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  1. Not really a fan of houseruling. IMO it's much better to use the rules actually written in the game rulebook (such as saturation zone to reflect cluttered rooms etc.).
  2. If you have to draw a diagram and calculate angles, you're definitely playing this game of toy soldiers in a wrong, wrong way...
  3. How did you attach the legs?
  4. Impressive. You should make a tutorial "how to build hobby tables"
  5. good news
  6. Can I?
  7. oh it makes sense to keep your AD model as a reserve - the fact that some of you don't see any tactical possibilities tu use this doesn't make it useless
  8. So I guess you're looking to buy a few miniatures in order to start playing QK as a secondary faction, which would imply as limited spending as possible, while getting a playable list. Starting with what you have I'd aim for a solid defensive core fireteam of Ghulam, supported by Druze duo and the Iguana. If you want to make effective use of the yuanyuan you'd want a Djanbazan as well. You could also use an infiltrating specialist - the Al'hawwa. The 1st group would look like this: yuan chain iguana hawwa forward observer ghulam Doc+ with a nasmat remote (outside of the fireteam) ghulam Lt ghulam ghulam FO ghulam sniper ghulam panzerfaust (things to buy: Hawwa, ghulam SWC box, support box) second combat group: Druze killer hacker Druze spitfire Djanbazan sniper alguacil hacker yuan chain (DA CCW) yuan chain (DA CCW) (things to buy: Alguacil hacker, djanbazan sniper)
  9. ....unfortunately that is true and it makes this scenario totally random and imbalanced. Plus it is yet another case of inconsistency in this game: "hey, there's this classified objectives' drawing method, but in this scenario with classified objectives only, we don't want you to use it (because of REASONS!)"
  10. with the addition of a Nasmat remote, I like to keep him hidden until I need to heal a valuable model or complete some kind of objective in the midfield. Or I just kill stuff with the Tuareg and then put him in suppressive fore mode.
  11. Being able to enter suppression fire mode is one big advantage of Tuareg over Al'Hawwa.
  12. khawarij, definitely HSN3 didn't help this guy a bit
  13. ...do be discovered, not to be hit.
  14. I consider this a wasted potential. A 6-4 MOV heavy machine gun platform, potentially with marksmanship. It's my main assault unit.
  15. I've been using Djanbazan link in QK for a long time. It used to be a core of every list I made. Recently I asked myself a question though: Why would I want to spend so many points on a full Djan fireteam if their main task was to kill stuff through smoke in my active turn? Since then I'm only using a single HMG Djanbazan. If you're planning to use the fireteam in a more defensive manner though, you could go with both sniper and marksman rifle.