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  1. @Abrilete yeah I know but I find the timing awkward and end up pressing it at what turns out to be the wrong time and mashing it in the hope I get the dash off. As I said might just be me.
  2. I feel like there is a slight but noticeable delay between actions, e.g. when chaining dashes - like sometimes I'll be hit when I'm mashing the dash button but there is a cooldown or delay or something and I just can't seem to do them immediately. Also when trying to chain dash across flame platforms it just seems impossible because I can't seem to do them fast enough even though I'm mashing the dash button. Dunno, might just be me
  3. Managed to get Titanfall working again - downclocked my GPU slightly and that seems to have done the trick. Also enjoying Hyper Light Drifter. Controls are a bit aggravating but otherwise pretty awesome
  4. Noticed the other day that a lot of music on my phone wasn't showing up in Google Play. Took me a while (derp) but figured out that Google Play is prejudiced against wma files
  5. I've dropped PilotsVsPilots because I'm absolute trash and just feed points to the other team. Never liked CTF much Edit: RAM downclock achieved nadda and game is dead now
  6. That's pretty weird. PC population is tiny but matchmaking is usually fairly quick in the evenings
  7. Really? Xbone player count is like 10x whats on PC and I never wait more than 2 minutes. What game types were you searching for?
  8. OK so apparently downclocking RAM will fix the issue I'm having with Titanfall 2 0.o Took me a while to figure out my BIOS but hopefully will test tonight. Clean install of the game too.
  9. I remember being super hyped for Prometheus ... and my buddies told me not to bother (still haven't seen it). Guess same thing here, so I appreciate this thread. Don't have the spare time for mediocre films. I don't think Scott is over rated, more like way past his prime. Same as George Lucas. They made some good films when they were young but they should have hung it up a long time ago.
  10. Vanquish is getting a PC port. If you pick up Bayonetta and Vanquish on Steam you get 25% discount on both. I actually bought Vanquish for my 360 a few years ago but ended up building my PC a few weeks later so never really played more than 30 minutes
  11. Well, my copy of Titanfall keeps crashing so RIP TF2 for now I guess
  12. Yup, on the menu in game it says STORE or something similar
  13. Microtransactions
  14. Bought some TF2 mtx for £6.80 instead
  15. I'm really liking Path of Exile but holy moly their microtransactions are expensive. I bought a bunch of stash tabs which were ok, but armour and effects? Cool armour is like $42, flaming skull heads are like $32. I don't even spend that on whole games