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  1. If there is demand for the Avatar's little wizard I will make this happen! It shall likely be around £3 to keep it in line with the other helperbots. I still have a few Bipandras from recent DF#1 splits I'd like to shift first, but the rest can be done! Yeah, I can do those minins, no problem! As for Aristeia! the problem is that I don't have a weight on it just yet but board games of this sort tend to be very heavy, which can eliminate my profit margin entirely if I did offer the usual free postage for an order of that value. I'd hope it won't be too heavy but the weight of all them cards, the board, and any rulebooks really does mount up - ultimately it's like sending a big block of wood through the post. I shall PM about it with a guesstimation.
  2. My wife arranged a surprise weekend away for me with a bunch of my hot friends, so we've been away in a big farmhouse lodge for the past couple of days. There are a couple of other properties on the same land, one of which was rented out to a stag party. We had a good time playing games and walking/drinking/bbqing etc but the WtF came on the very first night we were there: One of the guys that owns/runs the place came in to our section and asked if they could borrow one of the plungers, "It's just that next door doesn't have one and the stag party, they... well... " he really didn't need to finish the sentence; our imaginations filled in the gap.
  3. Going to introduce some price shuffling on the Beyond boxes and N3 Bahram real soon - the popularity of certain models is really becoming apparent. Due to Tarik being a big jerk, I fear for the future of Beyond Red Veil splits :/
  4. Oh, we had a great one in this morning at the engineering department... We've had an ongoing dispute with the courier DHL about them over-charging us to receive a delivery. Because it was from outside the UK there were some customs charges to pay but the sender offered to pay them. Trouble was there was a delay in communication between departments at DHL, so it took weeks for the information to spread that they had received a payment from the sender to cover the costs. In the meantime, their accounts department were trying to get the money from us. Over a month ago we thought it had all been solved, and although DHL sent us "Final Demand" letters asking for the money, we got on the phone to them and they assured us all is well and the balance is 0. Just this morning we get a new letter from DHL apologizing for their mistake and offering to pay some of our costs (which costs? dunno). The letter showed the working for the maths which resulted in them owing us £-17. So they attached a gyro credit slip for us to take to the bank, so we could claim our "-17 Great British Pounds". Either they really do expect us to claim a negative amount of money, or this is some bright spark's last-ditch effort to sneak £17 out of us.
  5. Well, here's a WtF hot off the press: Neighbours having a domestic and telling each other to "Fuck off!" so loud that Shae-Konnit Dog starts barking :/
  6. Hoookay, I got a bit of an update on Autism Quest for those eager for the next thrilling installment. Turns out that she's switched more to Depression Quest as she got laid off from her job. Again. IIRC it was a bird charity she was with (or that could have been 2 jobs ago for all I know), but there was a hint that she jumped before she was pushed. Now, I'm not going to dis her for losing a job, but the strange thing is the circumstances around it which, she claims, prompted her leaving. She's been accusing her employer of gaslighting. An odd claim, and looking back through her history of ranting about former employers, "gaslighting" seems to be a recurring theme. Gaslighting and microaggressions. If it happens once, yeah, maybe her boss was being a jerk, but when every one of her employers coincidentally displays the exact same patterns of behavior, I start to think that maybe the problem lies not with them...
  7. Right, I'm making with the messages etc and in the meantime some new N3 Bahram items have been added to the list! The Ayyar seems to be a hot item, but we'll see how the rest fare before I decide if some price shuffling may be in order.
  8. Well, you can ask me, anyway - that's kinda the point of this thread I do have a Rev. Healer that I'm pretty sure no-one has claimed. I am splitting the N3 Bahram and have some minis from it, already - just need to get them listed. You may! No I do not - trouble is what to do with the rest :/ Only way I could possibly do it is if the cost of the entire box is split between the minis, but that means a high price per model.
  9. Just like everything else, eh? :^) On a similar note, back in the early days of our RPG group, one of the players had to cancel on us one weekend, as he was going to a church to see a special guest speaker from America. His amazing talent was having brought someone back from the dead via power of prayer. To this day, we still occasionally mention that he bailed on us to see a Necromancer.
  10. The WtF is that it's not even a magic trick but is being celebrated as a miracle. I've seen similar being performed in churches like that, such as the magic shoe trick which is essentially the same but makes your legs "grow".
  11. No, from that I meant surrealism and edited images - anything altered and not reported as happened. Video I posted, unfortunately, did happen and the footage has not been altered.
  12. No it don't. What's not allowed is constructed images and the likes created with the intent of provoking a wtf response. Real events and incidents reported with utmost sincerity, however, are fine. That clip for instance; the WtF is that people truly believe that shit. And that the "miraculous" healers get away with it.
  13. Oh, shit - I didn't ask her! I asked wife, who is, *ahem*, with her on Facespace as to any recent updates.
  14. Ok, I asked about Autism Quest and it seems she's began a slide into Depression Quest instead (possibly because she couldn't find a doctor willing to diagnose her with what she wanted). Last she mentioned on the subject was that she specifically wanted Asperger's Syndrome, because it has a special sub-variant for women. Yup, plain old Autism wasn't enough for her; she had to have the super-special version that only ladies get and therefore only certain ladies can understand. The fact that this can be used to deflect any criticism of the validity of her plight is just by-the-by