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  1. Really solid. Nothing I would change if you would like to play with two link teams.
  2. Interesting concept to block LoS already in the deployment zone. Currently it only looks a little bit artificial. I think you could change that if you also add some layers in the middle of the board.
  3. Great Job! I am looking forward to the next mission briefing.
  4. I like it!
  5. If I understood it correctly from the previous posts I would also say: 2 (half first mov) x 2,5 = 5. Another question: If an enemy camo marker grants me two ARO's is it possible to declare with the first model 'discover' and with the second 'shoot'? So if the discover role succeeds the second model is able to shoot?
  6. You are right! I found it in the ITS rules. Thanks!
  7. TheMatsjo, thanks for the great guide! Offtopic: This was totally new for me: Where is this written or how does this in practice work?
  8. Thanks det! The link contains great stuff As far as I see it know we need to set up our terrain a little bit more assym. Best Regards, Nasca
  9. Is there a chance that you have a link? I searched for it but didn't find it. I already tried ted hints but perhaps I need to practice it more. Nice to hear that I am not the only one who is struggling with the deployment. Are there more hints out there? Best Regards, Nasca
  10. Nice feedback Tristan! In our gaming group we have often the problem that the player who is going second is loosing a lot of his models. Perhaps we are to inexperienced how to deploy. Normally I try to set my models behind cover where they can oppose approaching enemies but don't die as a fly. I also like to have a total reaction bot who is than normally dying in round 1. Do you have some general hints and tricks if I go second. Best Regards, Nasca
  11. Hi there, I would like to read your opinion whether to choose deployment or initiative after winning the lieutenants face to face roll. Let me also say that we are a gaming group of 4 people who have no further contact to other groups and our interpretation is therefore perhaps limited. For sure it depends on the mission and the terrain. But in 90% of the missions we experienced it's more powerfull to start the game instead of taking the deployment option. We normally play with terrain which is not benefiting one table side over the other. Perhaps that's why I'm coming to this conclusion!? If I start first I can - fulfill mission first, - take out enemy models and orders and - limit the opponents agility with nasty things (LoS, mines, etc). So normally I would choose to start first. If you agree with my opinion what kind of tactics can I do as the player who has the deployment option. Hide all my models when I deploy, take min. 2 total reaction bots, take more camouflage models or ? Now I'm interested in your feedback! Best Regards, Nasca