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  1. How/when will things change wuji? You seem to believe you have the inside word, or do you just like to pretend you do?
  2. nah, i like it as it is thanks. CB know how to make their own game
  3. Man PanO are as rubbish as MAF... i just wish there was someone out there who could point out all of the army flaws and CBs thoughtless and rubbish design, so that CB will rush to fix them post haste for the good of the game and all players globally!
  4. In the end ALIVE [is something unlikely to be worth the hype CB are trying to generate for it] I think everyone can generally accept some hype for upcoming products, but at least to me, this ALIVE thing has just gotten pretty lame and boring. I would nearly call it successful anti-hype at this point
  5. this isnt speculation

    Nah im pretty sure this is an ultimate level troll, and is actually an ISS release
  6. The irony in your post is bewildering... You do realise you're the one here on the forums with your knickers in a twist raging on the keyboard because your favoured faction doesnt have what you want it to have... and you think that posting here will attact CBs attention and force them to make the changes you want?
  7. No.... you are. Did i do that right? Who would have thought i came to this forum to read about wargames, hobbying and painting related to Infinity... FFS
  8. Lol. Lets get this straight, you dont like the way a rule is, so you want it explained in text in a new edition why it changed from the previous edition? since when do you refer to old rules of a game when you have new rules in front of you, which clearly say how it works... just because you dont like the way it works doesnt make the rule wrong. It reads perfectly on its own... Your the one trying to apply N2 rules to something in N3, because it used to work that way :S
  9. Some WIPs of the Bounty Hunter im working on atm.
  10. I had 8 models i batch painted to a point, then just finish off the highlights a couple at a time
  11. Nomad Spektrs finished up
  12. Im just critical of my own stuff all the time :). its not so much that i think its inherently bad, just that is not inherently good either compared to all the top painters out there
  13. Just finished off these Nomad Interventors, which are my quick/dodgy paint jobs. Nothing flash, but passable on the table for a couple of hours work on each.