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  1. Nathan (AKA Samuel, Sam, Sammy, Impi - take your pick) arches his eyebrow at Aaaliyah and gives a quick, cheeky grin at her energy. He's got some classic Zulu looks, handsome but not enough to stand out, 6'1", close cropped hair and a silver stud in his left earlobe. He's wearing a well fitted black suit but instead of a dress shirt it's a Trysterion T-shirt with the logo front and center. His eyes are dark, quick and intelligent. His grin is infectious and just as quick. [To Aaliyah]: "A com-sync makes sense, it'll make things easier one we touch down and need to make arrangements. I'll send over a list of select 5-stars that should make do, run your eye over them and see if any catch your fancy. " [to everyone]: "anyone fancy a quick drink before we land? I could do with an espresso, traveling always takes it out of me." In his hand is a typical comlog device showing the finest accommodations available on Sabai. Impi / Nathan is also polling and tracking all unencrypted comlog and geist traffic surreptitiously, mostly out of habit. His geist is set to ping if anything interesting shows but it's mostly personal and entertainment traffic.
  2. Yeah I've logged it with the police and they'll send around an investigator that I can show the car to i.e. that it's not been involved in any collisions. It's also physically dissimilar to the first penalty notice I got.
  3. I've had another letter about me motor. Now it's for dangerous driving and failing to report a collision. Again, not me. Pretty weird. I wonder if my plates have been cloned
  4. @ChoKonnit I think it's on sale on Origin now. The playerbase is smaller but never really had any issues finding games. The meta is different, more SMG's, fewer ARs, lots more movement.
  5. So yesterday I received a bus lane penalty notice. From Brighton I don't live in Brighton. I've never driven in Brighton. But these mercenary dickfaces have a photo of a similar car and their recognition software or whatever has tagged the number plate as mine so they've sent the bill halfway up the country. I've appealed and sent pictures of my car - there are some physical differences e.g. rear bumper colours, letter spacing on the number plate. Don't need to deal with stupid crap this like, seriously.
  6. @Flipswitch yeah man. I'm a little burnt out so will probably take a break until FD drops. Looks cool
  7. Frontier Defence coming for Titanfall 2 next week
  8. When I was in uni I had a class tutor named Leonidas. He was kinda wimpy sadly. To be fair to him I think he was Greek
  9. Seth is also a Hebrew name. He was the third son of Adam and Eve after Cain killed Abel
  10. So I finally got around to watching Prometheus. It was ok. As a popcorn sci-fi flick it was great. I had a lot of "what the hell are they doing moments" though, there was too much going on that wasn't explained properly or rushed I thought. I watched a "Prometheus Explained!" video on Youtube and yeah, a lot made sense I guess but at the same time I shouldn't have to trawl through marketing material to understand a movie properly. Lore wise, I thought the Engineer / xenomorph connection is pretty interesting. It makes sense for a race that are bio-engineers to use bio-weapons (which is how I understand the Xenomorphs now). Give me a few years and I'll see Covenant - I only watched this cos my dad bought the DVD for me for £1! Edit: Also, Fassbender was brilliant. Great actor
  11. My surname is a bit weird, its the German name for a Polish town - but my family were from Lithuania so I'm not really even sure when the name was adopted.
  12. Amelia is nice. You also want names that can be easily shortened e.g. Amelia -> Amy I argue with my wife about names that are nice for kids but not for older people. Names like Tiffany and Courtney are kinda awkward for people in their 80's
  13. My wife has worked in schools with kids from wealthy families. You'd think people with a lot of money would have more sense when it comes to naming their kids. She has seen some weird names
  14. @Solodice I don't own the rules - is that a problem?
  15. I'm tentatively interested although I've not RP'd for quite a while. If you have someone more up-to-date who wants to play I'm happy to be dropped. Also, what's your timezone? I'm in the UK, don't want to miss the posts due to time difference