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  1. ​If you want them to hit stuff with their combi, the Zhanshi are a valid choice (BS exactly like CG, still better WIP than Keisotsu for discover etc.). If it's just about saving points while still retaining a gun, the Keisotsu may be your choice. If it's all about saving points and you picked the relevant "entry fee" (acker or control device), it's 8pts drones or Kuang Shi. So no, it's not automatically Keisotsu over Zhanshi. EDIT: Another point, their appearance. Want helmets? Take CG. Want actual faces? Take Zhanshi. Want wildly varying hairstyle, a few beards and outrageous hakama pants? Take Keisotsu.
  2. All the fuss... As a side note, regular pipped (the ones with recessed dots) D6 usually have a slightly varying probability for rolling the individual numbers, namely they roll the higher numbers gradually more often than the lower numbers, so the probability grows from 1 to 6 with the 6 coming up more often. The simple reason for this is that unless you use paint that's heavier than the substance used for making the die when colouring the dots, the sides with the high numbers have more material carved away and are directly opposed to the sides with the most material left (6 opposes 1, 5 opposes 2, 4 opposes 3), so the "heavier" 1 tends to end up flat on the surface more often than the "lightweight" 6, which correspondingly ends up on top more often. In practice, this is almost negligible. Even more so with D20s (where even with the higher numbers in the tens and the twenty as opposed to e.g. the 1, the difference becomes increasingly unimportant next to the near-spheric shape and the overall weight). I don't care whether my dice are perfectly balanced. I care about their colour when I buy them, make sure they're easily readable, and later on I pick them based on their past performance (are they reliable? do they tend to let me down in important situations? Are they pranksters that seek out grooves and table edges, so that I have to re-roll them frequently or pick them up from the floor all the time?). After all, everybody knows that dice have a soul and some will simply hate you while others are benevolent and friendly. Another point of interest: If I buy dice based on their colour, is that racist?
  3. Willkommen! Good to see Infinity communities thriving all over the republic.
  4. Gimp, maybe? It's basically Photoshop for free. I used to own a copy of Photoshop in the 90's, but at the moment Gimp is sufficient for my needs, and it's free. If you - like many people - don't like the layout of Gimp, there's a thing called Gimpshop that basically puts a Photoshop-like template over Gimp for those used to it.
  5. And you're absolutely right. Whatever "true" in this context is, one outcome is surely not indicative of average or general effectiveness. I didn't mean to claim this, I just highly doubt the Gecko needs "fixing" just because there are better choices in vanilla, and I really think one can make it work "as is" even in vanilla, without even needing to balance a "weak"unit. My own personal experience indicates that the Gecko is a tool that not all people like, but can work equally well. I, for example, obviously and unexplainably cannot make Sin-Eaters work well in my games. I don't know why, and I absolutely see their awesomeness, I just cannot play them well. I never faced those problems with Geckos. Which is neither representative nor indicative, but it's an observation.
  6. Splendid! Those missions are exactly what I need for our regular crowd. Thank you!
  7. At lest you now get Dr. Worm, two Wormies, and a shiny Mototronica building stabilizer box.
  8. Isn't that the beauty of Infinity? Two games, two outcomes. Two players, two preferences. I admit that I mainly play Corregidor, and so I had to make do with Geckos, but I learned how to protect them (mostly), and as a result, they prove to be pretty resilient most of the time. Sometimes it's enough to know that they will reliably survive a DA Sniper hit in the face, which a HI may not. I vanilla, true, there are other options. But neither the Moira nor the Sin-Eater are available in CJC. Against a Jotum, sad but true, the Gecko stands no chance. At least not while the Jotum is still unglued and thrashing. On the other hand, the Gecko is 55 pts, and the Jotum is not. If the Gecko is killed, your army is still intact, and the Jotum didn't spread those two orders across your order pool. If, on the other hand, a full TAG dies, you lose a serious amount of points and fighting power. EDIT: One of our local Corregidor players hates Geckos and doesn't use them. Not because he thinks they are overcosted or hackable, but because they don't fit his preferred strategy. Another player thinks they don't bring enough bang and their lack of special ammo makes them very situational (which, I dare say, is even more true with all those Spitfire and standard HMG TAGs out there). My opponents have learned to respect the Gecko. I'm a notoriously bad player and sure lost more games than I won, but my Mk12 Gecko never let me down as long as I didn't knowingly put it into a situation too dire for it to weather. A humble TAG profile, three STR, solid (if not overwhelming) armout, three guns (!) wit very different qualities (a short-range basic DTW, a high damage mid-range standard-ammo slugger, and a medium-to-long range EM/2 threat) and a very situational terrain skill as a little extra, all for 55 pts - looks okay.
  9. It really depends. My PanO, JSA and Aleph have a very uniform look, as has my Corregidor force. My other Nomads, however, differ in that e.g. units like Morlocks don't need a uniform look, they look splendid if you go crazy with the paint job. My Ariadna demo force also has several different colour schemes, not just because of the different nationalities, but also because I liked a slightly ramshackle overall look. For the most part, and in my main factions: yes, uniform.
  10. Field test. Ran a Mk12 Gecko yesterday against CA, and I'm more than ever convinced it's fine as it is. A Rodok and a Vanguard Hacker threw everything they had at it, but it came out ahead. CC specialists didn't get to it, as they ran risk of getting sandwiched between a Jaguar and a trigger-happy Tomcat. Possessing it was pretty futile, because I had it end its orders out of sight of my next unity, a Moran and a Tomcat. Raicho got murdered by crossfire between a Brigada and my Gecko. BTS 3 isn't much, but it's okay. I guess the trick is making sure it doesn't harm you if the Gecko stands idle for a turn. Also, I often don't have many uses for Command Tokens in vanilla other than breaking possession. The BRigada was murderous up close, but the Gecko ruled supreme at medium ranges and dissuaded many opponents from shooting back. In conclusion, I can see the benefit of both a single Brigada and a single Gecko, but while the former seems like a bargain and the latter appears a bit overcosted, I'd pick either any time, and personally like the Gecko much better - he's simply more intimidating than any HI while being considerably cheaper than any other TAG. If I want a TAG (Bam!!!), fine, I'll field a Lizard or Szalamandra; you really cannot compare a Gecko to those two. But then there are the days when I simply want something big with 3 STR, and then I'm happy that my faction has something cheap to offer that will still last until the last turn. For the record, my Gecko never dies early. My Iguana does.
  11. Did you tell Achilles?
  12. No it isn't, so yes, you can. In theory yes, but he cannot activate/have it synchronized when the link activates, because the linked order activates only the linked team. If the doctor/engineer activates with an order that also activates his/her servant, he/she leaves the link. The servant cannot act as long as its owner is part of the link. However, both may be activated as usual taking benefit of G:Servant once the owner leaves the link team. No, it will not. Yes. You will, however, have to spend a Command Token to re-include him/her into the link team later, if you intend to restore the link to its previous strength.
  13. Great, thanks. For some obscure reason these two lines eluded me. I always felt like I was in a bit of a limbo regarding ARO movement, and am glad you two clarified this.
  14. Really? I was pretty sure that bit had changed with N3, and that the Move or other Short Movement Skill granted by a successful Dodge attempt was determined and resolved entirely at the point when you determine outcome moves, apply damage etc. i.e. during order resolution, not declaration, so e.g. it wouldn't trigger mines. I might be wrong, though.
  15. I heard Varuna tables will be measured in litres. You need an approximate of 1:3 solid terrain to liquid terrain, and air coverage isn't entirely unimportant. EDIT: Seriously, I think it's very hard to develop a formula for this. What's more important than the raw square inches covered is the distance between terrain elements, and the distribution. With 25% coverage, you could end up with both an absolutely fantastic or an absolutely unplayable table. With medium sized buildings averaging 6x6 inches, this would give you 16 (!) buildings to work with, or twelve and some smaller containers/walls, which is probably more than you actually need. So unless you're aiming for chainrifle paradise, I'd personally say 25% is sufficient to give you an interesting table, as long as you try to create both "alleys" and "open ground", but keep in mind the open areas need a bit of scatter here and there to provide partial cover to units crossing these.