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  1. As I've said before, I don't run Wallace in *any* fireteam, but linking the Galwegians does make them more reliable both in terms of throwing smoke, (B2 on PH20), and to prevent them running into AROs because of Impetuous. But then I tend to face at least one MSV2+ so smoke becomes more situational. Although my goto TAG hunter is now McMurrough + 3 Galwegians - he may only be on 26s with MA and they'll be FtF, (compared to the guarantee of Berserk), but if he does hit then it's AP+DA with PH19. Alternatively, give up the +3CC for +3PH and force your opponent to beat DAM22 with half armour, (at best that's ARM5, so they'll need 18+ to survive ).
  2. The most important thing about face-to-face rolls, is that both sides have to affect each other, so for your examples; a:The Father Knight isn't affecting the Ghulam, thus it's a Normal roll. [Note that most "activate" skills explicitly say the model makes a "normal roll", so they're never a FtF]. b: Your opponent might be confused with 2nd edition, which had the concept of "first strike": that's gone for N3, and everything's simultaneous. So, in this case the Healer's CC will affect the Father Knight & the Knight's BS will affect the Healer, so it's definitely a FtF. c: I'm not an expert on hacking, (as I play Ariadna), but IIRC it'll be a FtF cos both sides are targetting each other. I'm not aware of any type of hacking programs that change this but others should be able to clarify.
  3. Think you might've forgotten that normal grenades, (or any other direct template weapons), need to be placed so their centre is over the model's centre, thus they'd need to be placed at the same point as well as the smoke grenades.
  4. IMO, the main benefit to putting him in a link would be the guarantee of throwing smoke grenades on 20s - either his own, or the Galwegians'. But I tend to be happy with rolling 19s from the Highlander Grey...
  5. My reading was that all of the templates need to target exactly the same point on the ground.
  6. I tend not to link Wallace Lt, so I can use his "free" co-ordinated order, (via Inspiring Leadership), and just surround him with CR Volunteers to act as bodyguards. Though have used him in the Wulver link so they can be a full 5-man fireteam, thus get the extra BS/PH bonus.
  7. I have enough CHA models for now, so am going to branch out into Vanilla Ariadna. Though might still buy it at some point for the new poses & a bit of variety, especially as I don't have enough models I can use as Volunteer paramedics.
  8. I've run the T2 BSG if I knew the link would be heading into the midfield, (e.g. an objective room - especially for the anti-material trait on the shotgun). I might try starting with the HMG to do some long-range before switching to the BSG, but the last time it came up I was able to cover their advance with smoke instead & the 34pts/1.5SWC can be a bit steep if I'm not sure whether I'd use it for covering fire. Admittedly the HMG Grey is usually my auto-include when there's no reason to take the BSG - so most of the time! (Its B5 AP HMG hitting on 19s has only failed me once - it was against a TAG, but I only hit a couple of times & my opponent made all of their saves). Have tried to fit in the 5-man Grey fireteam, so I can pick all of the load-outs, but it does get tricky to cover all of the bases, (objectives, range, CQB, etc), especially as I normally can't resist a Haris of Wulvers.
  9. Yeah, the only downside is you have to pick one Grey load-out :- so IMO it's either an AP HMG or a T2 BSG, but sadly I can't use both. .
  10. Fair enough, though I was sort of taking that limitation as read, given the previous post(s) - guess I should've made it clear.
  11. My own explanation of the mods being combined would be; No Surprise Shot - you're aware that an enemy is nearby with a grenade launcher, and thus *could* spec fire at you. With Surprise Shot - all you know is there's an enemy nearby, but out of LoS, (or not even that if it's TO!). You have no idea they're toting a grenade launcher, so when they do appear raining templates on you, it's a case of "oh ****! I wasn't expecting that!". [And you could argue the same works with a camo marker creeping up behind you with a shotgun].
  12. And if it's not allowed, then I'm going to have a fair few apologies to make, given the number of times I've done this with my SAS. [IIRC, even managed the complete set once: co-ordinate 3 models to do surprise shot, spec fire with grenades, from out of LoS, against multiple models - given they were a Haris of ODD troopers, I thought that was the better choice ].
  13. "Shock - the poor man's T2". [Though, as a CHA player, I do envy the other ariadnan skirmishers].
  14. Not sure what you mean by this: possibly you're referring where I said "Can't think of anything else that depends on cubes, at the moment"...? Though if I could afford 2 G:Mnemonica troops, I'd be jumping their consciousnesses around like excited rabbits . I see this as spend at least one order to have a one-off chance to heal them, (on WIP 13/14 IIRC), but with a possibility of killing an expensive unit - especially when I can still activate the model. I'd rather not take the risk, unless I need it for my Classified, but each to their own.
  15. The way I'd read it is that you can perform two separate jumps, (with the 2nd being the second MOV as others have said), but you automatically fall to the ground after each jump, as per the following from the Jump skill; "If the first MOV value is insufficient to reach a landing spot for the Jumping model, then assume it falls vertically from the end of its available Movement to the ground. Measure this fall distance for Fall Damage purposes" [Which would mean that the 2nd jump would be allowed, as you'd have to be on the ground].