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  1. Welcome to the Split Box Deal! In this topic I divide up the contents of boxes and clamshells so players can get those specific minis they need. If you there is anything you want, simply post a reply to the topic to indicate your interest and your name shall be added to the listed item! If an item already has a name then that is who has claimed it, but stocks are replenished regularly so more items arrive all the time. Once an item is claimed the rest shall be conducted via PM - either I contact you or you contact me; whichever comes first! For quick reference, here are the postage rates: Postage Rates: UK 96p (so long as I can fit it in a padded envelope). Europe £3.60 Australia/New Zealand £4.60 USA/Canada/Rest of World £4.20 To view the list of available items, simply click the link: To the list!
  2. On that I'm not entirely sure - I would like to sell some more of those Bakujin currently on the list before splitting another.
  3. After a weird incident today I very sincerely uttered that popular three-word phrase meaning "utter astonishment" So that got me thinking, what incidents have you experienced in real life which have left you absolutely baffled and unsure of what to say beyond "W-T-Fuck...?" 0_o...? And I don't mean just weird pictures on the internet *intended* to illicit such a response, I mean stuff that happens in the real world or things that people have said/done with a straight face and were utterly serious. I'll start the ball rolling with today's incident: A friend of my Faither's drops by our work looking for him for a chat. I have known this guy for many years and we have hung out before. He asks if my faither is in. He wasn't, so I invite him in to wait since he shouldn't be long. He asks, "Do you know who I am?" "Yeah, of course I do!" "Ok, I'm Tom and you are...?" I tell him. He asks again for clarity, and again I tell him, now getting really confused... "Ok, is Ronnie's son about?" "....yeah..." "Oh?" "It's me! I'm his son!" "Oh! I thought you were the other one." The other one being my co-worker who looks nothing like me. "No, that's Graeme, he's out right now." "Ah right. I always thought you were darker!" "....uhm... sorry, I can't account for that." 0_o
  4. Boy, that's for sure... Last year I caught some flak for a joke I made about Talk Like a Pirate Day over on Facespace. I never do the pirate thing, because I think it's dumb, but a running theme for any jokes I tell is that I get something wrong or completely misunderstand a situation. In the case of Pirate Day, I chose to interperate it as talking like a Somali pirate, so I posted that I didn't really see the funny side of saying stuff like, "You do as ah say, o I rape an keel you family!". In the previous year I said I didn't get the appeal of walking round with a bunch of DVDs under my jacket saying, "Honest, mate - quality stuff! Won't be in the shops for months, yet!" When I pulled the Somali gag I had someone think I was being serious, and deliberately trying to ruin the fun of the day by bringing the horror of real piracy into it, and that I should go and tell kids to get off my lawn or something. As anyone who regularly reads my Facespace page would notice, I am rarely serious about anything at all. This time, apparently, I must have been a bit too convincing :/
  5. I dunno if I could provide that many Grunts, sorry. The resultant Grunts with rifle and light grenade launcher have too much of a drag factor - I still got 2 of her hanging around and showing no signs of moving :/ Maybe if I reduce her price? I could add 50p to sniper and HMG to further reduce her down to £2.50
  6. Not quite. Actual rule is: " And I don't mean just weird pictures on the internet *intended* to illicit such a response, I mean stuff that happens in the real world or things that people have said/done with a straight face and were utterly serious. " By this I mean deliberate attempts at surrealism, obvious setups or, like a guy used to do on Facespace, share pictures of wannabe Giger artists from DeviantArt with the comment "WTF IS THIS?!?11?" etc. This video here depicts people who are, unfortunately, very serious indeed.
  7. A topic for the discussion of them other games you play using that new-fangled leccy-tronics stuff. You know, plugging them into the aerial socket on the TV and blowing on the contacts before you put the cartridge in, that kinda stuff. To start the ball rolling, Kanluwen says there's a new Star Wars: Battlefront on the way. I played the Clone Wars one back on the Xbocks, and my preferences got me in trouble with the Star Wars crowd; i said i really didn't care about playing Wookies as i thought they were dumb - robots are much cooler! Anyway, i don't know anything about this game so here's hoping i'll soon have TWO games to play on the stupid Xbone.
  8. I wasn't sure where else to ask, but I do have a bit of a dilemma with regards to editing a post. A particularly important one for me - the Split Box Page 1 post :/ The past couple of days, every attempt to edit it results in a 500 Internal Server Error message. It's only on this post though, I can edit anything else I post without issue. Sure hope it can get fixed :/
  9. Alright, these can be done! I've added more items to the list, too. Including some of the new Moderators! I also need to organize the pre-order requests on splitting the TechBee from her Crabbot.
  10. List needs a bit of an update and I am falling behind slightly, today - other real-life business meant I had to leave a bit earlier than usual this past couple of days :/ I'll get on it asap!
  11. Pre-orders up, now!
  12. It's not an exclusive pre-order bonus or anything, I suppose it could be possible...
  13. Alright! So far, looks like the Djanny is going to you. I haven't been active on here today due to laptop issues, but just to keep everyone informed, I shall be taking pre-orders on the Outrage manga and the Differently-Proportioned Yuan-Yuan.
  14. I have that Uhlan claimed, but I could split another box if necessary.
  15. I've asked the other guy though it may be a foregone conclusion - according to the forums, the last time he was active was Jan 18th :/ Still, best to ask. For the Ninja, I would like to sell more of those Zhanshi with combirifles before splitting up another Red Veil. In the meantime, more items have been added to the list, particularly for Haqqislam and YuJing!
  16. Maybe I could help you get the minis you want most, so you don't have to use all them that come in a box? Depends on what you need, of course
  17. I think he's just trying to converse with me. I have no doubt that someone may indeed have complained about the stupid quiz team not being diverse enough but that's tumblr-grade shit, likely from some non-entity, and certainly not worth the modicum of processing power it takes to read it, never mind the physical resource of paper and ink required to print that garbage. I see plenty of that stuff coming from all sides of the political spectrum, but so what?! What's the reaction supposed to be? Just some huffing and shared outrage that yes, someone we don't like is being a jerk, or someone said something stupid so awareness of said stupidity must be spread as far and wide as possible. Playground politics. Anyways, last week he wanted to share a bit more outrage with me, this time at the state of an area of land in the nearby Clyde valley. He told me an area of the riverbank and woods had been dug up and someone was set to turn it into a used car lot, and he kept asking me if I'd driven past it recently so he could have a right good huff about it. As it happens I'm hardly ever down that way - it's one of 2 possible paths I can drive to work but I usually take the inner-city route as it's more direct; Clyde valley route does take longer but there's only 1 set of traffic lights so it's a bit better on fuel efficiency. I tend to opt for shortest time. So I kept knocking him back, saying no, I hadn't been there. I actually didn't want to see it - I knew it would look awful so I didn't feel the need to go visit just to confirm what I already knew, with the added bonus of raised blood pressure caused by actually seeing it. But... I decided to take the Clyde route a couple of days ago as I had an errand to run in that area. It actually turned out to be worse than I imagined, which is what made it a real WtF-worthy tale. The Clyde Valley, I always thought, was a bit of a conservation area with lots of wildlife, some really old buildings and populated mainly by farmers in the area in question. All I can guess is someone bought an area of land but didn't specify what they intended to do with it. What was once an area of woodland by the riverside has now been bulldozed and very crudely landscaped, leaving it as little more than assorted mounds of dirt. Some trailers have been parked there, presumably as offices, and what must be the cheapest signage I have ever seen marking one of the trailers as the sales area of this "Used SEATs" lot. Beside all this is the bare, skeletal frame of a warehouse, presumably for storing the cars. Problem is there are no cars at all. Some of the trailers have also had "NO CONSENT" spraypainted across them - clearly someone local is pissed off at the development. All this shit appeared in the past 2 months, yet is so badly maintained and of such poor quality that it looks like it's been deserted for 10 years. This is either some very poorly-conceived, half-arsed idea for a business, or a money laundering scheme. Of these, I suspect the latter - who in the hell would build a used car lot in an area whose sole access route is a 50mph, winding road full of blind corners? It's a great-looking area, favoured by bird watchers and with its own micro-climate. Should have known it'd only be a matter of time before some asshole had a great idea which involved fucking the place up. :/
  18. £21.60 for the Sphinx It's up here on the store with many other items: And so happens I do have an Aleph support pack that can be split. How many of the 3 Netrods would you want?
  19. Alright, I'd need to order them in but we'll see how it goes. I've added a Scindron Ancillary Unit to the list, and it so happens I also have a Sphinx TAG in stock if that can be of any use to anyone...?
  20. I'll put your name on those items! Which Santiagos did you want?
  21. Seems my faither has hit that age... Yesterday he was sharing a story of outrage with me, that a team on University Challenge had come under fire for not being diverse enough; they were all white guys. I thought, "Like anyone cares about University Challenge..." but then I asked, "Where did you read this?" "The Daily Mail." came the reply. Oh, god, here we go... :/