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  1. Nathan keeps an eye on the windows at the side of the store and the door the group came in from, along with the employee at the shelves. He isn't tensed as he isn't expecting any trouble but he's still wary, keeping a listen out for Eddie's conversation with the two at the back door. He tasks his geist to run a quick, non-invasive scan of the area for any devices that might be recording or communicating with a central hub (if I can do this- need me to roll anything?)
  2. Section9's plan looks good
  3. Yup I'm in the same boat. Got a new GPU, deserves a new CPU I guess. And some DDR4 RAM. Both need a new mobo. Gotta get a bigger case then. If I'm getting a new case might as well get some decent fans in there. Hey, I'm spending the money might as well get a new mech keyboard. And with this extra power it would be stupid not to get a 144HZ monitor ... Oh, I have no money.
  4. I was very happy with my 280x and because of the GPU shortage and high prices I had resigned myself to waiting at least another year before I had £300 or so for a new GPU. I was ridiculously lucky with this 580. Saw a post on Reddit that Amazon were taking preorders at £220 (RRP is around £270). I thought I may as well chuck in an order, can always cancel it if I don't have the money. Price dropped to £200. Then dropped again to £102.50. I have no idea why they dropped it that low and I fully expected my order to be cancelled. Saw this happened to quite a few people who were notified by email. Checked my bank account last week and saw I had been charged £102.50 and then had a tracking number for the delivery (it came from France, no idea why). Pre-order took 3 months but I'm really happy I got the thing. Also I finished Alien: Isolation tonight. Great game
  5. I have an i5-4460, 8GB DDR3 on a Gigabyte B85M-D2V Motherboard - built the PC about 2, 2.5 years ago so time for a boost I think. Would like to put in something like a Ryzen 1600 and some DDR4, so will need a new mobo too
  6. Got a Sapphire RX 580 today - took 3 months of waiting on an Amazon pre-order but finally arrived (amazing price too). I'd like to upgrade my mobo, CPU and RAM next year, probably go for Ryzen 1600 Edit: 100+ FPS on BF4 Ultra - nice
  7. Okie dokie (artichokie)
  8. Should I play BF4 or Team Fortress 2?
  9. [just thinking about what angle to get to Bo Ryan - is it possible to quickly check into his background - maybe find something that we could use as blackmail or bribery? e.g. his financials might be looking grim, maybe he has a sweet tooth for something off planet etc]
  10. The problem is that it will only get worse. It's gone from "only cosmetic" loot boxes to driving game design. The devs are making their games so long and boring and tedious to drive loot box sales. Not to sell DLC or cosmetics or skips or cheats, but to sell the chance for a skip. It's only going to go down hill because it's being driven by CEOs, CFOs, execs, accountants, MBAs, shareholders etc. These people don't care about enjoyable games. They just want bigger numbers on the financials - and it's our hobby that's being sacrificed so that a very small number of very rich people can get a little bit richer. Edit: this is how AAA companies are thinking: Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick brought them up in a call to investors yesterday. It’s a roundabout way of saying “microtransactions” and Take-Two, the parent company of 2K Games, 2K Sports and Rockstar Games, is prioritizing development that integrates them into the overall game. That shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Zelnick yesterday boasted that they account for 42 percent of the company’s revenue over the most recent quarter. “We've said that we aim to have recurrent consumer spending opportunities for every title that we put out at this company"
  11. [Gotcha Eddie, I think everyone is pretty toasted tonight. Maybe best to all meet up back at the hotel and take stock, decide on next steps. I feel like I need a detox after all this cheap booze] Nathan downs his last drink, throws up his wide grin "well ladies and gents, it has certainly been educational, and emotional. Mostly emotional, but the good kind so don't feel bad. My boss will have me working on advertising contracts and stock payout incentives before the sun comes up so I better go and try to get some sleep." Nathan winds his way around the crowd towards the door. @DrunkCorsair [Konrad, got everything you needed from that techie? You ready to bounce?]
  12. I found enactor's websites super useful for looking at uniforms for painting minis, although it's mostly only useful for the more 'popular' periods. I remember looking at prices for a 95th Rifles uniform, it was well in the 1000's for uniform, rifle and all the various bits and bobs.
  13. Yup I've been playing a lot of Path Of Exile (and spent a fair amount on the game too) But I agree, for years I hesitated about AAA releases and usually waited for a price drop. Now I'll probably just avoid games like Shadow of War