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  1. After a weird incident today I very sincerely uttered that popular three-word phrase meaning "utter astonishment" So that got me thinking, what incidents have you experienced in real life which have left you absolutely baffled and unsure of what to say beyond "W-T-Fuck...?" 0_o...? And I don't mean just weird pictures on the internet *intended* to illicit such a response, I mean stuff that happens in the real world or things that people have said/done with a straight face and were utterly serious. I'll start the ball rolling with today's incident: A friend of my Faither's drops by our work looking for him for a chat. I have known this guy for many years and we have hung out before. He asks if my faither is in. He wasn't, so I invite him in to wait since he shouldn't be long. He asks, "Do you know who I am?" "Yeah, of course I do!" "Ok, I'm Tom and you are...?" I tell him. He asks again for clarity, and again I tell him, now getting really confused... "Ok, is Ronnie's son about?" "....yeah..." "Oh?" "It's me! I'm his son!" "Oh! I thought you were the other one." The other one being my co-worker who looks nothing like me. "No, that's Graeme, he's out right now." "Ah right. I always thought you were darker!" "....uhm... sorry, I can't account for that." 0_o
  2. This morning I was alerted to the latest output from our old pals, Blue Table Painting. This is their take on McMurrough. It's like if Gary Busey was a werewolf... Oh god... I just realized this is McMurrough ala Dreamworks.
  3. Welcome to the Split Box Deal! In this topic I divide up the contents of boxes and clamshells so players can get those specific minis they need. If you there is anything you want, simply post a reply to the topic to indicate your interest and your name shall be added to the listed item! If an item already has a name then that is who has claimed it, but stocks are replenished regularly so more items arrive all the time. Once an item is claimed the rest shall be conducted via PM - either I contact you or you contact me; whichever comes first! For quick reference, here are the postage rates: Postage Rates: UK £1 (so long as I can fit it in a padded envelope). Europe £3.80 Australia/New Zealand £4.80 USA/Canada/Rest of World £4.50 To view the list of available items, simply click the link: To the list!
  4. That used to be a recurring joke in UK comic books from 20 or so years ago - introduce an American cousin to a character so they can boast about how everything's bigger/better in the States. Basically, every panel was like, "You call that (x)? Back in the States we have (x+1)!" Adult comic Viz had a good deconstruction of that in their Billy the Fish strip - at a football match the English commentator described the crowd's excitement and the American commentator countered with, "You call that excitement?! Why, back in the States we get more excited about something quite insignificant!"
  5. Well, looks like Emily's price shall habe to rise slightly to reflect her surprising, new popularity. As a result, Domovoi's shall decrease.
  6. I was sure I responded to that :/ Maybe I was hit by one of those "Please wait 40 seconds etc" and didn't notice. Oh well, gist of it was that I can provide! Anyat included. I also now have prices on the Beyond sets: Beyond IceStorm £31.20 Beyond Red Veil £31.20 Pre-orders run from the 24th July till 14th August, and shall indeed come with the Ltd Ed pre-order minis which are not for sale. I'll have a closer look at the contents and work out prices, and pre-orders for the full sets shall be put up on the SKG webstore. As for the Outrageous characters, yup, looks like Domovoi is the Fusilier Angus of N3. I'll shuffle prices once again to reflect his popularity or, indeed, lack thereof. See what a rape accusation can do to your career...
  7. Now that's an idea! I've added names to the list and adjusted some minis and quantities. I've lowered Domovoi's price since no-one seems to want him, but at this rate he might turn into a new Fusilier Angus :/ Price on Emily may need to adjust to take up the slack.
  8. A topic for the discussion of them other games you play using that new-fangled leccy-tronics stuff. You know, plugging them into the aerial socket on the TV and blowing on the contacts before you put the cartridge in, that kinda stuff. To start the ball rolling, Kanluwen says there's a new Star Wars: Battlefront on the way. I played the Clone Wars one back on the Xbocks, and my preferences got me in trouble with the Star Wars crowd; i said i really didn't care about playing Wookies as i thought they were dumb - robots are much cooler! Anyway, i don't know anything about this game so here's hoping i'll soon have TWO games to play on the stupid Xbone.
  9. Is it worth getting Titanfall for the PC? I already got it on the Xbone but I'd give it a try if it's worth it. Battlefield 4 certainly was anyway; I never went back.
  10. I shall be getting pre-order minis with my Beyond pre-orders, sure - I cannot sell them, however. I can give them away for free with larger orders, as this is what they are; a reward for supporting the game. I shall not have them available for sale. As for the Outrage characters, here's how I'm pricing them for now, and the names I have for those who have already asked: For £6: Nakadai Shunya - Uri19 Beba Rodriguez - Robot_Jones Uhahu - AbidingDude, Robot_Jones Jethro - Abiding Dude, Rin, Shrooms For £4: Emily Handleman - Rin Vana "Domovoi" Nevski If I've missed anyone, just drop a line!
  11. Aww, man... I saw Ironheart got storytimed so thankfully I never had to spend any money on it. Whoever wrote that should be fired out of a cannon, and straight into whoever gave it the green light. Just an arrogant little shit whose sole motivations seem to be spite and a rather warped sense of entitlement. This character is not a hero - this is someone who the heroes beat up. Anyway, some WtFs: Since we now have Shae-Konnit Dog, sometimes we need help looking after it what with our busy schedules and all. I may have mentioned this woman before - Clair. Friend of the family and my sister likes to hang out with her. She means well, but sometimes common sense fails her. One day, she and my sister were taking SKD for a walk, and when they arrived back Clair was walking him with the car lead - an 10inch strip of seatbelt fabric that attaches to his harness to keep him safe in the back seat of the car. She was stumbling along, bent over like a pen knife trying to walk him like this. We had to explain that wasn't his lead. They did also have a 5ft lead, which for some reason neither of them thought to use. I may also have mentioned this one before, but I can't remember so I'll tell it again, anyway: This WtF is from back in the days of Infinity 1st Ed, when I was giving demos at the games club I frequented. I sold one of the members a YuJing starter, as he quite liked the game after a couple of demos. After buying it, he never used it. I asked him about it one day and if he ever fancied a game. Turns out the reason he never opened it was that he put it in a corner of a room which had a big pile of various, spare computer cables. So many computer cables, he claimed, that they engulfed the box and he lost it. I suggested maybe he could just move the cables out the way, and he might find it? I mean, an orange and yellow box would surely be easy to find in a pile of loose, black cables...? No - he was adamant that the box was forever lost in this pile. I can only imagine what this must have looked like.
  12. I would have loved it if he regenerated with a face like Sloth from The Goonies, vestigial hands growing from his abdomen, the fingers of one of his hands melding into a 3ft tentacle and the last two words to end the current series would be, "...fucking hell!"
  13. I ain't got enough details on the Expansion boxes yet, but I shall take note of requests and release the info as soon as becomes more apparent! I also have a bunch of Outrage boxes on order which, by the looks of it, shall be arriving Wednesday. I have a bunch of names, and I shall assign prices and put them all up on the list asap.
  14. You better believe it!
  15. I think the issue most have with Jane Foster is her being called "Thor". Thor is Thor's name, not his title - picking up the hammer makes you Thor no more than taking a single mini out a box makes you ChoKonnit. She should be Jane Foster, Goddess of Thunder; not Thor. That's how I see it, anyways. Seems to be MARVEL's MO lately - take an established, popular character and transplant their name/title/rank onto a new character, usually female, so they can leech off it rather than stand on their own merit.
  16. Back at uni, the head of the electronic engineering department was one Elaine Smith. People added a C so she became Elaine C Smith; Scottish actor famous for playing housewife Mary in classic, Scottish TV show, Rab C. Nesbitt. So, they started calling her "Mary Doll" - the titular Rab's pet name for his wife. Once, when I was in her office for a meeting, I noticed someone had sent her a pic of the female dwarf mini from Warhammer, Queen Helga Longplaits, and she had it pinned to her wall. It actually did look surprisingly like her. Anyway, an odd WtF from home: Our neighbours have been selling their house for a few months now and we cannot wait for them to leave; they're just weird. It hasn't been so bad, lately, but there was a time when almost every single day we could hear their shouting matches through the wall. Just a couple of days ago it started again between the son and the mother. The son is supposed to be going to Uni soon, but lately he has put on a tremendous amount of weight as he just sits in his room and spends the entire day playing games - we can hear him through his window, from 9am to 2am. So, one day he shouts to his mother at the opposite end of the house and the exchange proceeded thusly: "Maw." says the son. "What?" replies the mother. "Maw." "What?" "Maw! "What?!" "MAW!" "WHAT?! "MAW!" "WHAT?!" "..." "..." "C'MERE!" "NAW!"
  17. Ok, all of the above shall certainly be possible! Just drop a PM and I'll see what can be done.
  18. On YouTube earlier today I was shown an advert for a fidget spinner app. I just don't understand...
  19. IMM-2 - the engineers are testing their WIP right now.
  20. Unfortunately there shall be a slight delay on current orders being shipped out - I won't be able to send anything today as the clutch seems to have popped on my car :/ Tomorrow shall be business as usual, but for now I've got to get this taken care of, as it's currently in IMM state at a petrol station.
  21. Oh yes, this shall happen! I got some requests on those guys, already. They're set to appear on the 17th, and I'll have pre-order details up on my webstore as soon as I can manage!
  22. This one may be more significant to brits, I dunno, but I'm telling it anyway. Back in the early '90s there was this dance track in the charts, Rhythm is a Dancer by Snap! It was quite popular at my Primary school, mostly because it was easy to re-write the lyrics. The original lyrics are thus: "Rhythm is a dancer, it's a soul's companion You can feel it everywhere Lift your hands and voices, free your mind and join us You can feel it in the air" We changed it to: "Rhythm is a dancer, smoking gives you cancer You can get it anywhere Dogs can give you rabies, shagging gives you babies Even in your underwear" Now, a few months ago this came up in conversation at our bi-weekly RPG session. One of the guys said his school's version was slightly different (bear in mind, this was 9-year olds singing this): "Rhythm is a dancer, smoking gives you cancer Needles give you HIV" He couldn't remember the rest, but I get the feeling his school was slightly tougher than mine...
  23. Unless there was some definite interest in the rest of that box, I doubt I will ever split it again - last time I did, it took a long time to get rid of them. Seems the HMG is the only one people actually want.
  24. I dunno about that, unfortunately - I'd like to shift a few more of the rest before splitting more. May need to shuffle prices about as well, if the Volunteer medics and Wulver don't start moving. As for the rest of the above, I reckon it's all possible so I'll make with the names and messages as soon as I can!
  25. We've had whole spawnings of kids round here all named after the realty TV favourites of the time. Like, Chantelle-Preston Rooney. Either that or they get what their parents think are names of classy drinks. Like, Chanterelle-Bacardi. Or Chardonnay-Marie. Mind you, these are the people who only had a kid 'cause they thought it was easier than looking after a dog. Also they get extra benefit money. That last one isn't even hyperbole - when my wife was trying to get her first flat, the agency actually advised that if she had a kid she'd get extra money to help find a place, hint-hint.