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  1. A topic for the discussion of them other games you play using that new-fangled leccy-tronics stuff. You know, plugging them into the aerial socket on the TV and blowing on the contacts before you put the cartridge in, that kinda stuff. To start the ball rolling, Kanluwen says there's a new Star Wars: Battlefront on the way. I played the Clone Wars one back on the Xbocks, and my preferences got me in trouble with the Star Wars crowd; i said i really didn't care about playing Wookies as i thought they were dumb - robots are much cooler! Anyway, i don't know anything about this game so here's hoping i'll soon have TWO games to play on the stupid Xbone.
  2. After a weird incident today I very sincerely uttered that popular three-word phrase meaning "utter astonishment" So that got me thinking, what incidents have you experienced in real life which have left you absolutely baffled and unsure of what to say beyond "W-T-Fuck...?" 0_o...? And I don't mean just weird pictures on the internet *intended* to illicit such a response, I mean stuff that happens in the real world or things that people have said/done with a straight face and were utterly serious. I'll start the ball rolling with today's incident: A friend of my Faither's drops by our work looking for him for a chat. I have known this guy for many years and we have hung out before. He asks if my faither is in. He wasn't, so I invite him in to wait since he shouldn't be long. He asks, "Do you know who I am?" "Yeah, of course I do!" "Ok, I'm Tom and you are...?" I tell him. He asks again for clarity, and again I tell him, now getting really confused... "Ok, is Ronnie's son about?" "....yeah..." "Oh?" "It's me! I'm his son!" "Oh! I thought you were the other one." The other one being my co-worker who looks nothing like me. "No, that's Graeme, he's out right now." "Ah right. I always thought you were darker!" "....uhm... sorry, I can't account for that." 0_o
  3. Welcome to the Split Box Deal! In this topic I divide up the contents of boxes and clamshells so players can get those specific minis they need. If you there is anything you want, simply post a reply to the topic to indicate your interest and your name shall be added to the listed item! If an item already has a name then that is who has claimed it, but stocks are replenished regularly so more items arrive all the time. Once an item is claimed the rest shall be conducted via PM - either I contact you or you contact me; whichever comes first! For quick reference, here are the postage rates: Postage Rates: UK 96p (so long as I can fit it in a padded envelope). Europe £3.60 Australia/New Zealand £4.60 USA/Canada/Rest of World £4.20 To view the list of available items, simply click the link: To the list!
  4. I thought that must be fake, but no, seems it's legit. Company got slapped by Advertising Standards Agency for being "sexually explicit", and banned from sales in Britain.
  5. I can't help but wonder if some of those same people will start attacking localizations of games, like the Persona series, etc. "They're Japanese - not American! They should be speaking Japanese only!" And I wonder if they'd be similarly outraged by the Ghanan take on Devil May Cry...
  6. Aaaaaand that's it. Until Thursday there's a good chance I'll be in a comms blakcspot, so I won't be able to respond to any requests. Doesn't mean you shouldn't still make them, however!
  7. I have a bunch, I'll look them out.
  8. Name has been added! I won't be able to action it until Thursday, though.
  9. Reckon I'll take a look. Tried a round of tanks again last night and it just plain ain't fun any more :/ I took a look at some of the premium tanks they were pimping, and even with 20% off they were more than £30. I say that's bullshit. If Battlefield charged that much for a single set of equipment folks would tell them to go to hell, and that's basically what these tanks are.
  10. Ok, from one prick to another, i'll stay true to my word on posting more about Pistol Prick and our last RPG session. I actually think he just wants to tell a story, and injects dice rolling every now and then to give the illusion that we're playing a game. I've already mentioned the pointless "make Agility tests to catch the plot-essential piece of paper!" in Dark Heresy, and now we've had similar pointless dice-rolling in Unhallowed; there was a scene were we had infiltrated a secret, underground gang hideout where they were storing people kidnapped from the streets to be fed to a vampire. In one room we suddenly had to make a test for Perception. This test was to determine if we could hear a ganger on the other side of a door. Only problem was, the ganger was shouting through the door, and at the prisoners in our room, telling them to "shut up." So we had to make a test to hear someone deliberately trying to be heard. The prisoners, apparently, had no trouble hearing him at all - it was just us heroic, above-average PCs who can't rely on any of our senses at any point. That whole scene was bullshit, anyway. Yet more on-rails combat, moving from one room to the next and murdering every group of gangers with no real consequences for our actions if we made any noise. In the first room it was melee only and we rushed in, prioritizing those gangers who were drawing firearms so we could hopefully keep the noise down. In the next room shots were fired so I thought the rest of the gangers would be alerted and already have pistols drawn, either moving in to support their pals or waiting behind the next door for us. But no, it's like every room was its own pocket dimension that didn't interact with the rest of the universe. It was actually like playing a JRPG - we enter a room, the screen flashes and the music plays, and we all take turns bashing the bad guys with overly-elaborate, flashy attacks and once it's done, everyone standing nearby continues their routine like nothing happened. Our other issue with that session was that, apparently, we were progressing a bit too quickly. Our group was framed for the murder of our employer. We didn't know who was accusing us, just that we had been accused and everyone was buying it. At this point, what we needed were details; even a scrap of information for us to follow up on and figure out who was responsible for the situation we were in. Or group's Police Inspector got in contact with someone from the station he could trust, and tried to grill him for information. He got a good result on his dice roll for interrogation, so we learned a lot. In fact, we learned everything. Pistol Prick didn't have this NPC know a certain amount of information, the amount he would bestow dependent on the dice roll; he was apparently some sort of omniscient sage who knew absolutely everything there was to know about the case, so we basically had the entire plot read out to us - names, places, who said what to whom, who their real identity was and even where they were currently hiding. This then became Pistol Prick's excuse for the game going the way it was. We were moving too fast? It was that dice roll's fault. Know too much? That dice roll's fault. Skipping out other parts of the story? That dice roll's fault. Of course, he could have just, you know, not told us absolutely everything...? We hadn't planned on learning the full history of the world that day, either; we actually had a Plan B that was being put in place in case our Inspector didn't learn enough. One thing we did find out about the Chief Inspector leading the investigation was that he was a bit of a deviant and frequented the occasional orgy, so we planned a honey trap. Our Dhampyr, being the hedonistic socialite he was, found out likely places for such activity and discovered the venue most visited by members of the constabulary. The plan was to lure this Chief Inspector into a compromising situation with the Dhampyr, photograph the scene, and use that for blackmail. It was perhaps for the best that we didn't have to see this plan to its conclusion, as the planning stage was already driving Pistol Prick mad. It was already apparent from the previous session that he was quite terrified of the very concept of bisexuality, so this plan set him off on an almost Alan Partridge-esque smokescreen act, mocking and denouncing such behaviour as much as possible, as if the very thought of including it in the game would implicate him in some way. He really was barely a step short of rubbing his hands and saying, "Phwoooar! I sure like girls! Eh, lads?" at the end of every sentence. Suddenly, every NPC we met and even the venue for the orgy was a mockery of some sort - "gay" this and "arses" that, etc, etc. He didn't seem to notice that he was the only one laughing at any of these "jokes", with the rest of us sitting back saying, "Erm... Aye, alright... 0_o" But anyway, we didn't need to go through with it as Inspector learned everything there was to know, so we ran off to solve this investigation and clear our name in that traditional, legally-binding manner.... Kill everyone involved. I did say I wasn't sure why we were doing this, as we were still wanted criminals and adding to our death-tally wouldn't exactly help matters, but hey, that's how this story works. All being well, this bullshit shall be wrapped up in 2 weeks time.
  11. According to Facespace's trending topics, more people were talking about pubic hair than Piers Morgan. Maybe I should send this to him?
  12. desiretoknowmoreintensifies.gif
  13. Further to the previous request on the Unidrons with special weapons, historically they have not been very popular at all but that was pre-Onyx force days so things may have changed... If I were to split a box of Unidrons, I would price them thusly: Batroid + Plasma Sniper £8 Batroid + Spitfire £6 Batroid + K1 combi £3.50 Batroid + Missile Launcher £6.50 Any interest?
  14. Certainly is a chance! Though I don't think I'll be able to action it until next week. **IMPORTANT UPDATE** I'll be taking a short break from Monday-Wednesday next week - I kinda need one and this was the only time I could get that didn't directly conflict with Salute or the release of Outrage/FatYY
  15. Sure! I have split the Xeodron before. Which weapon system were you looking for?
  16. Normally splitting does even out if the price is right. Thankfully there aren't many boxes where much of it is completely unsellable.
  17. eBay is weird... I've been listing some Flames of War items for months, trying to get rid of them. I had to keep dropping the price due to lack of interest. Listed at £18 - no bids. Dropped to £16 - no bids Drop to £15 - no bids Drop to £12 - no bids Drop to £10 - bids right back up to £18.
  18. Ok, how's this for pricing: Voronin £5 Dog £7 For all other messages i've been receiving, I was laid low with illness on Friday and much of the weekend, and I didn't feel up to the concentration required for business. So, there's a big of lag but I'm clearing as much as I can.
  19. Decided to set my Xbone to updating over the weekend for the 3 games I actually play. About 8Gb of updates each :/ For the amount of updates each of these games have had, I could have installed so many entire games; I don't understand this... One of these games is World of Tanks. I played a few rounds but I'm starting to feel a bit disillusioned with the damn thing. I've staved off paying for anything for a long time but I'm starting to feel like the only way I'll stand a chance is if I regularly buy new tanks to match the power creep. I've already put some money into upgrading the tanks I've got, but I'd rather not spend much more - it's getting close to all I'd ever want to spend on a complete game. Is funneling money into the disk drive the only way forwards?
  20. I decided to watch it so that my dissing could actually be informed. I thought it was utterly awful. And that's not comparing it to the original in any way; I found it in and of itself a truly terrible film. It's the "fans" and their behaviour that makes me hate it. Of the proponents of the movie that I've seen, I could only assume it was the result of some serious cognitive dissonance and self delusion, like they feel it's their duty to find it entertaining no matter what. Either that or some bizarre, cinematic Stockholm syndrome. A WtF in itself was the joke with the hearse and their Schrodinger's corpse - that was stretched out so far it was almost as if they were desperate to pad out the runtime. It was so drawn-out it was monomolecular.
  21. I'll need to order more ISS boxes but I reckon this can be done. Would be next Tuesday before this happens. In relation to this.
  22. Dear, oh dear... On a similar note, one of my facespace friends made the mistake of openly disliking the Ghostbusters remake when many of his followers (why they follow him, I have no idea) pay regular visits to the Ministry of SocJus. There then began a shitstorm, basically about what people are allowed to like and dislike. One of his detractors said of the film, "It's funnier if you're a feminist. Just sayin'..." That could possibly be one of the worst endorsements of a movie I have ever read. I swear, in some circles that movie became like one of the tell-tale torture methods used by Witchfinders, this time to root out any right-wingers or the ever insidious "alt-right".
  23. I'll put the remainder of the box on the list, but that one's for you PM inbound. Also added a bunch more minis to the list, particularly for Ariadna...