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  1. Just a reminder that the topic is due to shift over to the new CB forums - keep an eye out, as it shall happen. Forum's due to close in just a few hours, people - drop what you're doing and leave now.
  2. Welcome to the Split Box Deal! In this topic I divide up the contents of boxes and clamshells so players can get those specific minis they need. If you there is anything you want, simply post a reply to the topic to indicate your interest and your name shall be added to the listed item! If an item already has a name then that is who has claimed it, but stocks are replenished regularly so more items arrive all the time. Once an item is claimed the rest shall be conducted via PM - either I contact you or you contact me; whichever comes first! For quick reference, here are the postage rates: Postage Rates: UK £1 (so long as I can fit it in a padded envelope). Europe £3.80 Australia/New Zealand £4.80 USA/Canada/Rest of World £4.50 To view the list of available items, simply click the link: To the list!
  3. I don't have any more Jethros right now but I shall be ordering more Outrages to meet demand, so the rest of the Outrage crew shall become available! They are indeed from the new box. Hsien + HMG could be a problem but I seem to remember someone may have wanted the Zhanshi so I'll look into it - the Zhanshi are a problem since they're so incredibly upopular :/ Here's hoping it works out!
  4. I'm going to need to order more Outrages - Jethro is suddenly real popular! I still need to make a topic on the new forum; I'll do it at some point but lately I've been boxing and shipping like the proverbial mother lover :/ Doesn't help that for most of the past month the Wife has been running her business down in the England, so I've got to look after Shae-Konnit Dog. This involves taking him to work with me... which can be a bit of a burden. The last Acontecimento box I split? That happened whether I wanted it or not - SKD chewed the box up real good.
  5. The PM system is being a jerk again and not giving me a text box, so I'll respond here: Sub total: £33.50 Postage rates are at the top of the Split list Price had to be upped on the Rodok as the previous pric was for those from the Onyx box, which has unfortunately been discontinued :/ I had to order in some Bagh Mari and Rodoks but I hope to have them tomorrow! How's that?
  6. Those you listed are indeed the minis I have, so if you'd still like them could you please send me a message - messenger's being a jerk to me again and doesn't give me a text box to fill :/
  7. Thought I replied to this already but I guess not :/ Most of the above can be done, only issues are the Palbot and Cale Volunteer clamshell. Palbots are kinda off the menu as their accompanying humans are not very popular at all. And the old Cale Volunteer clamshell is gone I'm afraid. I'll send messages with to those requests that can be met. In the meantime, would there be any desire on a Gorgos TAG with no Chaksa? Such a thing would be £26.20
  8. After a weird incident today I very sincerely uttered that popular three-word phrase meaning "utter astonishment" So that got me thinking, what incidents have you experienced in real life which have left you absolutely baffled and unsure of what to say beyond "W-T-Fuck...?" 0_o...? And I don't mean just weird pictures on the internet *intended* to illicit such a response, I mean stuff that happens in the real world or things that people have said/done with a straight face and were utterly serious. I'll start the ball rolling with today's incident: A friend of my Faither's drops by our work looking for him for a chat. I have known this guy for many years and we have hung out before. He asks if my faither is in. He wasn't, so I invite him in to wait since he shouldn't be long. He asks, "Do you know who I am?" "Yeah, of course I do!" "Ok, I'm Tom and you are...?" I tell him. He asks again for clarity, and again I tell him, now getting really confused... "Ok, is Ronnie's son about?" "....yeah..." "Oh?" "It's me! I'm his son!" "Oh! I thought you were the other one." The other one being my co-worker who looks nothing like me. "No, that's Graeme, he's out right now." "Ah right. I always thought you were darker!" "....uhm... sorry, I can't account for that." 0_o
  9. I don't see this shit ever ending - something else weird always happens! I'll migrate it across as soon as I get the time. But it is a shame this one shall be lost - a lot of quality stories in here. One of my favourites has to be this one from Iron Panda back in 2012:
  10. Aelis has become very popular this week... I'll need to order more DF#5 to meet demand but it shouldn't be a problem.
  11. I haven't had the time to look at the new forum just yet, but it only makes sense for me to do so! It shall be done! I can make it happen!
  12. A topic for the discussion of them other games you play using that new-fangled leccy-tronics stuff. You know, plugging them into the aerial socket on the TV and blowing on the contacts before you put the cartridge in, that kinda stuff. To start the ball rolling, Kanluwen says there's a new Star Wars: Battlefront on the way. I played the Clone Wars one back on the Xbocks, and my preferences got me in trouble with the Star Wars crowd; i said i really didn't care about playing Wookies as i thought they were dumb - robots are much cooler! Anyway, i don't know anything about this game so here's hoping i'll soon have TWO games to play on the stupid Xbone.
  13. The man who identifies as always correct. (check and mate, sucka!)
  14. Well, to her "gaslighting" former employers too, at least. The thing is it's not really clear what identity she's trying to create. You can't just say "this is my identity" and then not back it up with actions.
  15. Ah yes, Penis van Lesbian. Had a bit of an update on Autism Quest. Seems her quest for Autism, and subsequent quest for special ladies' version, hasn't went quite as well as she'd hoped so she had to find another cause to latch onto and divorce herself from any responsibility, with the added bonus of blaming everyone else for her life's failures... Yup - Feminism! She put up a "selfie" (*cccchhhh-ptoo!*, horrible word) while holding a preachy, condescending note. You know, that thing people were doing all over social media 4 years ago. It said, "Selfies are a way to reclaim your identity. Especially women." Anyone got any idea just what the fuck that actually means? The identity she constructed for herself of a whining mentalist with delusions of persecution seems pretty solid, to me :/
  16. [Marge]Hmmmmmmmmmm....[/Marge] That video there is borderline as it seems to be presented as one of those "Wow! Look at this funny video, guize!" youtube clip shows. And the clip itself certainly wouldn't make me say "WtF?!" but more, "Yes, please tell me more, Ms Lady, as I totally respect your culinary capabilities as a strong, independant woman "
  17. The last monks I split took a wee while but at least they did all shift. Ok, I think I can get a box of those guys next week.
  18. Ok, for some reason I can't PM - the dialogue box doesn't appear when I try :/ So, prices for those available minis: Thrasymedes £7.50 Ekdromoi + HMG £6.40 Sub total: £13.90 Postage rates are at the top of the Split list. If there's anything else you may like from my webstore, best send me a PM
  19. Ah, sorry. I do have your request noted but since you first mentioned it no more Ayyar have been freed up. I'd like to shift more of the currently listed N3 Bahram minis before splitting another. As to when what will happen, I cannot say :/ There is a slight queue on Anyat at the moment but when she appears she is £11 I can provide the other two right now, if you'd like them? I'll send a PM
  20. Heh, round here *everything* is up for negotiation where the Council is involved. They'd let you build houses on a traffic island if you grease the right palms. Corrupt? They're growing horns and shit :/
  21. Messages being sent and names being attached! In a surprising twist, I have the new releases arriving a week earlier than anticipated so I should have the in the next couple of days! This includes the new Muyibs box, which I shall be splitting - just need to work out the prices. I shall inform of any developments on this front and get the items listed!
  22. Bit of an update on a WtF I posted a few months back: I mentioned the apparent emergence of what seemed to be a car showroom in a previously woodland area by the river Clyde. I thought it looked like an awful place to try selling cars and was likely a money laundering scheme of some sort. Well, turns out I was on the right track. A local businessman (whose own dealings and various "friends" conduct their affairs just a little over the edge of the law) bought the land and hoped to develop it for housing. The terms of the sale prevented this, however, and it was only allowed to be used for farming. He petitioned the council to allow him to put houses there but he was refused. So, he scoured the contract and it did indeed say it was for farming or livestock... but he could also store any equipment and materials there. He then got some livestock to keep on the land in the form of 100 or so geese. The rest of the land he used to store all sorts of assorted equipment, including some portacabins done up to look like sales offices for a car showroom. He also pushed some land around and left the diggers and bulldozers sat there to give the impression of more work to come. This, of course, raised the ire of the locals who started protesting ,vandalizing, and petitioning the council to stop him. He's not actually building a car showroom, just giving the impression that he is. The end goal is to make the idea of housing seem a lot more palatable by comparison, so eventually the council will relent.
  23. Uh-oh! Could be they've unwittingly let slip they have a superhero working them for as part of their mild-mannered alter ego, and they used their x-ray vision to inspect the unit! Been a while since I've posted a WtF - I guess life just hasn't been that interesting, lately. But I do have one from a month or so ago from a games club I frequent. I was watching some folks playing 40k 8th to see what all the fuss was about, and so if I ought to dis it, my dissing would at least be informed. So anyway, they have to flick through the rulebook to get a ruling on something and it falls open at a page with a picture of a guy and a girl playing 40k with big smiles on their faces - clearly having the best time, ever. I jokingly comment, "*tchoh* As if that would ever happen..." and the others laugh. Ok, great. Then one of them (one of the more weird members of the club) suddenly starts adding his own commentary, loudly declaring along the lines of, "Yeah! Girls don't play 40k! Would never happen! Totally fake geek girl! Etc!" and went on a mini tirade about girls not playing tabletop wargames. As his rant died down I had to clarify, "Uhm... No, I meant... I mean, they're smiling... No... No-one smiles playing 40k. Frowning at the book and throwing dice and shit around, yeah but... Not smiling." It was kinda awkward to say the least.