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  1. Microtransactions
  2. Bought some TF2 mtx for £6.80 instead
  3. I'm really liking Path of Exile but holy moly their microtransactions are expensive. I bought a bunch of stash tabs which were ok, but armour and effects? Cool armour is like $42, flaming skull heads are like $32. I don't even spend that on whole games
  4. So it's not been officially confirmed, but people doing data mining from the PC version have found a lot of code mentioning things like Harvesters, and different abilities that you can level up e.g. levels of grapple, phase shift, Titan upgrades. (look here Also in the latest FNN there is a small picture on Angel City that has a Harvester on it
  5. So where I live over the past 2 months or so I've noticed a lot of .... aggressive Vegan advertising. Like crying sheep and a caption THEY TRUST US AND WE MURDER THEM. Seeing these things all over the place. I've been to an abattoir and yeah it was pretty gross but it didn't turn me into a militant vegan.
  6. I've still been playing Titanfall 2. Can't wait for the DLC coming in the next 2 months or so, especially PVE horde mode Also started playing Path of Exile. Wasn't sure I would enjoy it, Torchlight 2 didn't really grab me so I thought I might be over ARPGs. The learning curve was insane but I've put some time into and I'm honestly really enjoying it. Interested to see what 3.0 brings
  7. Cheers, will have a look
  8. Anyone got any experience with set boxes like the Roku, Chromecast etc? I bought an LG TV a few days ago, thinking its a smart TV but turns out it isn't, so I need one of these dealies for Netflix and catch up.
  9. I miss RP'ing, I had a really fun group way back in the long long ago. I looked at doing email or forum based RPing but didn't really find anything that clicked. Also I have no books so I'd probably need to drop a decent amount of cash to get started againn.
  10. I once ran full pelt into a horizontal railing that was forehead height when I was a kid. I should add that it was on a playground, I was with a bunch of other kids messing around and it was early evening and for some reason I didn't spot it. The rail was part of a climbing frame. That proper hurt.
  11. The problem is if Denuvo dies and your game is unplayable because it can't authenticate.
  12. Apparently Nier will have Denuvo on Steam, also possibly region locked
  13. Neir pre-order bonuses - your waifu can have a red valve sticking out of her face (if that's what puts the wind in your sails)
  14. That's some nice Tolkien lore you got there. It would be a shame if someone pissed all over it. Oh well no worse than those horrific Hobbit movies. Saying that I enjoyed Shadow of Mordor. It was a pretty simplistic experience but it was fun to just murder crowds of orcs.
  15. It will probably be a Steam sale pickup for me in a years time, but I quite like the look of it