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  1. It also implies the image of a motorcycle part-way up a vertical ladder, with the rider resting a leg on the wall & firing away at a target, without caring a jot for the laws of gravity. But hey, as people say, that's why Infinity =/= Life.
  2. Wulvers are definitely expensive, and 4 + Wallace just exacerbates that expense. I only listed them as #1 on the basis that we're not including value-for-points :- if we're factoring that in then, IMHO, the full 5-man link would be right at the bottom of my list. Much prefer them as a haris myself, mainly so I can run them as a flanking trio & still bring a core of Volunteers+Grey, (or just 5 Greys!), to keep the enemy occupied whilst the Wulvers get into position. [Plus, you can make better use of Stealth for sneaking up behind troopers & shooting them in the back!] [Though they're my favourite CHA unit, as I've seen them bring a lot of hurt, (even as a haris), using their variety of guns]. @Teslarod- not sure what you mean by the 5x Frenzy discount: Wulvers, Wallace & the Greys have Frenzy, so wouldn't that cancel any discounts out? Though I'd like to see them with different CCW options, (just a knife would be handy!) Although a T2 CCW could be OP, cos of Berserk & NBW, plus fireteam bonuses :- ensuring Normal rolls on CC30 and PH14-16, (depending on how many others are involved). [All that said, I have run them as a 4-man Core before, and they're not too shabby even without the 5-man bonuses - benefit of sixth sense is pretty big for them]. As a bonus, I'd add McMurrough + 3 Cameronians to my list as an Honourable Mention :- they didn't make the Top 3 mainly cos they're such a threat that my opponents end up killing them before they see any combat. Though they've rampaged through enemy DZs before, leaving a lot of dead cheerleaders behind!
  3. My Top 3 for Active Turn killing; #1: Wallace + 4 Wulvers. #2: McMurrough + 3 Galwegians in a Co-ordinated CC. [Assuming your target's covered in smoke & no MSV2+]. #3: 5 Highlander Greys. That's highly subjective though, and does depend on lots of things, but those are the three things I've used with decent success. [Though I usually avoid #1 due to cost & Lt risk!] For AROs, it's linked Scots Guard MLs all of the way...
  4. My #1 wish-list item: *all* Ariadnan HI gets Shock Immunity and NWI. Full-stop. [If we're not allowed 2W then can we at least get 1.75W?]
  5. The Vet Kazak with T2 Rifle & X-Visor is quickly becoming my auto-include :- especially if I can get him into suppression fire in a good location. He's gone up against everything from HI to TO & even if he dies it takes a fair chunk of orders before he goes down that means by opponent loses out elsewhere. [His highlight was going on suppression fire after looting ODD from a panpoly, right in front of my opponent's expensive HI fireteam :- IIRC, they died, Mr Vet Kazak didn't]. Similarly, the Minuteman with Marksmanship & X-visor has managed similar results, but really needs suppression fire to match Mr Vet Kazak's kills. Though when I was playing CHA, my favourite unit was the Wulver, (McMurrough is a close 2nd!), :- pretty much every list had a haris of Mk12, T2 Rifle & Heavy Shotgun, and rewarded me with a high success rate. [Unless I left them facing the wrong way at the end of my turn :-( ]. The B4 T2 rifle scares many opponents' HI/TAGs, (especially when he double-crits them!), and even their grenades have messed up my opponents' plans. ["Oh look, your model has moved past that TO/ODD/camo marker - I think I'll ARO with B2 grenades & catch both"].
  6. Last time I played CA, I did something like this in front of a full fireteam. Only, my malignos put down a monofilament mine and covered 3 out of the 5. Then my Skiavoros walked round the side of a nearby building & covered all of them with plasma rifle fire... [Pity it took an entire turn's worth of orders...].
  7. I've never run a TAG in Ariadna at all - in fact, I tend to avoid anything hackable if I can - as it makes things so much easier. So I'm not overly fussed about it going :- though it does mean we lose out on those ITS missions that reward TAGs & I think that isn't particularly fair, (as in not being able to score as many OPs as other factions, just because of our army selection).
  8. Surely he should have a mobile (cell) phone instead of the kindle? So not only can he order his troops around with it, but gets to listen to the latest podcasts whilst chilling...
  9. My tactic for killing ODD or TO is massed firepower -> throw enough dice & eventually something will stick. Linked shotguns tend to compensate for the -6BS, and the Greys can do it with B4 light shotties, and on 16s, (assuming you hit them out of cover). Spec firing grenades, especially co-ordinated & with surprise shot. Any impact template can also be threatening, if you can shoot a non-ODD model & catch them in the blast, (bonus points if you manage it as an ARO so the ODD model can't defend themselves!). Even if you don't, then just the risk of it can make your opponent be extra careful & you'll win elsewhere.
  10. Don't forget linked Highlander Grey with T2 boarding shotgun - B3, hitting on 22s, with each crit doing two wounds! [In one tournament I've had him take down a Sphinx after a couple of orders]. But normally, I use McMurder as spearhead in a co-ordinated CC smash :- B4, CC23 & DAM22, (using MA lvl 2), tends to kill anything with AP+DA.
  11. Well, I'm hoping it remains, otherwise we'll struggle with those scenarios, given that we're not going to get Scarface!
  12. Perhaps I've misunderstood the intention of the previous answers, but this is my take; My understanding is that you place the template down after the 1st short skill, (as others have already clarified), and everyone who passes through the template at any point during the order is hit, (yes models are hit even if they move through the template with their 2nd move skill). Remember that a model counts as being at all points of their path throughout the same order. [IIRC, you don't even "pick a model to attack", but simply decide where to place the template at the appropriate declaration point]. PS: The same process applies to all templates, whether they're wielded by mines or not, and regardless if it's a co-ordinated order or a fireteam activating, or g:sync models, etc.
  13. On a different note, can someone confirm/clarify the following about "Designated Target" HVTs; As the Enemy HVT is considered an Enemy, presumably does this mean your own HVT is considered Friendly? If they are Friendly, then presumably you could Doctor or Medikit them if they were unconscious? If I'm right, and the attempt fails, (killing them), presumably this still counts as "killing" the Designated Target? Though not by whoever put them into unconscious state, (if that rewards extra OPs)? Can you Sepsitorise the Enemy HVT? Some bonus queries; Under the "Svalarheima Blizzard Force B", (i.e. the 2nd one), it shows special Haris option for Nisses, but none of the Nisses in that army-list have the Haris skill? [One's listed as having "Fireteam: Haris" in the previous list - Force A - but the skill seems to be missing from the 2nd list]. In "Safe Area", can someone explain what the "Interference Mode" is meant to do? [For the INTELCOM card]. "Power Pack" - presumably, if I've activated 2 antennas but my opponent has activated the 3rd one, then should I succeed my WIP roll for the 3rd one it still no longer counts as activated by my opponent, even though it's not counted as activated? [I.e. it goes from 2-1 to me, to 2-0?].
  14. If I'm keeping the datatracker in hiding then I wouldn't use a Wulver! It'd go on a Volunteer with a whole army, ( ), of other Volunteers surrounding him. I'd only use the Wulver link if I need to get him somewhere up the field. But yeah, they're one of my favourite CHA units when by themselves, (only McMurrough comes close IMHO).
  15. Remember that declaring Dodge with a fireteam means every member of the link gets to dodge, (as a separate roll), so all 4 under the template would've had a chance to survive. Plus, depending on who was under the template, even if you dissolved the link, once you activate any of them then the noctifer could've still caught multiple models under the template, (and those wouldn't get a dodge!) tl;dr - that's why templates versus bunched up fireteams are nasty, (especially with hidden deployment), and why you should try not to bunch up models!