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  1. The current limit of generating 2 battles a day is fine. "Spamming" is not as much a problem as some people make it out to be. I would say it has more to do with the length of the campaign and people who cannot keep up because they have to go on for 8 weeks. My amount of battles was high during the whole campaign, but it was only in the last phase with less opponents that it became noticeable. Being a high roller against a 100 players or just 5 in the end makes a difference. Points started to matter more in the end. But as @cazboab said. Every faction had his high rollers. They mitigate each other. It is the overall attendance that makes the difference. Highly fought areas had 10 or less battle difference. To me it looks like every battle counted. And...Took me allot of time, travel, etc to get all those battles in. I think that is allowed to count.
  2. You mean frontstabbed. There is a difference. Something about smuggling Shasvastii and wanting to have battles. You know the story. Plus Ariadna never officially allied with the Nomads. Looked more like a non-agression pact and with zero support for either goals. I know, I was there. The Ariadna points went to Tohaa. So we frontstabbed the Nomads. Be happy you had something to fight for. Your welcome. If we kept it all like Flamia we would have had a less interesting Wotan. Shaking things up is important or every campaign will stay the same. Which I want to point out: I liked the fact that Alliances weren't officially allowed (although factions will deal , which is fine). It prevented mayor score hikes. Cause it keeps the effort of individual players relevant. It kept the race tight. It gave CA a fighting chance without their efforts being crushed by just two factions colaborating. CA needs to be scary. Factions need to be weary. Conflict needs to be around the corner.
  3. I will say first, that I understand where you are coming from. And I can say that this counts for most players, not just Tohaa. It even surpasses all the factions of Infinity. It surpasses Infinity, whole gamesystems even. Most players in any system or game, be it a wargame, roleplay, larp, etc, do not want to be the one starting a fight. They do want to fight, but starting one makes you "bad" while defending makes you "good". It is the reason why the Tohaa did not get attacked in Phase III. Just to state it simply. it is integral to the human psyche to not be the one attacking his fellow man. Which is very good and necessary in modern day society, but when you play a game, it might be a bit unhandy. If everyone wants to be a peaceloving defender, who will fire the first shot and get this campaign going. Cause we are also here to fight battles. If every faction got his own zone, you would probably see not a lot of factions attacking. And that would make for a boring Campaign. In most games the "gamemaster" or "story" give an incentive. The orcs are raiding the countryside, so fight them to defend your country. NPC's attack your position so you are forced to act. But in a PVP environment, it is players who have to get that ball rolling. And yes CB can give some marching orders to attack a faction, but the downside is that players are less free in deciding who to attack. I like the latter part, but this means players have to cross some hurdles and start antagonizing. In my mind the infinity universe is officialy at peace, fighting the combined army, but unofficialy everybody is fighting everybody. Which most of the reporting reflects. sure Pano took the Raxora, but when you check the battles fought, most of them were not against the CA, but against other factions. I would say, embrace that fact. Tohaa tries to keep the peace, but hell, they are just fighting everybody like everybody else does. It is just the way to get traction in the Human Sphere. When in the Human Sphere, act like the humans. And you probably can find a thousand reasons to attack if you get a bit creative. And don't be ashamed of doing so. Cause you are helping to get the Campaign going, get some fights rolling. Cause in the end it is all about playing battles. Sure we can have some IC diplomacy between factions, but that is just a few guys somewhere on the interwebs making a deal, while the vast majority has and wants to play games. I would say that you must find reasons to fight, cause it isn't about peace with a Campaign. I would say: get creative, find reasons to attack and have some fun battles in the process. And laud the people who actually get the campaign going by attacking and antagonizing. Cause there is no vailant defense, without an offense. Ariadna has no reason to remember Antela if the Pano did not attack. The Nomads had no reason to rush back to La Forja if the Aleph and Ariadna did not attack. If you are at peace with everybody, then nothing will happen to you. So get stuck in, win or lose. You are not bad for doing so, you are just helping to get some games going, that is the most important part.
  4. Just wanted to say I still have some cracking fun with the whole campaign. Seems most of my regular opponents are on holiday or are to busy hiding under a rock for Dawn's Hammer. But Luckely my Girlfriend is there for me and understands my Infinity needs. Hope the other factions have still some fight in them, so it can stay exciting till the end. Hoping to bring in as many fights as humanly possible. Got the luck that is very silent at work and I can write reports by day and play battles by night. But I would say, bring whatever you can muster! Let's rock this swansong! So have fun you all! I know I have :-)
  5. 4 run missions instead of our 1. Wow, Yeah, you are really outpassing our effort on the Raxora. Go Go Nomads! Combined Army is already running for its lives, because the Nomads are coming. Or do you need representation on Raxora, so that more Shasvastii can make use of your shuttle service, I wonder....
  6. Or as we like to put it: Pano! You son of a gun! Congratulations on capturing the Raxora!
  7. Launched a rescue mission, not expecting for the Haq Islam to have so much trouble with taking the Raxora. https://wotan.warconsole.com/battles/cabaray-vs-liz-wayne-1500101211
  8. https://wotan.warconsole.com/battles/cabaray-vs-valentine-1499934794 After 50 battles my whole collection was spend. As you can in this last battle. So it took 6 weeks
  9. Yeah, good idea! lets keep all what we do a secret so that nobody knew what we thought, liked or did do. Maybe it is the LARPer in me that says: play is what you do, not what you keep inside your head. If you had a secret thing going and only tell it after the campaign has run, it would be a moot thing. But we put it in our reports early on and now present it, so that it still can be part of the campaign that we are playing.
  10. You can stick to your views, that is fine @Yasashii Fuyu. But like I said, it is not the end all be all what you think must be the case. Project Buran can succeed or fail or be completly ignored, that is up to CB in the end. Your views will do nothing about it, so trying to tell us our idea is wrong is just wasted breath (typings). Cause for us it has been a succes already, no matter the outcome. Ariadnan Troops got their dice rolling with a reason. We had fun with something we all as Ariadnans got behind. It is the journey not the destination for us.
  11. @Nazroth that might be your interpretation of the fluff. Cause the Infinity fluff is very multi interpretable. Officialy it is peace in the human sphere and we are all fighting the AI. But unofficialy everybody is fighting everybody. Our official goal was the investigation of the shasvasti smuggling. Unofficialy we are gathering intel for a spacefleet. Officialy Nomads and Ariadnans are at peace. Unofficialy they screw us over, make us fight for them, have worked as contractors for the Hyperpower on Dawn, etc. You see where I am going. You the to bend the fluff to your favor saying it is the one and only truth. But the Infinity fluff is multi sided. And I do not onderstand why you want us to be "fluff correct". While the Nomad Bajing attack is a quest for Hentai. @Yasashii Fuyu like Nazroth, that is one way to see things. But there will always be parties within factions that are disloyal and and/or want to make a deal/profit and work for or help the Ariadnans. Maybe it is long overdue that Ariadna gets a fleet for other factions have tried to keep Dawn out of the spacerace for their own nefarious end. Yu Jing might start helping cause they want someone to stand up against Pano. Nomads might start helping because they do not want YJ becomes buddy buddy with the Ariadnans. Infinity universe aint that black and white
  12. OOC: Allies are not allowed in this campaign. Fluffwise Nomads smuggled aliens so we attacked with fluff in mind. And if nobody does nothing you have a boring campaign. This is a campaign about a conflict, not buying stuff from another faction. That is two dudes in a room signing a contract. We have players to consider who want to report fights somewhere. So we had Buran and A smuggling ring to investigate and three weeks of battle. Win or lose, that is mission accomplished. So be happy that someone attack you so that you had stuff to do. That is what behind it. Minis had to move and Dies had to be rolled. Or did you want to sit on your hands the whole campaign?
  13. We were very pleased with this idea Sergej suggested. Sounded cool cause we are the only faction in a space campaign without a fleet. So it made sense. And then he started to make these awesome video's that hyped us up. Kept us well busy this past weeks.
  14. Seems are rifles did just fine on the Echo Module.
  15. Don't your kids understand, there is a war out there! Promish your wife you will come back with your shield or on it. joking aside. But it is a fair point. More in the beginning or end of the year would be great. But it is up to BOW & CB and there timetable, they are bringing this stuff for free and all.