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  1. Well, he's finished. But what is your suggestion on blacks?
  2. Better later then never... right? Some more photos here.
  3. Time to blow the dust from this plog... So, let me show you those Yojimbo WIPs: I hope to finish him this month.
  4. New stuff incoming! As always more photos somewhere here. I've spent a lot of time on this oneshot yolo-guy. Really enjoyed process! As you can notice I've painted him according to concept art. Since Oniwaban is "garden guard" idea for base came shortly. As I was asked about it before, let me point that freehand on scabbard is a dragon. Believe me. PLS! Also, finaly bought white light lamp and good kolinsky brush. Have no idea how I've lived before...
  5. Shish-kebab happens. Hope you not too upset with it. Actually I like how sword looks on first photo. Maybe you should paint downside in monotone dark colour, since strong highlight draws attention to this bend and makes it more evident as I think. OSL is nice you can leave it like that, better to concentrate efforts on shoulders. After all this mini looks really cool to me. Keep it up!
  6. Hello there! Finally coming back to painting after longterm break! Here's the new stuff - ninja hacker: More photo in a better resolution and some words about mini here. Hope you find it interesting! Any kind of feedback is very appreciated.
  7. Airborne artichoke invading this thread: More photos here.
  8. Cool nomads, I like their colours a lot! And thanks for holo-cola lifehack, it was a revelation for me.
  9. Thank you all for kind words! It makes guy happy! =D But why? Isn't she valid for both loadouts? Funny part is that I've painted them first. =D But as I see in guide that you provided, the eyes itself was painted in wrong sequence. Ty for link, I'll definetly try it next time. I'm just busy with all that university stuff: state exams, diploma and so on. =( Ofcourse, feel free to ask. =) Actually, I tried to apply that non-miniature guide. I recommend you to watch that video, because it explains the nature of the pattern way better then I can. My way was too simplified. Starting with white primer, then coat all with one layer of burnt umber (all paints from vallejo MC). Then I mixed goldbrown with ice yellow (cant remember proportions, sorry) and started applying it simultaneously with burnt umber, mixing one in another. Then I painted veins with white, applying them not only on borders of main colors, but cross whole surface too. Then I applyed one glaze of goldbrownice yellow mix and one glaze of white. The last touch was to cover all with gloss varnish.
  10. Well, Flieger recently told me that you have some cool stuff done and... he was goddamn right! I like all of your last works, but brigada is simply awesome. I'm think he can kill peoples by beams of glory... =D Really good job, AWOL! Keep it up! Also, ty for small step-by-step, it was interesting.
  11. Hi all! Wasn't here for a while and now is archived... =D So, let me begin that second advent with my Miranda Ashcroft: You can find more photos here. Well, did I've learned something from that miniature? Yeah, now i know for sure that I can't at all paint a damn pupil... I hope you enjoyed it and as always looking for your comments/advices or whatever it could be! =)
  12. Totally agree about nmm. Looks very effective, I like it! Hope you can fix Duroc's hand. Also, good white on custodier! As for Massacre, well, his red really lack of contrast. You can try to mix some skin tone for highlights insted of white, and stronger shading definetly would help, as I think.
  13. Very nice stuff! I only wish that hairs on sophotech's back be less pale. =)
  14. Got it, tried it. Cool stuff! Also, I've found some soft from Topaz Labs, and here the result: More photos here. Is there some magic behind oil paints? I mean I dont really want to deal with them, without any spectacular reason... Yeah, it's what makes me be a big fan of JSA. =D Pretty solid reason. =) I wish you good luck with it! Well, I dont want to make all bases very similar because it can bore me to death... x) I can only stick to same theme for them. And yes, it's all scratchbuild. Also, thanks for kind words!
  15. Shasvastii Sphinx completed! More pics here. Well, I've already started to think in that way too. =D Checked out both of them, and seems like in terms of paint consistency I'm on a right way. Interesting tutorials tho. Also, I've tried glazes on some elements of the base which are big and flat and it was way easier to control. Yet again thanks for help, I appreciate it. =)