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  1. Hello there! Finally coming back to painting after longterm break! Here's the new stuff - ninja hacker: More photo in a better resolution and some words about mini here. Hope you find it interesting! Any kind of feedback is very appreciated.
  2. Well, he's finished. But what is your suggestion on blacks?
  3. Better later then never... right? Some more photos here.
  4. Time to blow the dust from this plog... So, let me show you those Yojimbo WIPs: I hope to finish him this month.
  5. New stuff incoming! As always more photos somewhere here. I've spent a lot of time on this oneshot yolo-guy. Really enjoyed process! As you can notice I've painted him according to concept art. Since Oniwaban is "garden guard" idea for base came shortly. As I was asked about it before, let me point that freehand on scabbard is a dragon. Believe me. PLS! Also, finaly bought white light lamp and good kolinsky brush. Have no idea how I've lived before...
  6. Shish-kebab happens. Hope you not too upset with it. Actually I like how sword looks on first photo. Maybe you should paint downside in monotone dark colour, since strong highlight draws attention to this bend and makes it more evident as I think. OSL is nice you can leave it like that, better to concentrate efforts on shoulders. After all this mini looks really cool to me. Keep it up!
  7. Airborne artichoke invading this thread: More photos here.
  8. Hi all! Wasn't here for a while and now is archived... =D So, let me begin that second advent with my Miranda Ashcroft: You can find more photos here. Well, did I've learned something from that miniature? Yeah, now i know for sure that I can't at all paint a damn pupil... I hope you enjoyed it and as always looking for your comments/advices or whatever it could be! =)
  9. Cool nomads, I like their colours a lot! And thanks for holo-cola lifehack, it was a revelation for me.
  10. Thank you all for kind words! It makes guy happy! =D But why? Isn't she valid for both loadouts? Funny part is that I've painted them first. =D But as I see in guide that you provided, the eyes itself was painted in wrong sequence. Ty for link, I'll definetly try it next time. I'm just busy with all that university stuff: state exams, diploma and so on. =( Ofcourse, feel free to ask. =) Actually, I tried to apply that non-miniature guide. I recommend you to watch that video, because it explains the nature of the pattern way better then I can. My way was too simplified. Starting with white primer, then coat all with one layer of burnt umber (all paints from vallejo MC). Then I mixed goldbrown with ice yellow (cant remember proportions, sorry) and started applying it simultaneously with burnt umber, mixing one in another. Then I painted veins with white, applying them not only on borders of main colors, but cross whole surface too. Then I applyed one glaze of goldbrownice yellow mix and one glaze of white. The last touch was to cover all with gloss varnish.
  11. Well, Flieger recently told me that you have some cool stuff done and... he was goddamn right! I like all of your last works, but brigada is simply awesome. I'm think he can kill peoples by beams of glory... =D Really good job, AWOL! Keep it up! Also, ty for small step-by-step, it was interesting.
  12. Greetings everyone! Here I'll share all my own stuff. Well, I'm not a pro painter, so I'm looking for your advices, comments and criticism on my work to comprehend the Dao. I have my P-Log on tumblr where you can find more pictures of my minis. I'll provide all direct links below. Photos may be not that good as they could be, but it's maximum that i can achieve with my current equipment, so sorry for that. And let's start: Domaru Butai It's my first Infinity miniature. It was the first time when I've tryed to paint white and nanoscale freehands. With that new expirience I found out for myself one important thing: even if I like them I still hate to work with that, especially with white paint. Actually white was done via weird way: I've roughly covered all in three different colours and then spend a lot of time to apply very thin layers of white paint. Still not sure that it's worth. More pictures here. Hac Tao The main idea was to use dark and cold colours because she have that badass thermo-optical camouflage and i have that kind of associations. Also, this was my first try to make use of metallics combined with nonmetallics. I've found that it can provide much more nice effect than nmm or just metallics if it done properly. Still try to reach good level. More pics. Hsien Well, I had a conversation with my friend about that mini and it was like "Look! He seems like unit 02 from Evangelion!". So here it is - colour scheme is mostly borrowed from there. And these rodes on his spine... it was my little hell. More pics. Yuriko Oda With that mini I've just tried to copy official art because it's awesome. First time I've tried to paint face and it was hard. Repainted it a lot of times and still dunno how to make it work. More pics. Shang-Ji Invincible Yet again inspired by official art. First try on yellow. In fact, this sculpt so awesome that I've paint him with greatest pleasure I ever had in my hobby. More pics. Group photo! Shasvastii Sphinx (WIP) In fact, it's a very long WIP, which I started almost half a year ago. It so happened that the Sphinx at some time became a testing ground for new ideas and stuff. Here I've tried all the different ways to utilize metallics that just came into my head, repainted them already damn dozens of times. Actualy, the blue painted with addition of metallics too. Idea was to achieve nice soft shining on sunlight, but I'm still not sure that it works and worth. First attempts was too shiny and oily for me, last is absolutely contrary. Maybe it could work, but needs some practice and improvements. Second main colour was painted with idea of using many different tones. I dont know what I realy want to obtain with that, but result seems nice to me. As to the photos, I've set direct light in wrong place and some weird glares and other stuff appeared. I'll just try not to repeat that mistake again. More pics. That's all for now, hope you'll like them!
  13. Totally agree about nmm. Looks very effective, I like it! Hope you can fix Duroc's hand. Also, good white on custodier! As for Massacre, well, his red really lack of contrast. You can try to mix some skin tone for highlights insted of white, and stronger shading definetly would help, as I think.
  14. Very nice stuff! I only wish that hairs on sophotech's back be less pale. =)
  15. Got it, tried it. Cool stuff! Also, I've found some soft from Topaz Labs, and here the result: More photos here. Is there some magic behind oil paints? I mean I dont really want to deal with them, without any spectacular reason... Yeah, it's what makes me be a big fan of JSA. =D Pretty solid reason. =) I wish you good luck with it! Well, I dont want to make all bases very similar because it can bore me to death... x) I can only stick to same theme for them. And yes, it's all scratchbuild. Also, thanks for kind words!
  16. Shasvastii Sphinx completed! More pics here. Well, I've already started to think in that way too. =D Checked out both of them, and seems like in terms of paint consistency I'm on a right way. Interesting tutorials tho. Also, I've tried glazes on some elements of the base which are big and flat and it was way easier to control. Yet again thanks for help, I appreciate it. =)
  17. Looks like it could provide some kind of magic. =D I'll definetly try it in future. Section9, Mob of Blondes, thank you for explanations!
  18. As was mentioned tip of your brush lost his form. In addition to what Section9 says there are some very simple advices how to take care of your brush. The first thing that brokes your tip is pigment that clogs between hairs under metal case. To avoid this try not to immerge whole tip in paint, 1/3 or 1/2 is enough. Use another brush for mixingdiluting your paints. Frequently clear your brush during work process, because acrylic paints dries really fast. After you bath your brush in water dry it up with tissue. When you complete your session store your brush in vertical state with tip on a bottom. When you want pick up paint on your brush approach your palette under acute angle. Well, it happens. The only thing that could help is to know when you should stop and accept it as it is if you dont want to clear whole model. Actually, I cant give you advices on skin/face painting, cause I've tried it only once and I'm sure that I'm not good at this. There are a many revelations for me in Section9 post. =D Please, don't get me wrong, I don't mean to be rude. To be honest, I have no idea why you make that kind of exception for lumps. It's the same problem as all others. When TS asked what is the first things he need to improve I decided that lumps prevail on others, because there is no way to fix them after they pop up except radical ones. And I'm asked why he have them because there are different causes with different solutions. It could be a cast imperfections that TS didn't spot, or maybe they appeared after priming, another case is problem with paints storage and etc. As I said before I need to know what a problem really is to give advices. I've used to have that problem myself, and what was really dissapointing is that lumps are easy to avoid if you know how, but I didn't until some good guys pointed it out and provided help.
  19. It would be great if you'll make this tutorial. I'm think that faces is one of the best parts of your minis, and they looks really good.
  20. No. I didn't see it before. Actually, nice guides. Some useful tips detected. =D Yeah, those two. I'm not sure that i get what you mean... It seems like first of all I have problems in control of glazes. The second one suggest is mixing right amount of another colour in base. Curiosity isn't a vice... So, let me ask you what kind of problems do you have? Doubts. Yet again. =D Actually, I didn't thought about unified look when started. It was just cool little dudes. But for now... I'm think I'll paint all line troops in one unified scheme if it really goes for army, and leave some unique schemes for elite troops. What you think? And thank you for good words!
  21. First of all, if you want some real help and tips, then you ought to explain your current problems, tell what you exactly want to know, bring your doubts and questions. It'll help to both sides. Here some simple basic advices. Not sure if you know them, cuz of reason I described above. About brushes: what's exactly wrong with your current? I recommend you to avoid syntetic brushes, since they dont hold water properly and paints dry on tip of brush really quick. Look to natural ones, kolinsky for example. And dont be mad about size of your brush, it doesn't matter a lot. What really important is fine point. This is why experienced painters recommend expensive brushes. With proper care they will not lost form of tip for long times. As I see, your lining on edges too thick. Don't take a lot of paint on your brush, and apply it by side, not by tip. If you have problems with stability (handshake or somewhat) then put your arms to the edge of table and put together your wrists. Avoid highlights on bottom edges, if you go to zenithal light. Light reflected by ground is only one that they can catch, and its not that strong. So, avoid it or use darker tone. If you have doubts where apply lights/shades, then so-called preshading can help you. Prime your mini in black, then take white primer and slightly spray it from above. And... I see some lumps on a back of keisotsu head. What is it? It's not cool at all. Red circle on domaru shoulderpad don't looks like circle a bit. Maybe i'm wrong, can't see it on group photo. But anyway, here's some tip. Paint two perpendicular cross lines in a place where circle suppose to be with lenght equal to diameter. It will help to shape a good form for your circle. And anytime when you go for some freehands try to paint it on a paper. About blending... Dilute your paints, but not too far. Consistence should be somewhere between basecoat and washes. Yet again, dont take a lot of paint on brush, made one-two strokes on tissue or finger nail and then go to mini. Drive your brush from place of less to max intensity of current tone. Let it dry, cause when paint diluted it may looks way too brighter and less transparent then it actually is. Also you can try use some mediums. It's base of your paints, i.e. paint without pigment. They will make your paints more transparent and controllable. And i wish you to enjoy in painting these awesome little dudes more and more. Also, your domaru looks kinda agressive/badass and it's cool. Good colour schemes on all of them. =)
  22. Totally agree with Snowball. As he says it's better to prime in grey or white if you going to bright colours, especially yellow and white. And basecoating in some brown will help too. When I used these tips on my mini it was kinda easy, so I'm strongly recommend you. And, yeah, nice colour choice!
  23. And how it looks? Can you tell what kind of effect they actually provides? Did you tried to mix different fluorescent paints, or mix them with "normal" paints? I've seen these paints in my local store recently and was wondering what they really are.
  24. Seems like your client knows something, because colour scheme looks cool. Great work, I like everyone of them! Also, these containers on sides of the Salyut reminds me of some Audio-Technica stuff. =)
  25. I have some Bohun tutorials: 2 videos from Miniature Mentor (Drednought and TMM). And I found his album with tutorials on a facebook. Is there any other guides that you mean and I missed? I've tried to use his tmm technique with glazes from MM guide, but seems like it doesn't work for me, especialy on small surfaces. May be I didn't get some secret, or my skills too poor right now. I prefer to mix metallics in nonmetallic paints and combine it with glazes on big surfaces. Actually his works the ones that convinced me to learn tmm. About white... well, you crushed my mind. Never thought about painting from lights to shades. But, if it works for you maybe it could work for me. I'll try it next time. As for Yuriko, there is some mystery for me. I can't get her face at focus on a front view. I've tried different angles and distances, but anyway no outcome at all. Thank you for advices! Actually, when i show them to my friend he asked me are they from one army or not. And then he says that they too different and it makes me doubt. But your words definetly helps. =) Giuseppe valenza, Skylifter-1000, Claudius Sol, Dude, Nicho Nice to hear it all! Thank you!