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  1. From my experience; Biotechvore can be pretty tricky, given our lack of BTS, but as long as you design your army around moving forward then it's doable. I've only tried it once, and took a Limited Insertion style list with core & haris fireteams: it went OK until my troops started dying & then it fell apart. My one attempt at Deadly Dance was a bit lacklustre, though I did luck out when I lost all of my specialists on the first turn, (IIRC). But I guess if you take lots of them then it might turn out well for you. Out of the ones I've played, Nimbus Zone is my least favourite: given the low-vis & saturation, as that causes havoc with our, (my!), reliance on high burst weaponry & lack of MSV.
  2. I read it as: If a model is the target of a BS Attack through a Zero Vis zone, (smoke), then they may ARO with a BS Attack themselves with a -6BS penalty. Spec Fire is listed as a BS Attack, (the bullet-point "The user may make a single BS Attack against a target outside his LoF" from http://infinitythewiki.com/en/Speculative_Fire), therefore you can shoot back if there's LoF, (and Sixth Sense L2 means you don't apply the -6BS penalty). Therefore I'd say a model reveals themselves if they Spec Fire through Smoke, (assuming they do it in front of their target).
  3. Surely in the same way an Explosive CCW confers Explode?
  4. I'd say that against Spec Fire is definitely allowed, as it reveals you through the smoke normally, (and I believe Sixth Sense explicitly mentions it ignores the -3PH to dodge if you're hit by a template from out of LoF) -> though 99% of the time, you won't be able to shoot back as the thrower would be, for example, behind a building. [Maybe if someone is spec firing at you cos of other modifiers, (ODD), or to get more models under the template, then you could shoot back]. As for CC from smoke, I'd guess this would also be allowed as I think the model is counted as being revealed for the entirety of their movement - so if the SS2 model is facing the right way then I would say they can shoot back. Of course, if the target model's facing the wrong way, then I wouldn't be confident enough to call it either way without asking a more experienced authority. [Though I'd assume the same would apply for a camo marker moving into CC instead of smoke].
  5. AFAIK, as long as you attack the SS Lvl 2 model in some fashion then, yes, they get an ARO as if they had 360 vision - which could be shoot, dodge, whatever. I believe this includes MSV2 through smoke, spec fire, intuitive attack, even an impact template that also catches the model -> the only thing I'm not 100% sure about is if deploying a mine counts.
  6. Sorry if this is a bit of necroposting, but wanted to provide a bit of love for the Scots Guard 2nd Batallion with 2xSMGs - on @IJW Wartrader's advice, I've been putting him on suppressing fire &, (so far!), has always been a proper nuisance to my opponent. Takes a fair few orders, but on turn 2 or 3, with most of the ARO-duty units gone, (hopefully!), you can MOV-MOV him fairly switftly. Plus, having the choice of AP or Shock just means he can adapt to the type of unit attacking him - plus his DEP is there for back-up if they're too far away for suppression fire. Anyway, carry on the good work!
  7. Then they've misread the rule - it gives them access to "all" terrain skills at the beginning of the game, but they need to pick *one* of them when the model is deployed & then they're stuck with that skill for the rest of the game.
  8. I'd love AVA5 on the Wulvers, or someone to get them up to a 5-man fireteam who doesn't need to be my Lt - given how agressive Wulvers tend to be, adding Wallace makes it a fair risk for Lt death. As for specialists, well it'd be nice if we had a specialist on something that doesn't seem to die if hit by a stiff breeze -> IMHO, our specialists can be made hard to receive damage, (e.g. camo, fireteams, smoke), but if they're hit they - in my experience - will almost certainly fall over. I'd really like a specialist profile on either of our HI, so at least they can take a wound & keep going -> many other factions I face, put down 2W models that can suffer the odd ARO and still complete the objective. At that said, however, I've realised CHA's main strength is taking lots of specialists; so we have back up. [E.g. 2+ paramedics in a fireteam, multiple SAS FOs and/or Uxia, a duo of Scots Guard both of which are FOs].
  9. To mess with your opponent's head? Did it once back in N2, (cos of painted model availability), and my opponent spent about half of his order pool on turn 1 to kill him, thinking it would put me into LoL. Was rather shocked when I told him Wallace wasn't my Lt.
  10. It must be my meta then, cos I play a lot against those 3 armies, (or their sectorials). Plus, our table layouts don't always provide a room to hide Wallace in. Anyway, if you can guarantee that Wallace is never attacked then good on you - from my experience, I just...can't: either due to my opponent, the table, or luck. That being said, I can't remember the last time he was assassinated: but that might be related to the fact that the opponents in my meta don't really bother with Lt killing any more - they'd rather play for the mission.
  11. Assuming it's a suicide assassination, if the Gals are prone in front then I'd just shoot Wallace & ignore the others - either shotguns or DTWs. Plus, if he does throw smoke down then I can now move into CC without those Galwegians AROing any further. Or try the "lay mine & force an ARO" trick to watch him squirm when dodging on 11, (PH-3): I've been on the receiving end & it's not nice! IIRC, I've seen opponents use a CC-orientated TO trooper to force Wallace into a smoke ARO, and then moving into CC to complete the kill. As I said, it depends on how many orders it'll take & what units you have to attempt it.
  12. Have to agree to disagree on this. If it was me facing Wallace, (and I knew he was their Lt), then I'd quite happily lose an impersonator/assassin to kill him - if they had ODD/TO then even better. My only concern would be how many orders it'd take. If I was using Wallace then a single mine & being forced into an ARO would be enough to worry me about losing Wallace, (after all, that's happened to me!), let alone an attack from a CC-specialist. My experience says, if he's hit then he tends to be dead, (no immunity of any kind), so I try to avoid rolling DAM for him. Plus if he's in a fireteam, then you'd be losing that "free" co-ordinated order, (you could do it, but not without needing command tokens to re-form the link, which defeats the point).
  13. My experience tends to be he's a double-edged sword; he's a liability if your opponent can assassinate him, (either with a concerted effort or by fortunate/unfortunate positioning), but he's wonderful, (if costly), Lt as long as he survives. His "free"(*) co-ordinated order has proved a god-send to me on too many occasions to count: being able to re-position 3 models, or that extra co-ordinated shot/CC attack, or putting a bunch of models in suppressive fire mode. It also leaves my command tokens for fireteam shenanigans. Turning everyone Regular is also great: remember that this also makes it easy to co-ordinate your models, (with or without command token). E.g. combining T2 Sniper Caterans with Scots Guard MLs/Molotok for a scary surprise shot; or multiple Caterans with Uxia's twin assault pistols to force your opponent to pick between high-burst or something dangerous. However, I'm surprised people don't often mention the other perks of Inspiring Leadership: Giving everyone V:Courage has been very handy for me, when I need that Cateran or Volunteer to stay put. Ignoring Retreat gives you the comfort of not worrying about losses - ok, the downside is your opponent gets extra turns as well, unless you deliberately get him killed! The main reason I leave him behind is his points cost; though it's also to try a bit of variety. (*): After all, how often do people normally spend their Lt order?
  14. My personal preference is triple MLs, plus 1 x Marksman Rifle & 1 x twin-SMG. I start with the MLs as my main ARO pieces to really annoy my opponent and funnel their orders into more aggressive pieces: then I can either switch the MLs to active turn hunters, (had some success with B2 MLs, so it can work!), or use the twin-SMG for B5 close-range fun if I need to clear something out of my DZ. They also tend to act as a bullet-magnet, so my opponent often needs to spend multiple orders to get rid of them. Final bonus is they're a fairly cheap 5-man link for what they can do, (124pts & 4.5SWC), so will have enough left-over for plenty of other nasty hitty stuff. The only reason I don't use them that often is, (as has been mentioned before), the Highlander Grey HMG + Volunteer link is too tempting to pass up.
  15. Some mad wishlisting as a CHA player ; Nanoscreen - so they can make their own road-blocks. ARM6, BTS3 & bio-immunity. 2 x AP HMGs or 2 x T2 Rifles - cos in CHA, who can resist B6 AP HMGs or B5 T2 Rifles, and would actually make their haris option useful. I'd second T2 HMG: in fact, as they're meant to be rich kids, I'd give them full suite of T2 ammo, (HMGs, rifles, pistols, CCWs, etc) . PS: Yes, those aren't meant to be taken too seriously.