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  1. I fire up World of Tanks for the first time in a few weeks and I see they're shilling a tank from another game; Valkyria Chronicles. Costs 19,000 gold to get this tank. By the looks of it, that's over £50 I'd have to spend to get it. Fucking hell, I'd have reservations over spending £50 on an entire *game* never mind a new skin with higher numbers. 0_o
  2. Spotted a sad WtF today... I was driving home and when stopped at the traffic lights on a busy junction, I look to my right and see a woman driving a BMW 3-series with what I assume was her daughter in the passenger seat. The lights are just starting to turn green for her lanes and she gets ready to pull away. Unfortunately, she fucked up and stalled. I could see what she did wrong, too - she put down too much gas and disengaged the clutch far too quickly, resulting in the tyres giving a brief screech and the whole car abruptly lurched forwards before shutting off. "Whoops!" I think, "Just calm down a bit and you'll be fine." Her car rolls back slightly before she tries again, to the alarm of the guy immediately behind her in the queue. She then stalls again in the exact same manner - car lurching forward and shutting off. I'm thinking, "Wow. Ok... 0_o" She rolls back and tries again. Again, she stalls in the exact same manner. By this point, her daughter has her hand up, covering her face to save any embarrassment. I watch her try again and again, all with the same result, and she never manages to get much further than half a car-length over the line. 6 times she does this, rolling back slightly before the car pounces at the line, until the lights turn red again and she's forced to take a breather. At least the folks behind her were quite forgiving - none of hem beeped. Now, I know the insurance for a BMW is pretty darn high, and if that was a typical example of her driving capabilities, I'd hate too see what her payments must be like. I couldn't help but feel that, perhaps, that type of car just isn't for her.
  3. And that's the list updated! New Highlanders included. I put your name next to the Riot Grrl, but which Moderator did you want in particular? I got the male one, anyways.
  4. Ok, i reckon all the above can be done! I've been shipping a lot today, but progress has been slow due to having Shae-Konnit Dog at work :/ Looks like i'll need to put in some homework to update the list, and store stock. Aside from that, I've got prices on the components of Highlanders N3: Volunteer Medic £4.50 Volunteer + rifle (male) £5 Volunteer + rifle (fem) £5 9th Wulver + T2 rifle £5.50 Grey + T2 rifle £5 Mormaer + T2 rifle £6 Some of these have been claimed in advance, so I'll post the remainder plus a full box's worth on the list!
  5. Right, now that I'm back at work it's time to put an end to all this Commie Talk about democracy! While away on vacation in Mallorca (Spanish island), we saw some incredible sights - walking down a street one morning we spotted a family parked firmly at a table at Murphy's Irish Pub. A couple of hours later we pass the same family again, this time firmly parked across the street... in O'Hara's Irish Pub. It's incredibly how many folks will travel to places like this, then immediately seek out a British store that does Bisto gravy, HP sauce etc (we spotted such a store - just round the corner from Murphy's), then barricade themselves in their hotel room and only slink out to go to Irish theme pubs or ones that have TVs with continuous loops of Only Fools and Horses. Another WtF was when we were out at a restaurant one night and got a taxi back. On the journey we could hear the radio chatter with folks calling for taxis. Control are doing their best to speak 3 languages at once. We hear this English woman call up asking for Michael. "Hallow, we're looking for Michael." (Moi-kal) "You want taxi for Michael?" replies Control "We want Michael." "Sorry, who is Michael?" "He picked us ap last night - Michael!" "I don't know A Michael! We have too many Michaels!" Us, the taxi driver - we all burst out laughing. Then driver says, "Yes, that one Michael for whole island!" Talking to the driver, he says he came to Mallorca from the Spanish mainland and since arriving he gets calls like that all the time. The worst are when people ask him to take them back to their villa and he asks, "Ok, what street is that?" "Uhm..." they reply, "I don't know."
  6. Ok, vacation is over and it's back to work! I'll get through the PMs, update the list and take care of requests as soon as I can.
  7. I've played DnD 5th once a few months back. I wasn't that impressed with it. I've played board games that were more immersive. I do prefer games that don't have a "class" system as such, where you can spend XP as you see fit depending on the situation or character development. That's usually how I run my games; over the course of the story the characters may end up very different from how they started, as a result of their experiences.
  8. I sold Wild West but I'm glad I kept W:tA. I forgot I did also have Shapechangers of the East, but I am kinda glad I sold that one. It's one of those games I intend to play at some point, along with Wraith: The Oblivion. Ironically, Vamp: The Masq is the one I have the most sourcebooks/clanbooks for but it's also the one I have the least inclination to play. Overall, I can't be bothered with the court politics etc, so if I ever did run it it would likely be something like Vampire: A Mafia Story. Or maybe one day I'll actually study the court proceedings etc. Shit, it's not as if I don't have enough games I intend to play :/
  9. Hi and thanks for checking out my topic! I'll need to see about the Acon. Regulars, I think I should be able to provide them but I need to check the pile of Akali Hackers to see if it's getting too big. CommTech is certainly possible! Will be another week before I can action this, though. Excellent, glad to hear it! Finally sorted! In other news I'll be off on vacation all of next week (as advertised on the front page of SKG) so I won't be able to action anything until I return. I might be able to send messages etc while I'm away, but I won't know until we get there. There is a good chance i'll be in a comms blackspot, however. The new releases are up for pre-order on SKG though, so I can still gather the numbers and order everything when I return!
  10. I've had a hankering for some older RTS games lately, where you just keep building as much shit as you like and don't need to hold any god-damn points! To that end, I reinstalled Command & Conquer 3. It took a bit of getting used to after Dawn of War and the likes, but I'm really enjoying it. It's great to use all the old tactics again, like stealing enemy buildings and having vehicles than can actually run over enemy infantry. One I wouldn't mind trying again is Universe At War; Earth Assault. Back when it first appeared I managed to complete the first chapter of the single player campaign before it crashed and erased all my progress. After that it was a year or so before I bothered to try it again, and by that point I had to reinstall but it wouldn't launch :/
  11. I'm hoping this shall be remedied when we eventually get a sectorial that gives Zhanshi a link team!
  12. I watched it so at least my dissing could be well-informed. Yeah, terrible film. Not even comparing it to the original; it was in and of itself a bad film. Unfunny, terrible characters, awful CGI, so much of it involves the Fembusters bumbling awkwardly while a ghost or some shit just stands/hovers there, watching them, and not actually doing anything. It also had some really poor editing - some scenes were really awkwardly cut and it was noticeable when they abruptly jump from one scene to another. One of the worst aspects of the film, I'd say, was the Patty character. They almost had something good with her, as when she appeared she did actually display a knowledge of the local area and its buildings by listing off a load of facts - which was allegedly what her character was supposed to be all about. Only problem was that character pretty much began and ended in that same scene. It's as if the writers/director said, "Hmmmmnah, it'd be funnier if you act like a black stereotype - do that instead!" Ach, I could go on at length about that dumb film, but I won't.
  13. I doubt that one will be available for a while yet, sorry. I often get requests, but the trouble is the Zhanshi are a real drag-factor on the splitting on the Red Veil box :/ Certainly! Glad to hear it! In the meantime, I've added pre-orders for the next wave of releases to the webstore:
  14. Ah yes, the Ananasi from Werewolf: The Apocalypse? That's one of the few sourcebooks I actually kept from that series. I had a few of them; Ratkin, Corax and the stupid Mokole. It was an odd series for me; I got loads of sourcebooks, both corebooks (Apocalypse & Wild West) but I never actually played the damn thing. A slight WtF from World of Darkness was the Combat sourcebook, which had systems for various martial arts, combat applications of disciplines, and loads of stats for new weapons. Odd thing was that whoever wrote that shit somehow got in their head that the highest damage rating a weapon could have was 10. From that they had M60s at 10 damage, sticks of dynamite at 10 damage, and Stinger Missiles at 10 damage... And using their system, it's incredibly unlikely that a Stinger would destroy a regular car. And one from yesterday: I saw on Facespace that Dan Aykroyd was lamenting the failure of Fembusters. Of course, the comments were red hot, with plenty of fans coming out and making excuses for it or trying to paint it as a success, like "Highest grossing movie starring 4 ladies who hunt ghosts!" etc. Anyway, I spotted this gem: "It was never meant to be better than the originals." Now, I've heard some great excuses in my time but this one is fantastic. Were it actually true, I can only imagine the pitch for the movie: "Hey, Sony investors! We've got a great idea for a Ghostbusters remake! Now, we don't actually want it to be any better or make much money because, heh, you know, that just wouldn't be right, would it? Actually having it become a success, well, that would just be insulting." Applied to other works: "Well, Mr Smith, the heart transplant was a success! I put some cholesterol deposits in your new valves 'cause, you know, we don't want it to be any better than the original." "It's a shame the storm destroyed so much of your house, especially at this time of year what with all the rain... Now, we've replaced all the beams so you can go upstairs again, and I drilled some big holes through them 'cause, you know, we can't have them better than the originals, can we? So if you hear any loud creaking followed by a snapping noise, you may want to lay flat on the floor to spread your weight and crawl for the stairs."
  15. I see it! I'll reply as soon as. In the meantime, I had a slight adjustment to the UK postage rates- it had to increase slightly from 98p to £1, as the pensioners complained the 2p change was "too fiddly."