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  1. I also imagined the EI aspects were kinda grown in a tank and the rest of it was grafted on after decanting.
  2. You don't (appear from your post, at least) to believe your opinion is inherently superior to those of others, and you don't treat differing opinions with derision or condescension, which, at least by my interpretation, excludes you from the definition of 'snob'. You wish to play games using only fully painted miniatures, you take steps to ensure that your opponents have mutual opinions and do not inflict those opinions on others in a negative way. The 'paint snob' is the kind of person that hangs around the FLGS looking for a pickup game, then when an potential opponent rocks up with an unpainted force, gives them an hour long lecture on how their ruining the hobby for everyone and derides them for having the audacity to even show up with bare pewter models.
  3. @weeble1000 you nailed it
  4. @Gamma Ray that's actually pretty handy to know. I'm pretty linguistically challenged but it does mean if I ever need things translated into morat for freehand or whatever I can make a hamfisted attempt with google translate and the morat alphabet from the HSN3 book
  5. I imagine it's like Klingon, only without all the phlegmmy sounding 'ch' bits (I don't know the technical term, but it's that bit of words that is used a lot middle easterny languages that sounds like your trying to clear your throat.
  6. I've never heard of anyone deliberately not painting to gain an advantage, and I usually find that I have no issues keeping track of what models are what. If anything, I have trouble knowing what they are in the first place, particularly against the less popular factions (in my meta), but generally once I'm told its a fusilier with HMG I remember it's a fusilier with HMG. Although I will say, especially with the older models, I could see how it could be difficult to track unpainted models. Without opening a can of worms, one of the things that really grinds my gears about this hobby is the 'paint snobs' the whinge about unpainted models and/or refuse to play against unpainted forces (I've never encountered such a person, but I have heard they exist). I play with mostly unpainted models because as a father of 2 with a full time job if I refused to play with unpainted models I would never play a game again. I want my models painted, and I want to do a good job of it, so I have to compromise. At the end of the day, I'm not going to sacrifice my enjoyment of the hobby because I don't live up to a person's ideal that we all should have sufficient time and energy to crank out fully painted forces for every game we play.
  7. Interestingly with the morats, the real name of the Raicho TAG, in Morat, is 'Raizot', but yu jing made a pronunciation error, and it quickly became known as the Raicho (which means 'thunder/lightning bird') which spread through the human sphere.
  8. Yeah, I like to imagine the Morats culture as being something like Shogunate Japan, but within the context of a huge military heirarchy. Thanks for reminding me of TVTropes, I think the Krakot renegades fall somewhere into the realms of: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ArmyOfThievesAndWhores mixed heavily with: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/OnlyInItForTheMoney (except 'money' in this case is replaced by 'whatever they need to keep living at that point in time'
  9. That was quite a significant typo on my part....
  10. That is such a sinister looking miniature I've been looking into what the name 'pneumarch' could mean, the greek 'pneu' can mean anything from 'breath' to 'spirits' and 'arch' generally means leader, so pneumarch could translate roughly as the 'spirit leader' of the ur hegemony
  11. http://download.lardlad.com/sounds/season13/furious3.mp3
  12. I know that feels. Got a 3 month old and a nearly-3 year old. Last movie I saw in the cinema was Rogue One, and that's because it had a midnight showing.
  13. I'm not into star trek in the slightest, so I'll have to take your word for it. I know theres an 80s/90s action/scifi movie out there where part of the storyline involves a bunch of folks whose characterisation is exactly like the *edit: KRAKOTS!*. But for the life of me I can't remember enough details about the movie to figure out what it was called.
  14. Directly from the Krakot Fluff: These Morat out there are desperate. They are trying to live off no-man’s-land, which is quite the task considering pretty much everyone they encounter is guaranteed to try to kill them. So they are willing to negotiate. They have appropriated some of their captors’ weapons, and are ready to use them against anyone in exchange for supplies, combat drugs, or some sort of ‘get out of jail free’ card. [...] Interestingly enough, it seems they may even have worked for the Morat Aggression Forces, taking on operations that the Morat consider undignified or repugnant in exchange for safe-conduct. https://human-sphere.com/index.php?title=Krakot_Renegade I think their perfectly fine, Maybe the Morats have mixed opinions on the subject, but just because they are a society that holds a lot to honour and pride doesn't mean their imprudent. Why send my good and honourable vanguard to peform some horrible shitty task that is almost certain death when there's a bloke over there willing to do it for a free dinner, a handful of pills and even the slightist hint that I might be willing to do something about that death sentence he's running from? The krakot's aren't really traitors to the Morat cause per se, they just see a life as a renegade as the better option than almost certain death in a Morat penal battalion.