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  1. Note that I don't think the first camo marker example wouldn't be an issue - as your units couldn't "hack" ARO the marker until it reveals with the 2nd skill. "Hack" is an attack & you cannot declare attacks against a marker.
  2. My guess, (and it is only a guess!), is that the Total Immunity wiki page is out-of-date & so you'd apply Stun normally: I say this only because the list still mentions T2, which is now Exotic & thus wouldn't be ignored.
  3. Off-topic, but have to admit when I first saw that bit, I misread it as "with [p]neumonia", and it made smile to think of the Avatar coughing his way through the battle.
  4. From the sounds of your intro, if you prefer a single "utility" model for doing stuff then I think you'll be sadly disappointed - IMHO, CHA doesn't have any unit/fireteam that covers all bases, (objectives, firepower & survivability). The volunteer link with Grey & specialists probably come the closest, but they're rather fragile if any hit lands. Wulvers - on the other hand - can take a hit, (from certain weapons anyway!), dish out decent hurt, but have no specialist options. My experience tends towards multiple units/fireteams that each have their speciality, (1+ for long-range death, 1+ for CQB/CC, 1+ for objectives), and it's more a case of adapting each one to the mission & your opponent. PS: I'd advocate bringing lots of spares! Too many times I think "I'll only need 1 of something", only for them to die 1st turn.
  5. Climbing plus, actually, rather than super-jump: but your second sentence is excactly why I don't do that with Wallace when he's my Lt - that, and I lose out on his free co-ordinated order. An alternative source for smoke that I've tried recently was to simply send a Galwegian alongside the trio.
  6. Spec fire grenades are great for (i) those annoying ODD/TO units, (ii) grouped models, (inc fire-teams), and (iii) models on suppression fire. And even if you never get to throw them, it tends to pressure your opponent into spreading out models, and spending those extra orders to carefully not allow any AROs to catch multiple models. NB: I mostly play Ariadna, with their higher PH, but their grenades have actually helped more than even I'd expected - e.g. took out a tightly grouped haris team of ODD models, without worrying about the -6 to hit and all of those B2 AROs.
  7. The Devil's Ejects
  8. IMHO, they can shoot back because of Sixth Sense - not MSV - so I always imagine one of the other fireteam members shouting "Incoming!" moments before, (simplistic I know, but it works for me); the trooper realises roughly where the enemy is, (with help from their friends), and then their MSV takes care of negating all of the camoflague.
  9. I tend not to use Dogged, but that's cos my Grey seems to always be wounded 1st turn in ARO! Either that, or it's a nice way to get the classified objective. My Wulver Haris tends to reach the enemy deployment, make a mess of a fair few models, and then die, (normally in quick succession as I fail lots of ARM rolls in a row). If there's no path for them to get close enough then they very rarely achieve anything & end up being a hefty points sink. Given all of that, I still love using them cos of their great mix of skills & weaponry, and 2W. [Just wish they had an option for smoke!]. They've wrecked most stuff I've thrown them at -> last game, they dodged a couple of CrazyKoalas; spec fired grenades on a REM; the T2 rifle took out a TAG with a crit; threw grenades at a linked LI model, (in a 3-man fireteam), catching another in the blast who was on suppression fire; and then took out the other 2 members of the former-link, (one being the Lt). Only thing of theirs I didn't use was CC.
  10. My thoughts; -> I've never used Isobel at all - simply don't like the idea of an aggressive link with a model that's vulnerable to hacking. Just means I can run them wherever I want without needing to worry about AHDs, KHDs and repeaters. -> Not a fan of the Mormaer haris, but that's only cos of the 2.5SWC tax needed to get it. -> Don't use any Lt in the fireteam - not even Wallace, but then I tend to be aggressive with my links, and it means I can make use of his free co-ordinated order. -> Haven't recently been using the Wulver Haris, but that's mainly due to their points cost when combined with a decent core fireteam - but do like them as either Haris or Core, (without Wallace, see previous point). -> My Volunteer core tends to end up as: Grey AP:HMG, 1 or 2 Volunteer HMGs, (as back-up), 1 or 2 paramedics, (for objectives), 1+ chainrifles, (ensuring I have spares as well). Often start the paramedics out of the link mainly so that they can heal models without needing to activate the link. [Though I did start out using the Grey T2 BSG, given they tend to be used aggressively & having that much up-close firepower can be quite a deterrant - plus, who can resist a BS22 B3 shotgun that causes 2W per crit]. -> Scots Guard link is nice as a firebase, with 2 or more MLs, but haven't been using them recently. -> Am also a bit of a fan of the Grey core fireteam - mainly if it's an aggressive mission, as they have the necessary tools to get up close & stay there. [Teamed with a Wulver haris, they are quite a threat IMO].
  11. Not quite always, (e.g. T2), but close enough - plus, he's also immune to i-Kohl, (rare but can be worth remembering!). I only ever use him as my Lt, cos he's the cheapest Strategos model, but do tend to try & find points/SWC for Sepsitor. It makes your opponent much more nervous about trying an assassination attempt when you can steal their models - or if anyone's near enough then you can go on an active turn "capture & control" run, (have done that before and he's chalked up a fair mix of units - including the odd HI). Remember that I tend to think of the Sepsitor as a discouragement more than anything; if I get to use it then it's a bonus. Though I've also had success with him as a reserve fighter - his stats & weapons are decent enough to trouble most enemies when it's your turn, and there's no-one else in a better position. NB: The way I read the rules is you can still use mnemonica when not the Lt.
  12. Ooh, I do like having them as my core fireteam, but have recently been using them as a group of 4 & kept Wallace separately, and they don't do too badly; I'm not risking Wallace. I can make use of his free co-ordinated order. Having a group of 4 brutes be stealthy, (without Wallace making a racket!), means they can sneak up behind enemies to shoot/stab em in the back. Though losing the +3BS/PH and smoke can be quite hard!
  13. Having both means I've spent 4SWC & half of my 300 points on 2 fireteams that do roughly the same thing. [PS: I don't use Isobel as I prefer not to worry about hacking]. It's probably my playing-style, though, as I normally keep my core fireteam for the killy stuff, (making use of the +3BS), and leave my haris for flanking, (hello Wulvers!).
  14. Purely as an alternative point-of-view, (not trying to suggest anyone else is wrong!), but I'd suggest trying to upgrade the Cateran to have T2 ammo - only 3pts more, +0.5SWC, no infiltration and with climbing plus, plus it's anti-materiel as a bonus.
  15. Do you mean this Gloucester Cheese Rolling, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cooper's_Hill_Cheese-Rolling_and_Wake? Or is there a similar event in Scotland that I don't know about?