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  1. Just a reminder that the topic is due to shift over to the new CB forums - keep an eye out, as it shall happen. Forum's due to close in just a few hours, people - drop what you're doing and leave now.
  2. I don't have any more Jethros right now but I shall be ordering more Outrages to meet demand, so the rest of the Outrage crew shall become available! They are indeed from the new box. Hsien + HMG could be a problem but I seem to remember someone may have wanted the Zhanshi so I'll look into it - the Zhanshi are a problem since they're so incredibly upopular :/ Here's hoping it works out!
  3. I'm going to need to order more Outrages - Jethro is suddenly real popular! I still need to make a topic on the new forum; I'll do it at some point but lately I've been boxing and shipping like the proverbial mother lover :/ Doesn't help that for most of the past month the Wife has been running her business down in the England, so I've got to look after Shae-Konnit Dog. This involves taking him to work with me... which can be a bit of a burden. The last Acontecimento box I split? That happened whether I wanted it or not - SKD chewed the box up real good.
  4. The PM system is being a jerk again and not giving me a text box, so I'll respond here: Sub total: £33.50 Postage rates are at the top of the Split list Price had to be upped on the Rodok as the previous pric was for those from the Onyx box, which has unfortunately been discontinued :/ I had to order in some Bagh Mari and Rodoks but I hope to have them tomorrow! How's that?
  5. Those you listed are indeed the minis I have, so if you'd still like them could you please send me a message - messenger's being a jerk to me again and doesn't give me a text box to fill :/
  6. Thought I replied to this already but I guess not :/ Most of the above can be done, only issues are the Palbot and Cale Volunteer clamshell. Palbots are kinda off the menu as their accompanying humans are not very popular at all. And the old Cale Volunteer clamshell is gone I'm afraid. I'll send messages with to those requests that can be met. In the meantime, would there be any desire on a Gorgos TAG with no Chaksa? Such a thing would be £26.20
  7. I don't see this shit ever ending - something else weird always happens! I'll migrate it across as soon as I get the time. But it is a shame this one shall be lost - a lot of quality stories in here. One of my favourites has to be this one from Iron Panda back in 2012:
  8. Aelis has become very popular this week... I'll need to order more DF#5 to meet demand but it shouldn't be a problem.
  9. I haven't had the time to look at the new forum just yet, but it only makes sense for me to do so! It shall be done! I can make it happen!
  10. The man who identifies as always correct. (check and mate, sucka!)
  11. Well, to her "gaslighting" former employers too, at least. The thing is it's not really clear what identity she's trying to create. You can't just say "this is my identity" and then not back it up with actions.
  12. Ah yes, Penis van Lesbian. Had a bit of an update on Autism Quest. Seems her quest for Autism, and subsequent quest for special ladies' version, hasn't went quite as well as she'd hoped so she had to find another cause to latch onto and divorce herself from any responsibility, with the added bonus of blaming everyone else for her life's failures... Yup - Feminism! She put up a "selfie" (*cccchhhh-ptoo!*, horrible word) while holding a preachy, condescending note. You know, that thing people were doing all over social media 4 years ago. It said, "Selfies are a way to reclaim your identity. Especially women." Anyone got any idea just what the fuck that actually means? The identity she constructed for herself of a whining mentalist with delusions of persecution seems pretty solid, to me :/
  13. [Marge]Hmmmmmmmmmm....[/Marge] That video there is borderline as it seems to be presented as one of those "Wow! Look at this funny video, guize!" youtube clip shows. And the clip itself certainly wouldn't make me say "WtF?!" but more, "Yes, please tell me more, Ms Lady, as I totally respect your culinary capabilities as a strong, independant woman "