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  1. Welcome to the Split Box Deal! In this topic I divide up the contents of boxes and clamshells so players can get those specific minis they need. If you there is anything you want, simply post a reply to the topic to indicate your interest and your name shall be added to the listed item! If an item already has a name then that is who has claimed it, but stocks are replenished regularly so more items arrive all the time. Once an item is claimed the rest shall be conducted via PM - either I contact you or you contact me; whichever comes first! For quick reference, here are the postage rates: Postage Rates: UK 98p (so long as I can fit it in a padded envelope). Europe £3.80 Australia/New Zealand £4.80 USA/Canada/Rest of World £4.50 To view the list of available items, simply click the link: To the list!
  2. That guy looks like he might be £5.50 I'll confirm once I've had a closer look at the box when its price is confirmed.
  3. Well, took a while but that's the list now updated!
  4. A topic for the discussion of them other games you play using that new-fangled leccy-tronics stuff. You know, plugging them into the aerial socket on the TV and blowing on the contacts before you put the cartridge in, that kinda stuff. To start the ball rolling, Kanluwen says there's a new Star Wars: Battlefront on the way. I played the Clone Wars one back on the Xbocks, and my preferences got me in trouble with the Star Wars crowd; i said i really didn't care about playing Wookies as i thought they were dumb - robots are much cooler! Anyway, i don't know anything about this game so here's hoping i'll soon have TWO games to play on the stupid Xbone.
  5. Oh, I am definitely male and none of this "Xe" shit and if I like you enough I may even prove it, too.
  6. After a weird incident today I very sincerely uttered that popular three-word phrase meaning "utter astonishment" So that got me thinking, what incidents have you experienced in real life which have left you absolutely baffled and unsure of what to say beyond "W-T-Fuck...?" 0_o...? And I don't mean just weird pictures on the internet *intended* to illicit such a response, I mean stuff that happens in the real world or things that people have said/done with a straight face and were utterly serious. I'll start the ball rolling with today's incident: A friend of my Faither's drops by our work looking for him for a chat. I have known this guy for many years and we have hung out before. He asks if my faither is in. He wasn't, so I invite him in to wait since he shouldn't be long. He asks, "Do you know who I am?" "Yeah, of course I do!" "Ok, I'm Tom and you are...?" I tell him. He asks again for clarity, and again I tell him, now getting really confused... "Ok, is Ronnie's son about?" "....yeah..." "Oh?" "It's me! I'm his son!" "Oh! I thought you were the other one." The other one being my co-worker who looks nothing like me. "No, that's Graeme, he's out right now." "Ah right. I always thought you were darker!" "....uhm... sorry, I can't account for that." 0_o
  7. I'm sure I'll disappoint you someday! Other people have met me, so can confirm it.
  8. OK. OK. I've spent the day performing a much-needed stock-take on all my inventory; should have done it weeks ago, but here we are From that, the list shall certainly be changing! I don't have enough time to actually do that today, as I need to get home at some point, so I'll likely get it done tomorrow!
  9. It is real and I have eaten one, once. It was a dessert option at a restaurant. I always thought a stranger food was the roll and pie. A pie. In a roll.
  10. Sorry for the delays in posting here - life got real complicated, particularly as we are now with dog :/ But anyways: Aaaand, they have arrived! Xi Zhuang + traps is available if you still want it! Replied! Can do - got in a new Onyx box for splitting. Prices on those drones are all the same. If I split that box I reckon it would be priced thusly: Margot £8 Duroc £12 Excellent, glad to hear it!
  11. Bounty Hunt Attrition Amped Hardpoint Free for All
  12. I tried playing Titanfall 2 on the Xbone last night - 15 minutes searching for a match before I just gave up. I do hope this isn't the shape of things to come :/
  13. I haven't posted one in a while, but just the other day I saw a stupid post shared by one of my friends on Facespace. It was some dumb cartoon drawing of a combat knife and an aluminium baseball bat asking who would win in a fight between 2 folks with either of these weapons. It really brought out the fucking keyboard killers in the replies with their oh-so-informed insights into the intricacies of melee combat. The "best", however, was the guy who said the best weapon in either case is "teeth and nails", suggesting anyone with said appendages would win in a fight against anyone with a weapon. I was very tempted to reply with, "Unless you're a fucking tiger, that ain't happening." but I decided against it as I expect the situation would be like the old story of playing chess with pigeons. Or maybe he's been watching a few anime so picked up some incredible energy techniques or some shit.
  14. No, those listed are Xi Zhuang on his own. Zhuang + traps is £11. I *hope* to have some more DF#6 to split this week!
  15. Can do! I got them ready to go right now. As for the rest, my order has been slightly delayed this week but for good reason - a restock has been confirmed! We'll see just how much has been replenished when my order arrives on Thursday.
  16. Hopefully those restocks shall arrive on Wednesday! In the meantime, more names have been added and a couple more items have appeared on the list, like a Brigada + HMG. I've also added pre-order options for the inbound releases, up on my webstore:
  17. Couple more units added there for Ariadna, Nomads and Combined Army.
  18. Got claimed earlier today, sorry. That said, I shall be ordering another Onyx box next week, so more Rodok shall appear!
  19. I have to get more Yaokong; tried this week but, as with much of the infinity range at the moment, it was unavailable :/ I'll be trying again next week! Alright, then!
  20. Hooookay, the list just received a big update! Unfortunately, we've been sucking on fumes for the past couple of weeks as a lot of items have been out of stock with the suppliers. I can only assume CB has been knocked for 6 organising the release of Outrage and the FatYY. Hopefully resupplies will appear soon. I'll start with the messages tomorrow, but a few items have become a bit backed-up.
  21. Dinner's just about ready for serving. There's a knock at the door. It's a neighbour with a package she took in for wife, earlier today. Says "thank you" etc, then wife asks "How have you been?" Internally, I scream, "NO, YOU FOOL!!" 20 mins later and they're still fucking standing there, house heat flying out the door and insects flying in, and I'm having to add more stock to the curry to stop it drying out. Why, oh why, oh why. :/
  22. Ok, requests acknowledged! I may need to order a few more bits to suit, so that'll happen early next week (all orders for this week have been processed). Sorry I've not been particularly active - only had a short time back at work before I was off again, this time down to Salute. Since I got back I've had a hell of a lot to catch up on, and the paper storm of Outrage has now hit, so I'll be frantically boxing as much as possible so I can get them out in time for the official release date. That'll be a bit of tonight, and pretty much the rest of the week :/ I'll make with the messages when I can, and next week everything should all be back to normal! Or some semblance thereof.
  23. I thought that must be fake, but no, seems it's legit. Company got slapped by Advertising Standards Agency for being "sexually explicit", and banned from sales in Britain.
  24. I can't help but wonder if some of those same people will start attacking localizations of games, like the Persona series, etc. "They're Japanese - not American! They should be speaking Japanese only!" And I wonder if they'd be similarly outraged by the Ghanan take on Devil May Cry...