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  1. Forgot who posted it on wgc, but here's the pic
  2. I really should, plan my purchases. I have a decent MAF collection I collected over time without any intent on playing them. I DO have a small Nomad collection so Szally will look nice next to them. But I think I'll hold off on it for now. I really dig that new Neema though! I saw a size comparison on the wgc FB group, and she towers over over non-HI S2 troopers.
  3. I'm optimistic. But I wonder why the change. Anyways I managed to get in without a hitch. But attaching fullsized images is really scewy. Sometimes it shows up, and sometimes it's just the text for the image - [imagename].jpg. And refreshing the page changes the images/texts around, so you'll never know which will be up lol. Eventually, I just linked it back to the source. It's like a stain has been removed. A dream come true
  4. Hey guys, just to let ya'll know, I'll be migrating to the new forums This is good advice for anyone serious about any creative endeavor. It's always good to see improvements, and I especially like to look back towards the end of the year. I made this collage for ac /ic/ thread (Totally unrelated to Infinity, but the current forums are coming to an end in Jan. so whatever lol): And this is my most recent finished work
  5. I just want a sexy new pilot to seal the purchase - separate or not. I love the new Szalamandra, but I don't play nomads. So I'm not rushing out the door to pick one up. I play mainly play Steel Phalanx, USARF, Haqqislam (Hassassins in 2018), so not a clue lol. I want one just as a part of my collection.
  6. Szalamandra is effing beautiful! I want one even though I don't play Nomads..But I'm gonna have to hold off until the pilot is resculpted. Neema looks really goddamn good too!
  7. Another little sketch! I haven't done much Infinity related art (much art at all) because of work and stuff. I recently browsed through some of my previous art/posts. They look like such crap! I wanted to delete them lol. But I didn't because I want to revisit some of them later and compare. Though it is just another hobby of mine, I'm happy that I'm improving and will continue to do better with each drawing. Have a nice day!
  8. Can't wait!
  9. I don't know what to be expecting in January, but my hopes for 2018 in general I guess: - Resculpts in general. Rounding out those armies that are partially N3 minis but still not "complete": MAF, CHA, BJC, etc etc etc - New Spec-ops for armies that dont have one yet - How about giving SP players something they're actually asking for: Thorakitai box. (Also I think I'm the only one asking for Ekdromoi Chain Rifle/Hacker lol) - Retry Joan?
  10. Muyibs looks spectacular. Very close to the original design, but scaled up and crisp. Love them! I also really dig the Scarface mini. Finally my Scarface TAG has a pilot!....But I stopped playing QK a LONG time ago and TAGLINE is over lol. Great! The USARF Specops looks real nice. I wouldve preferred a rifle loadout instead of BSG or Molotok, but he still looks cool. Anyone know if he comes with an updated weapons sprue?
  11. Late post, but I want to thank everybody for coming out! We had a great 10-player turnout....5 of whom played Tohaa lol. No one was a dick to each other. Met new people. Also it was the easiest tourney I ever judged, because everyone just knew what they were doing. Thanks again for coming out!
  12. CB has already been doing that with tinbots and symbiomates, and those have zero tabletop impact (in terms of targetable/lof objects...not that I mind them). Adding an additional little bot/pilot that has actual gameplay mechanics probably won't deter people who really want a TAG (certainly didnt with the Iguana). In fact, they may be more encouraged. What IS a barrier is having to purchase 2 separate products to have a complete unit, and/or be forced to purchase an irrelevant unit to complete my TAG. Or in the reverse, now Tech-Bee and Danavas are more expensive whether I wanted a TAG or not. Dumb af
  13. Instead of packing pilots and bots separately I would've preferred every playable aspect in each product. So Crabbots, Staldrons, whatever the hell the Marut one is, and all Pilots in their respective TAG box. Same goes for every biker besides Yojimbo and Kasym. This is one of my biggest peeves with CB is inconsistency and/or possibly poor planning. They're cutting down on SKUs by repacking old garbage together, or newer minis together...instead of packing them together in the first place. Pilots (and bikers) were always part of the game why not include a pilot in each TAG box from the start. TAG Bots and Pilots could've also have had a temporary blister release like the Bolts for the NCA starter. But instead they've packed with something you don't want/need (Danavas, Tech-Bee, Edgelord Avatar, Raicho/Sphinx pilots)