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  1. List has had a bit of an update, and a bunch of items have been added, particularly for Combined Army and some loose Auxbots.
  2. Possibly... I may have to shuffle prices a bit to reduce the price on the Regular + spitfire. Montessa may need to be increased by £1 so Regular+spit can be reduced by the same. Which would mean: Montessa + spitfire £7.50 Acon. Regular + spitfire £4
  3. It is indeed the new one from the Bakunin box! As for an Ariadna weapons sprue, I'm not sure if I'll be splitting those guys any more as it's no longer economically viable - everyone wants some of the weapons, but no-one really wants the bodies :/
  4. Today I spotted a trailer for an obscure anime, Angel's Egg. A stand-alone movie, the whole thing is pretty damn surreal. But in a way that 80s anime seemed to do best without resorting to End of Eva-esque, 3edgy5U, angsty bullshit. After some research, it seems even those who wrote it weren't entirely sure what it was about. In short, a stranger wandering the wastelands observes the approach of a spherical ship, decorated with angelic statues and blaring whistles. He enters the shattered remains of a destroyed city and is met by a young girl carrying a very large egg of unknown origin and contents, though the girl believes she must one day return it to an angel. I found the backgrounds and landscapes quite reminiscent of the works of Ian Miller with his depictions of blasted hellscapes and flat, bleak plains dotted with twisted pylons, cranes and other bizarre structures, though he had nothing to do with the production. All's I know is they don't make 'em like this any more! The WtF is that I had already seen some of the sequences of Angel's Egg but in another film from 1988 - In The Aftermath: Angels Never Sleep. This film was live action, cut with scenes from Angel's Egg, and more obviously post-apocalyptic in tone as the cast wander around scavenging what they can from their apparent desert-based industrial complex, walk past dead, radiation-burned bodies, and always have to wear gas masks or hazmat equipment while outdoors. The girl from Angel's Egg appears later on in the live action segments of the story, with the animated sections re-dubbed to cast her as an angel who has to bestow her egg to someone she trusts. In this case the film's hero, Frank. I did see it on the SciFi channel when I was quite young, but I couldn't get my head around it. The two sides of the film; animated and live action; did not mesh well at all, to me, and in the end very little of it made any sense whatsoever. I wanted to see more of the surreal anime, so the live action film became more of an annoyance than anything else. I couldn't help but think why anyone would make such a mess of a film - splicing footage from one to pad out the run time of the other. Were they desperately trying to appeal to two different fan bases - post-apocalyptic horror and anime? Why would anyone do such a thing? Today, after a tiny bit of research, it all became clear... Producer: Roger Corman!
  5. Ok, I'll respond to all the requests as soon as I can - spent the day dealing with pre-orders on the new releases. Looks like there'll be another Onyx split on the cards as well! But... I'm not sure if I can provide that guy unless I have some definite interest in the rest. I've also already had another request on the Morat Missile that I had to knock back for the same reason. The sniper and HMG in particular have been very slow movers from that box :/
  6. *GASP* Commenting on a woman's attire?!
  7. What if the Tech Bee is sculpted so because her camp was ambushed by enemy troops doing a HALO drop in the middle of the night or something? So she flung on what she could and got stuck into the fighting. Not exactly going to ask her mortal enemies if they'd mind holding fire for a few minutes while she dons the appropriate attire, is she? Fighting doesn't only happen when it suits us, after all...
  8. Back on to WtFs and away from cinematic heresy etc. There's now a web page for that awful graphic of the green... thing to advertise the VR events. It's cringey enough to make you strain all the muscles in your neck and back.
  9. I always said to the detractors that they shouldn't worry about ScarJo's acting abilities - if the remain true to the source material then for most of the movie she'll just be standing there, staring off into the distance. But looks like they did borrow a bit from SAC to minimize the staring.
  10. At least 7 Samurai and Magnificent 7 were different enough in that they transplanted the story to a new setting. I foolishly went to see Magnewficent 7, it sucked :/ Never seen Last Man Standing so I dunno how it compares, but with Magnewficent 7 and Ring Again they're not even trying. Different kind of awkward to what I see in ScarJo being swung through that glass.
  11. It's not the pedalling legs I have a problem with. It's that she looks so awkward while being swung along on her wire rig. I ain't saying the movie blows, just that so far it doesn't really entice me enough to go see it. If they change a bit of the backstory I don't really mind, so long as it's still decent. So far, however, I doubt I'll see it. I'm judging it based on the footage they have chosen to show me in the trailer; the point of which is to entice me to go see it. I ain't a purist by any means! Shit, I caught a lot of flack in my time for daring to enjoy the remake of The Ring rather than the Japanese original. That's the original remake, I mean; not the new remake. Fucking hell, what a time we live in that I can say something like, "Original Remake" 0_o
  12. I don't know the backstory of the movie but I'd hope it wouldn't matter too much. Though, by the sounds of it they're deciding to turn up the angsty drama in doing so :/ One of the things that puts me off is the scene in the trailer where the Major's busting through a pane of glass. It just looked absolutely awful to me... I'd have thought that in this day an age they could have got some better effects, but she's so obiviously being carried along on wires - she's pedalling her legs but her torso is bolt-upright the whole time. Bleaugh
  13. Alright, I'll sort as much of this as I can, asap. As it turns out, the new releases are arriving a bit earlier than expected - they should be touching down tomorrow! I'll have them up on the store if anyone wishes to nab them, but the inevitable splits of Order Sgts which shall result! For the rest of today, however, progress shall be slow; I left home and neglected to pick up the power cable for my laptop :/ % is ticking away...
  14. Ok, for the Govad I believe I would have to price them thusly: Govad Sniper £7.50 Govad + rifle, light shot. £7 Govad Hacker £5 Govad Missile £4.50