir. But they're spec-ops so maybe that doesn't count), and you're right about the Fiday and Ragik. They came out before the first Muyib Blister. But they still don't quite scale up with the new Ghulams, Ragiks, Avicenna, etc etc. They just don't have the "bulk" or robustness to match the N3 line. I would argue the Farzan and Barid are also pretty small in that regard. Additionally, I think the Muyib sculpt still lacks the sharpness of the new N3 line. Again, I would like the reiterate that I'm still happy with the majority of the Haqq line. Just think a lot of the older Hassassins are pretty dated looking in comparison with the current standard. I don't care if they don't get new minis - I'll just continue not using them, but I would certainly welcome new ones.
  10. Zerats and ORCs repacked. That's.....really goddamn lame. Dactyls getting repacked sucks less. Everything else is great news
  11. Muyibs don't look the same design-wise. Puffy pants instead of the armored look the Barid, Farzan, Govad, and Ragiks have. Different boots and backpacks too. I didnt say that were bad, but certainly dated next to all the new stuff.
  12. Generally, I'm mostly happy with the current line, so anything would be cool. But a few things come to mind. - New Hassassin Starter and new Muyibs. The reason I dont play HB is because they're looking really dated next the newer miniatures. - Tuareg Doctor - I don't play with them, but new Haqq basic REMs would be awesome.
  13. Those new minutemen look great!
  14. Yep. Everything's pinned and even used a tiny bit of green stuff.
  15. I fffffffffcking hate the rebot models. My Zayin keeps falling apart, and I don't like the tricycle probots. So I bash them together. I'll probably never use it or fix the paintjob, because it's just going to fall apart as soon as I field it.