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  1. Are we really having a game of 'who lives in the most politically corrupt country'?
  2. I think the argument is more: 'If you don't like X, it's probably a good idea to not move into a property directly next to X, then start complaining about all the X'. I could understand the argument if you have lived there for 30 years, and suddenly someone wants to build 'big X emporium' next to your house. But in most of the cases mentioned people have deliberately moved next to X, knowing full well about all the X, and then complained about all the X.
  3. Reminds me of a meme that came up not so long ago in Wales. Long story short a bunch of property developers wanted to turn some empty buildings next door to one of the best rock/metal bars in Cardiff into luxury apartments, then demanded that club stopped playing music because it would make the apartments unmarketable: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/whats-on/music-nightlife-news/future-another-cardiff-music-venue-12805466
  4. In the UK you'd be suspended on full pay while a lengthy and expensive investigation takes place, and you'd probably get to keep the pencil. http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/politics/real-cost-welsh-councils-pay-12659129 http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/politics/massive-payouts-pay-scandal-council-13812244 Local council bigwigs authored a report that recommended that they should all give themselves massive pay rises (bear in mind, this is at a time when public sector pay is actually going down in real terms), then approved the report they wrote themselves, and got big pay rises. Now it looks like they are being given ~£200k severance packages, total cost to the taxpayer is about £4.5million.
  5. Well, he's got to keep them women folk away from the gaming club somehow. That could lead to a situation where he has to talk, and possibly make eye contact, with an actual woman. Hard to move your space marines when your staring at the carpet.
  7. I'm in the boat of 'as long as it's clear and obvious then I'm cool', especially as there are still a good portion of models that don't have miniatures, I would also say that I don't care what you use for the proxy, so long as it's not confusing (e.g. these moderators are moderators, these moderators are morlocks is a no, but these yaogats are morlocks is a yes) I'd also put up with non-CB proxies if they are thematically sound, (like the all-too-common GitS Kusanagi as an interventor).
  8. Well at least they seem to be leaving radiant to do their thing without meddling too much. It's more a lack of inspiration thing on my part, can't get out of the 'twee little cottage' stage of building things atm.
  9. I've been following stonehearth for ages, haven't played in a while (lacking inspiration on the custom building side of things) but really dig the settlers vibe
  10. I've had the most success with Army Painter rattlecan primers, both the black and white. Only issues with easy chipping I've had are when working with hawk wargames resin, which is a bit of a special case as it's a different composition to the more common resins used in minis.
  11. I think you mean 'soylent green'
  12. Where am I thinking it came from then, I honestly can't remember and it's annoying me. Or is it the nelson mandela effect...
  13. I swear I can remember seeing a diagram for when the caskuda landed, you placed the circular template, then place the small teardrop on top of it so the small end is against one edge and it lies across the diameter of the circular template Kind of like that but without the big template at the top. Either that or I'm Mandela effect-ing myself
  14. Didn't the caskuda explode in a messed up way where you combined the small teardrop and the circular template. So the blast area was like the impact crater, and where the thing skidded to a stop. edit: I do also miss combi rifiles not working after being hacked
  15. Yes there's one in HSN3 too