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  1. I've been looking into more games to put my PC to good use - I spent money on a decent graphics card so I really ought to use it! I saw GoG had a sale on, and while I bought a couple of games I was hesitant about others. Shit, I know many of them cost just a couple of quid, but I want to spare myself any potential disappointment. To that end, anyone got any opinions on War for the Overworld - that spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper? I really enjoyed the original, and was feeling tempted.
  2. Only one that could cause grief is Margot. Would anyone like a discounted Duroc?
  3. Ok, aside from all that talk about fish (know who else talks about fish...? That's right - COMMIES!) I got a WtF from a couple of weeks back that I never got around to posting: I was out in Glasgow with the wife and we stopped in at this theme bar, named Lebowski's. Theme is the film, The Big Lebowski. Their specialty is an extensive menu of White Russian variants. We went in and the bar was quite busy, so I went to get the drinks in while wife claimed a spot at a table. I managed to find a space to get my elbows in, but I wasn't sure exactly who was and was not being served. When a barmaid noticed me, I checked with those standing either side of me. One of them was an older woman with the remains of a glass of white wine, so I asked her while gesturing to the bar, "You OK?" - a fairly standard question really; I was just being courteous. She didn't seem to understand bar etiquette, and responded, "Yes. Why, are you OK?" I thought I ought to explain myself, "I was just making sure I wasn't skipping the queue, you know? You were here first, after all.". So, she ordered another white wine. After that things started to get weird. As I was waiting for my drinks she began to tell me about her husband being away, and that she suspected he'd gone home with one of his secretaries. "Oh aye?" I replied. She described that he does this often, and there's a chance he went back with the keys to the house. She didn't seem all that bothered, really. "Where are you from?" She asks. "East Kilbride." I reply. "Oh yes - you already told me!" Thing was, no I hadn't. The barmaid soon arrives back with her wine, and tells the woman the price. She roots around in her handbag, pulls out her purse and eventually finds a card. The barmaid barely glances at the card before declaring, "No, that's a bus pass." The woman quickly retreats her hand and looks around in her purse again. Finally she pulls out a debit card which she hands to the barmaid to press against their contactless reader. The barmaid hands it back saying, "There's not enough money on this." "Oh, sorry!" says the woman. At this point the barmaid is shaking her head as her would-be customer dredges her handbag before offering another card. "No, that's a bus pass." "Oh, sorry!" she digs again and offers another card. "That's still a bus pass." "Oh, sorry!" The barmaid shakes her head, shrugs and turns to face me, "Bus pass. Always the bus pass!" This was actually getting embarrassing, "I'm really sorry," I explain, "I thought I was being polite!" "It's alright; you didn't know. She does this all the time!" Another card was found but again was refused, "That's the same bus pass." At this point I thought she was trying to scam me - relying on the naive kindness of a stranger to pay for her drinks for her. I don't like being taken a loan of, especially by someone who apparently does this often, so I didn't get involved. Eventually the woman gives up on the bus pass trick, and instead hands over a palmfull of coins, "Is that enough?". It was £1.20 - not enough for a glass of wine. At this point she finally gave up, "I'll just leave it then, sorry." And she gets up and leaves. As the barmaid decants the wine back into the bottle, she explains that this woman is indeed a regular, and pulls shit like that on a fairly regular basis. I did mention that I thought maybe she was trying to scam me, but no; she's just mad.
  4. Eeeeeh, chargin' moneys for us red sauce for us fish&chips... There was none of that when I was a lad! But there was no fish neither - that was Hitler's fault. And they didn't have none of that public-interactive, multimedia, infohub forums neither - you had a whip and top and you were thankful! And we didn't have none of them haircuts, neither etc...
  5. Hoookay, I shall hopefully get all these addressed tomorrow - life has taken a rather difficult turn and shall remain so for the next month, but I'll try to climb back on top of the pile and stamp it down to a more manageable size.
  6. That's when you start balling your fists, saying "Time for some survival of the fittest, motherfucker! "
  7. Just heard on the news about a benefits cheat who claimed £7k, citing a slipped disk and being unable to walk any more than 50ft without crippling pain. He was caught climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and taking part in a triathlon... That's like the kind of shit you'd read in Viz 0_o
  8. No and Yes, respectively! I'll make with PMs for all this as soon as I can; suffering a bit of lag here so I need to catch up with my own shipping :/
  9. Definitely! I'm assuming you mean the new, inbound box? Or the one currently available?
  10. Alright, I'll get some dogs in! I should have them next week! Actually, yes. I do her for £7.50 I'm thinking of doing them for £17 each.
  11. Unfortunately I've missed the deadline for orders this week to get more Dog Warriors, but sounds like a plan to me! I have someone else who wants the Dog Warrior + 2chains, so the Scarface dog and both Dogfaces will be available, how's that?
  12. I'm not sure I follow... Did you reply to the right post, there? :/
  13. Sounds like Pistol Prick and his god-damn, chicken-fucking-sandwiches. I'm sure I've already told that one here; you should search for it. That is *still* a forced meme on PP's part to this very day! And to this day he hasn't noticed that he is the only one who laughs. When I get to a PC I should tell the story of how his last game ended (unless I find I have already told it); it was crazy to the point it made the whole session feel like an out of body experience. My faither knew a guy who was scared of dentists and refused to go, even when he had horrendous tooth ache. He decided to pull the problem tooth himself with a pair of pliers. He was partially successful, in that he only managed to pull out *half* the tooth. He also lost his voice for a while, after screaming his throat ragged.
  14. Could very well be, but I think I may have mentioned before the incident with him as GM (jesus christ it was bad) where he invented a pub called The Prancing Poofter as a locale. Also, one of the PCs was a bisexual half-vampire, and holy shit PP was running scared. Kept on waving his arms about and declaring, loudly, all the scenes he would not RP or even mention. Again and again and again. I can only imagine the nightmares he must have had that night... Like something from that Ken Russel film - Lair of the White Wyrm.