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  1. Intruders are just too good not to bring. I play Corregidor mostly, and MSV on a high-skilled MI platform is just too attractive, especially now that we have Jaguars and smoke.
  2. This could've worked if it weren't for a big problem, they just look out of place next to all the other sleek looking Tau models. I don't think the original designer was going for bulky and thought his design looked sleek too. A perfect example of looking bulky but still fitting in are the plastic stealth suits. The Crisis Suits just end up looking bad. Their utter lack of proportion and utter feeling of impracticality just make them stand out as dysfunctional looking misfits. That's... a good point, actually.
  3. I kinda like the pregnant chicken look. Not everything should be sleek and cool. Some things should be bulky and awkward, because that's what technology sometimes produces.
  4. I'm probably giving GW money. I'm buying some Sisters of Battle. I even have some Tau, and I'm not buying a stormsurge. I can be so perverse sometimes.
  5. Totally agree although I would add in that the Haddiths and Sunnah also aren't keeping up with the times. It seems like all the conservative groups (I'll add in Muslim Brotherhood and Iran as well) keep pointing at the US and the west as the great evil, then bicker on other things and kill each other. It makes reading Haqqislam stuff feel more like fantasy than anything else anymore. Isn't that standard MO for most groups who call themselves conservatives? Point at something they consider evil and bicker? Pretty much. Doesn't matter what kind of fundamentalists they are: white supremacists, ultra-triumphalist atheists, standard issue religious fundies. Assholes,the lot of them.
  6. Personally, I do my Nomads guns in silver, wash them black, drybrush them with a little silver again, then put a blue glaze so they look like blued steel. But then again, my Nomads are a bunch of mercs with blinged out weapons. One of my Alguaciles has a cherry red grenade launcher.
  7. FTFY. Not going to argue.
  8. It's pretty hard sci-fi, but with some fantastic elements. It's certainly got a lot of anime influences which tend to pull it away from being truly hard sci-fi.
  9. Read the Takeshi Kovacs trilogy. It's like that, but with more alien weirdness.Read the Eclipse Phase RPG. It's like that but less heavy-handed and more versatile.???Profit!
  10. A common misconception in the West is that Islam has always been a dogmatic and intolerant religion. While I could wax poetic even now about the plight of liberal Muslims who still exist today, it's also true that for a long time Islam was very progressive. Women, foreigners (especially near to me: Jews), and other outsiders had more rights, many individual Muslims chose idiosyncratic interpretations of their religion without official sanction - including, of course, drinking! For a long time, Islam also had a tradition of religious legalism - much like Judaism - that sought to keep Sharia updated and responsive to modern needs. It's not quite the same thing as an actual living secular constitution... but it's a hell of a lot better than the rigid interpretations they're mostly stuck with today. Then the fucking Wahhabists came along and screwed everything up for everyone. Fun fact, fact fans. The government of Saudi Arabia, the Taliban, Al-Queada, and ISIS are all ideologically descended from the goddamn Wahhabists.
  11. Victor - face completely blank - drops his aim and shoots the goon point blank in the kneecap.
  12. Or his trusty tebbit knife ... Viral CCW
  13. Yeah... I don't think that the Irregular trait is meant to represent "heroic." Irregular means... irregular. It is meant to represent a unit who is not only not sufficiently part of the military hierarchy to support other units, but is uncooperative enough that they don't even try. In the books, Kovacs is definitely a lone wolf in terms of his personality, sure, but he also successfully takes part in military operations, conveying orders, taking orders, and helping to coordinate his efforts with those around him. I think that makes him Regular. Remember that Alguaciles are Regular, and they're described as having a unit culture of being fractious, foul-mouthed, undisciplined, and larcenous. Nevertheless, they take orders well enough to be considered Regular. If Alguaciles are Regular, then so is Kovacs.