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  1. Part of me is betting that the Triumverate sectorial will see Druze mercs anyways, so we may not need to pay the 1 SWC tax for them
  2. Mcmurrough, Yuan Yuans or the Druze Killer Hacker would be my main choices if i was going to add mercs to my list. mind you, i dont feel that Tohaa have a lot of need for any of the mercs they dont already have available normally
  3. Mind you, it would be funny if you could jump your extremely impetuous model off the building to its likely certain death, but actually be able to target an enemy with the jump, such that the jumping model AND the enemy that is landed on have to make the same ARM saves
  4. Given it has a mono CCW, you can bet your bottom dollar it will have zero CC skills and a low CC value to make the most use of it Additionally, given its short range weapon options, if i were a betting man, id also say it will have no skills or equipment that might aid it in reaching the favourable range bands. It will also be Irregular and Highly Impetuous, and have a new skill called "Prime Target", which means the model is considered to be always in the Targetted state. Jokes aside, i hope it is something interesting, and am happy to see a Tohaa model without Symbiont Armour.
  5. Im not really concerned about Fatality L2, but a random thought of maybe only allowing all levels of Fatality to work in the weapons +3 range bracket might help to remove what appears to be a concern for crit fishing with the high burst spitfire...
  6. All tohaa symbiont armour wearers should definately come with two symbiomates and two symbiobombs by default, which can be replenished by Baggaed, and be g:synced to a Chaksa Auxillar Baggage model. The G:Synced Baggage Chaksa should also have additional to its normal loadout, 2x Panzerfausts too. Would only be fair, and bring Tohaa up to a level where they can be competitive with other factions...
  7. .
  8. If, and its a big if Tohaa are one of the four sectorials being released in 2018, you can rest assured that it will be the last thing of the year, with zero other tohaa releases between now and then, at which point we may finally see the Taquel, which will be a terrible sculpt
  9. Sakiel would love an E/Mitter and Vulkan Shotgun profile to round out a box with with the LRL and Combi Sakiels
  10. What if with the new book, Symbiomates give the attached model either Fatality or Full Auto L2 Imagine the complaining then!
  11. This idea is interesting... turn it into a fully fledged Sygmaa sectorial with Umbra overlords and remote support...
  12. Tohaa wont make it to the campaign book. The Combined army will have wiped them out... Tohaa will be Exrahed from the game
  13. Yeah the guy on the right. If you look at the dossier and then the pistol the guy is holding, it looks identical to the chain colt in the dossier
  14. The Haqq HMG is so much nicer than the Nomad one... the dude holding the chaincolt and aiming down the sights seems really counter intuitive and even looks awkward... it fires a cloud of flechettes or whatever... not something you aim down sights for surely
  15. It is certainly disappointing that across both the Interplanetary and Gencon Tohaa got what info... one shown Neema resculpt, a Gao Rael blister repack and an ITS Season 9 tourny winner model which is a merc that likely will be available to Tohaa along with all other vanilla factions... It must be the year of the Tohaa again