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  1. Edit: I have no idea what I'm doing anymore
  2. I've not seen it. I do want to but I know it will keep me freaked out for days. It's done pretty well so far apparently
  3. Yeah there's a similar story about the Dambusters raid. The wingco's dog was called N****r and he was run over on the airfield the day before the raid IIRC. They used his name as the codeword for a successful attack, so after the dam was bombed people were running around yelling "N****R" over radios
  4. latest AMD driver supposed to fix crashing issue, hoping I can play Titanfall again
  5. Don't worry they'll be in a safe space so they won't notice Gosh what a day I've had. Topped it off by driving over a cone outside my kids' school - which is at least kinda hilarious
  6. I've not seen any GoT on TV but I enjoyed the books. Yeah, there was a lot of rape and yeah it wasn't pleasant to read about. To me it came across as kinda ... realistic, I guess. Not that the 'world' is realistic, but that his characters behaved like real people living through something like the War of the Roses would behave. If that makes sense. I'll tell you what sucks though, dealing with family and money. Holy shit. My grandmother needs care and my mother's sisters are about to murder each other over who's paying. My grandfather had no savings and the money from the house sale is used up already. The real kicker is that one of my aunts is freakin' loaded and they could easily afford to cover it. But rich people didn't get rich for handing out money I guess
  7. We did One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, which was awesome. We also did The Colour Purple, which is some of the worst drivel I've ever had to read. Awful
  8. I've not played much, still waiting for AMD to fix the crashing issue I have. Saying that I have an RX 580 on pre-order for late next month, so if they haven't released a fix by then I should be able to play on that (if I get one)
  9. Anyone played Dirty Bomb? Might give it a bash
  10. "Nathan" saunters up to the bar, big grin on his face, Tristeryon logo bright on the white T-shirt beneath his expensive suit. He eyes up those waiting, and casts an appreciative glance around the bar. It reminds him of old spacer haunts, tech teams working on battered short-hop haulers and the occasional well-kept private void flier. "My friends" he motions to the nearest crew "what's the beer like on this rock? Better not be tourist bait! Wait, wait - you guys are from Team Draco?! I saw your near finish 2 years ago! You must have some great stories. Hey! Barman! Coupla pitchers over here man! Yeah, I know I look like a corporate stooge but if I really was one, would I be down here or at that flash party I didn't get invited too? Cheers, fellas! Tell me, what kinda coolant you guys use? My cousin is a tread-head, he'd kill to be here right now!" "Nathan" goes through the bar, working around and generally schmoozing whoever he can get close to and gets some juicy info [This is from the D1 general info test I passed] The Tech crews seem happy to be getting free drinks and an attentive ear for once - all ok over here. Thanks for the heads-up, on the lookout for anything strange. D2 info test also passed so I'll update once I know what Nathan has noticed "Hey man" (he says to a fairly inebriated techy), "could you do me a solid? My boss, yeah I know he's a suit and he can be a little uptight I guess, but he loves the races. Like, loves 'em man. Up at 4 30 am to watch 16 hour stretch loves 'em. I know you guys run Tsuguris - think he could have a jet around for a few minutes? Damn bro the smile that thing would put on his face. We're here to hand out some serious sponsorship cash man, so maybe I could get a little something something thrown in for your crew, youknowhatImean bro?" @Solodice as recommended by Section9, you happy for me to make a simple D0 roll to try get some Momentum going, or prefer for us to just use the existing Momentum
  11. @DrunkCorsair [OOC: What's your personality stat? Mine is 9, whoever higher probably better to make the D3 roll. @Section 9 @stevenart74 how do you guys feel about burning some Momentum to get this regulation info? ] I'll do my other rolls now: General info roll, D1 with Personality 9 Rolls are 6, 10 - one success D2 Awareness test, AWA is 10 Rolls are 6, 4 - two successes
  12. holy crap those are jawdropping
  13. @DrunkCorsair [over TacNet: Ok how do you want to play this? My feeling is we should go in and throw around some cash, buy plenty of drinks for these crew members. Chat them up, get as technical as possible with them. People love talking about their passions, we should act like although we are indeed working for a corporate sponsor, the tech is what we we're really looking for. Capable, fast, knowledgeable teams. Probably best to bounce around and not concentrate on the Druze and Coca-Cola - we don't want to arouse any suspicions. Hopefully someone somewhere will drop a lead we can follow regarding the fixing. Let me know how you want to go into this]
  14. Anyone play the new Prey?
  15. Awareness 10, no levels in Analysis Rolls are 6, 12 So 1 success Awareness 10, no levels in Analysis Rolls are 6, 12 So 1 success