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  1. We didn't - these shall be the first in quite a while but I'm trying altering the prices slightly to shift the Uhlans if you'd still like a Tikbalang? Tikbalang £21 Uhlan £17
  2. OK, a bunch of stuff has been posted today, and a slight update on the list.
  3. I may have to adjust prices slightly to help move those Uhlans, by £2 or so, but apart from that I can indeed provide the rest!
  4. And in the meantime that's a bit of an update with some more Acontecimento units.
  5. Boy, he sure showed that carpet who's boss! I wonder if he tells his palls that he got kicked out the Spetsnazs 'cause he was too tough.
  6. I do the DF#6 humans for £7 each, and traps are £2 each.
  7. I think this can be done, yeah. I do those bolts for £6 each (Aquila from that box really skews the prices since it's so unpopular)
  8. Sure! I'll be making a supplier order in the morning, so if anyone wants anything else now's as good a time as any to ask.
  9. I mentioned this a few months ago but it's worth repeating now: My aunt was a teacher at a primary school, and one of the parents genuinely believed that Starbursts count as fruit.
  10. Unfortunately not, sorry; this OpIce split was to provide a Padre Knight for an earlier request.
  11. He has gotten a bit mad, especially since he had some of his intestines removed due to a fistula. Main reason that happened is that his diet has been mostly garbage for years now; refuses to eat fruit or vegetables. Now, for some reason, since his time in hospital he's been saying "Ah, see! Eating healthy doesn't work - you should just have whatever you want!" seemingly oblivious to the fact that this mindset is what got him into this bloody mess! He'd class a couple of pickled olives as 2 of his 5-a-day. Shit, I wouldn't be surprised if he thought cheese also counts.
  12. I am about to split an OpIce box so shall be able to provide 1 more.
  13. Right, updated the list with some new items, particularly from the new Bakunin and Proxy 2G boxes.
  14. It's poor Xi Zhuang on his lonesome *without* his little friends that's the problem :/