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  1. Well there's an effort to preserve the old conversion thread. Perhaps we should take it upon ourselves to preserve this one?
  2. Well I hate the new forum already Goodbye terrible infinity-themed trainspotting parody sig
  3. I've been thinking about upgrading, but real life(tm) keeps it at bay, plus my monitor's real old too, so it's kinda pointless upgrading the one without the other if you catch my drift. Human's only need one kidney, right?
  4. Meh, I'm still using a sapphire radeon r7 265 that I salvaged from my old rig when I built my new one last January. Seems to be punching well above it's weight but then I'm not play AAA new releases. handles elite dangerous and skyrim well enough, so will probably keep it going another year before I even consider upgrading.
  5. Convincing someone they are going crazy is gas lighting, it's a real dick move Convincing someone they are a replicant is called bladerunning, its a Philip k dick move Yeah I get where your coming from though, I can see how some folks would use it as a means/excuse to displace negative feelings about their behavior. Its a real shame because it weakens the seriousness of the issue so those that really are a victim aren't always given the full attention they need. Happens to a lot of psychological things though, 'narcissistic personality 'is another one that gets thrown about and weakens the gravity of the term
  6. I think the point is that gaslighting is when the abuser deliberately manipulated the victim to question things that are correct. Like as an example (which is based on one I saw in a movie, but can't remember the title), the husband convinces the wife that he lost his job because the wife, who was an alcoholic, caused a major scene at a party at his bosses house, when in reality it was the husband that caused the scene, the wife accepted this as fact as she had been prone to 'booze blackouts' in the past, and didn't question it due to the abusive husband's relentless and unwavering reinforcement of his version of events. I think generally, gaslighting is not applied to situations where the 'victim' is delusional. It's applied to the case where the abuser goes out of their way to convince the victim that they are delusional, and thus should not trust their own thoughts but instead trust the 'correct' worldview provided by the abuser. Allowing the abuser to control and manipulate them
  7. AFAIK there's been no news of a resculpt on the Rasyats, which IMHO is one unit that's in dire need of it. Zerats and Kurgats are the old style too, but they don't clash with the new models as badly as the rasyats, especially that silly 'gun on a stick' spitfire one.
  8. I just go with 'it's in the interests of Bakunin to be engaged in this conflict, so they engage in this conflict' whatever bizarre interest that might be. At the end of the day the Nomad nation as a collective still has an agenda, which Bakunin will participate in furthering. Sometimes it's furthering it's own ends, sometimes it's doing it for the good of the nation There's some mentions in the fluff that the bouboutiques of Bakunin sometimes set up shops with the haqq caravansaries. So there's plenty of opportunity for bakunin citizens to be in trouble when things go to shit in bartertown. Pretty sure the moderator corps would send a team to defend/protect/rescue those chaps. Maybe the black labs were doing some 'field testing' planetside that got out of control, and in trying to contain their latest hybrid monstrosity the bakunin task force got mixed up with some PanO/YuJing/whoever and a breakdown in communication resulted in a conflict. Alternatively, build a space station board and refuse to play games on anything else :-p
  9. You've shown me yours so I suppose I better show you mine
  10. Are we really having a game of 'who lives in the most politically corrupt country'?
  11. I think the argument is more: 'If you don't like X, it's probably a good idea to not move into a property directly next to X, then start complaining about all the X'. I could understand the argument if you have lived there for 30 years, and suddenly someone wants to build 'big X emporium' next to your house. But in most of the cases mentioned people have deliberately moved next to X, knowing full well about all the X, and then complained about all the X.
  12. Reminds me of a meme that came up not so long ago in Wales. Long story short a bunch of property developers wanted to turn some empty buildings next door to one of the best rock/metal bars in Cardiff into luxury apartments, then demanded that club stopped playing music because it would make the apartments unmarketable: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/whats-on/music-nightlife-news/future-another-cardiff-music-venue-12805466
  13. In the UK you'd be suspended on full pay while a lengthy and expensive investigation takes place, and you'd probably get to keep the pencil. http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/politics/real-cost-welsh-councils-pay-12659129 http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/politics/massive-payouts-pay-scandal-council-13812244 Local council bigwigs authored a report that recommended that they should all give themselves massive pay rises (bear in mind, this is at a time when public sector pay is actually going down in real terms), then approved the report they wrote themselves, and got big pay rises. Now it looks like they are being given ~£200k severance packages, total cost to the taxpayer is about £4.5million.
  14. Well, he's got to keep them women folk away from the gaming club somehow. That could lead to a situation where he has to talk, and possibly make eye contact, with an actual woman. Hard to move your space marines when your staring at the carpet.