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  1. Oh right! Kinda got my release months mixed up. Oh man dat Ayyar would be incredible.
  2. My guesses: - Outrage - Gecko Pilot - Minutemen - Zhanying - Gorgos Pilot - SP Army 300pt box I would love to see Joan or Hospitallers
  3. Hospital Knight would be SO cool. Also I'm glad CB is shifting colors to the Hospital's red cloth. It's very striking especially with the blue armor.
  4. Absolutely stunning paintjob and designs!! I'm definitely picking up that Noodle Hut and probably some of those colored Holoechoes
  5. If you havent already....We get most of our stuff through Alliance Game Distribution. On the east coast, they have a distribution center in Baltimore, MD
  6. Will you be opening anymore Marauders? If so, I would like the Molotok and Shotgunner.
  7. For her background in Aristeaia maybe SSL2? I think maybe a light, but very mobile, camo sniper - going with the whole snake/viral theme. As for her visor, it looks Aleph IMO - similar to Penthesilea's visor which has no in-game effects.
  8. Yeah....but.....Knauf and Armand aren't qts like Lunah
  9. I'm really hoping she's available for vanilla human armies at least. Like Knauf.
  10. Because the Onyx and Tohaa 300pt boxes did. Oh okay. That makes sense I guess. I thought it was to get new players who are interested in SP a quick 300pt start - which in my mind would be a good place to bundle the army starter set into.
  11. Anyone else think it's weird that the 300pt SP box doesn't include a starter box?
  12. I dont mind the way CB currently boxes - 4 or so minis with an a single option for each. I hate GWs kits, because I would only ever use a single option and the rest is waste. I hate waste. An extra set of arms like the Kuang Shi box is nice though and not too wasteful. Or CB could be a bit smarter about box contents for some of the more popular options like Highlanders with Chain Rifle (or wielding swords to proxy in for any loadout) or Grunt Infiltrators.
  13. I've also noticed her helmet is down/closed unlike her Pheasant friend
  14. Hnnnggg so cool. Also hope the Joan mini will be fully armored like in the dossier.
  15. Yeah, but I'm with you. Overall, it's pretty damn awesome! I found this on /tg/. Not sure if it's already been posted. Sorry if it was