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  1. Not sure if it makes too much a difference seeing as someone posted their iOS version in the current update. But I had the crashes initially but found out I had an update to 9.3.4 That fixed my crashing error so far and the app has been running smoothly so far save the obvious duplicate bug we know about.
  2. So had a couple of questions come up today from some people concerning G: Synchronized. We'll use a chimera and pupniks for this example as these were the ones in question. If a pupnik can see an model spend an action (and only itself); can it ARO dodge only by itself or does his whole unit get to make a dodge despite not having LoF(chimera , etc)? We seem to have recalled back in N2 (I know we aren't there anymore) there was a line somewhere discussing an example that the controller could see through their sync or maybe servants LoF and perform similar actions such as dodge. The closest item we can look at in the rules discusses "On the Reactive Turn, the Controller and the G:Synchronized trooper have their own ARO to any Order declared in their LoF or ZoC. However, the declared ARO must be the same for all of them." This then raised the discussion among some people asking if this meant they were individually only to declare ARO as if they were separate models who could see(but the rest can't declare anything if no LoF or ZoC)? Or was "their" in reference to a collective and or cumulative chance to allowing all models ARO's within normal G: Sync rules. Another item came up concerning being hit with template weapons outside LoF on my reactive turn. I have always thought in order to avoid a template you were only allowed a change face declaration. However my opponent mentioned that in the dodge section there it states you may dodge on a PH-3 from a template outside LOF; while giving no reference to change face skill declaration. Does this mean I have had the option to move and essentially change face along my movement on a successful dodge? If that is the case I fail to see the reason why anyone would not want to use this as opposed to change face. All change face would then be good for would be turning to prepare for the guy who is about to round the corner next order. If there are references or page numbers to help solve this that would be most helpful so I can pass this along to the rest of my group. Thanks again for taking the time to read my questions and I look forward to seeing your replies.
  3. Thanks for the confirmation IJW. The model that utilized this method was the Kerail (smoke grenade) and its Surda symbiobeast (pulzar).
  4. Just wanted to get a quick confirmation on this scenario. Had a situation where on active turn, a unit declares smoke while their G:sync'd declares shoot with a direct template weapon. This seems like a valid order however a few of us felt a little off with the fact that your essentially getting a dodge/shoot within the same order. We couldn't find anything in the books telling us anything differently as these two declarations do seem to follow under the "BS attack" common skill; therefore we played it as is and proceeded on to the rest of our games. So essentially we are looking for a confirmation that this is indeed correct so we can rest our doubts/second guessing.
  5. Yeah, several AD troopers lost their HMGs for spitfires a while ago. It made sense in a way since spitfires aren't as punishing in range compared to the short range penalties of HMGs. Most AD I'd assume have much more favorable range bands now.
  6. Can't even see a link to the list heh. This army 6? If 6 is buggy try army builder 5 instead.
  7. Try a different internet browser by chance?
  8. Silly as it sounds do you have the Captcha clicked "saying your not a robot" ? Just checked the register section, seems to give me the go ahead to sign up. Once you agree to the terms and the Captcha is clicked without any info and also with the info filled out it removes the crossed out cursor. Are both the Captcha and agree checkboxes visible?
  9. I would think it would be fine as well. There has been several times I have gone to events or even TO'd them that I have seen this situation. It's on the board, it is what it is; save the loadout but its open info. So long as its clear it's fine by me. I'm sure any player would be fine to have that used against them. As for model releases and why we don't hear from it. We usually see these near the end of the month don't we? At least that's what used to be the case for the US markets (for pre-orders that is) then we see it start arriving within the next month. So if it's April release we see it near the beginning of June. Could be wrong now though. I haven't pre-ordered in a while. Just picked up Col. Voronin yet that was probably a few weeks after his initial pre-order release.
  10. Spetznas HMG is supposed to be released this month from what we have seen on the presentation at Adepticon. April : - Kazak Spetznazs with HMG - Reverend Healer - Yaogat Sniper - Maghariba Guard - ISS Starter pack May: - Bashi Bazouks - Kosuil Assault Pioneers with BS - Xeodron Batroids - Uhlans/Tikbalangs - Miyamoto Mushashi - Onyx Army Pack
  11. Impetuous means at the start of the turn they spend the impetuous order to do a full move towards the closest enemy model. So your opponents can tell they are going to run out somewhere. Plus they don't get the benefits of cover. Link teams work with units that have the linkable skill within their sectorial. Currently its 3-5 models to form a link but in the upcoming changes when HSN3 becomes official it can go as low as two. Basically one order to move all those units together (stay within ZoC of leader) and earn bonuses based on the amount of units linked. Active turn leader gets all the bonuses and everyone moves with him/her. Reactive turn they get all the bonuses each. Below is the expanded rules. It gets somewhat intimidating to read but really it's meant more for basic examples. Just follow the bullets
  12. If your not going to bring forward observers don't bother taking so many offensive MUL's in my opinion.They are going to rely on guided ammunition shots (or speculative fire); otherwise on their own their range is horrible and the only thing going for them is back line defense if your hiding them. With that your better off just keeping heavy flamethrower grunts on your edges. If your sticking to only USARF perhaps look into link teams of grunts. They will definitely boost some much needed offensive capabilities for you. Maybe drop the MULs for 2 SWC grunts (sniper/hmg?). Perhaps even drop the MULs to minesweepers and free up 26 points to throw in another model to combat group two. Some more regular orders can help out those desperados.
  13. If your coming from Nomads think about getting a couple foxtrots on top of your grunt SWC box. They are essentially your zeroes; cheap, cost effective camo infiltrator specialists with decent load outs. Probably would see more of these in use for ITS/tournament games where specialists are needed. Everything else is up to you but having those camo options add great flexibility to your lists. Doesn't need to be 4x like Axegun does (but you can ) but 2 or so helps especially when USARF is cheap to fill up those 300 points while our other less mobile specialists will have to run up the board (looking at you 112 and dozers). You only have to worry about scenarios with exclusion zones. Those are a pain for your infiltrators when that comes up.
  14. If this is for specialist required games your probably going to want a full 10 orders. Expect the unexpected, so expect those specialists to not get there with the best order efficiency. The other issue your going to run into is most of those wolf models (antipodes, devil dog, and dog warrior) are going to eat up a lot of orders on their own. They are going to run out into the open but then you need to ensure they're not left out in the open after their impetuous order. Personally I'd put the doktor, line kazak FO, and the Devil Dog or Dog Warrior in group 1. And leave the dozer, kazak FO and one of the other dogs in the group. They won't have a lot of orders to mess with (group 2) but enough to ensure their safety hopefully. Just keep proxying and figure out the play style you enjoy. Give your list a few test runs and come back and let us know how it did. What worked and what didn't. Did you have some issues with what you faced against, etc? It's best not to jump into the game at the full 300pts. Just start small then work your way up the point values. Your getting a lot of rules thrown at you at 300 points and it won't be just your list your going to have to figure out. But what do all your opponents skills/equipment do and how do you work around it.
  15. Not sure it's necessary in general to have a counter to everything. While seeing through smoke with normal MSV2+ is fine. Having a visor for Zero-V or I guess Eclipse grenades seems a little over specialized. Remember there are always other methods/tactics to go about Zero-V zones such as intuitive/spec fire to even walking up to CC.