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  1. I posted an open game request the other weekend. Was also at the War Room when you were invited over - that was your window right there. Now we're back into teacher's grind.
  2. Better prepare your anus Vaul, once I get sick of regular Yuan Yuan in MO my QK are coming for you
  3. Can I assume that means our next tourney is SoF? Cuz Joan loves her some cheap merc orders
  4. How is that a problem?
  5. If 'the nearest enemy model' considers nonstandard movement paths such as jumping or climbing, obviously the impetuous movement should be using these if they are the 'fastest' way to get there.
  6. Not in ITS and certainly not until they remove or change that 2 order penalty for going first. Imagine starting turn one with like six orders.
  7. Fire ammunition hits every current W/Symbiowound on the model at once. Hit a Ectros? Roll three saves. Gives greater lethality to fire, makes fire a more consistent tool against tohaa rather than an all or nothing approach, and just feels burny as fuck
  8. Rather than start a new thread, figured I'd build on this one. I've played some Hassassins in the past and I'm concerned that my ideal list is pretty much identical to what was posted at the very start of this thread. Does Hassassins have any other effective lines of play or is it just order bunker, muibs, piece trade? Likewise, most of the good stuff I'm seeing can be taken in Haqqislam just as easily, and there it can be mixed in with other effective trading pieces (bikes) and the versatility of support options there. Outside of links, does Hassassins get any other advantage to leverage over the vanilla faction?
  9. +1 for "Stealth is on unless you say otherwise"
  10. I put a small dot of green stuff in place of blue tack. Helps hold the pieces together while the glue sets and helps you to pose the various aspects of the miniature before commiting to glue.
  11. Clipsos isn't a MULTI sniper, hence why I like it so much.
  12. Clipsos sniper is 1 SWC instead of 1.5. For me the SWC cost of an ARO piece is one of its most important factors and why vanilla snipers are one of the best weapons in the game.
  13. #1 criticism - If your going to ask for list advice, change up the format so its readable, and explain your strategy too.
  14. From my experience, space hulk tables and Infinity have not meshed very well at all. But on the upside I've got some spaceship terrain we can use if the missions look worth playing
  15. Main reason I field Krakot is to have more members for co-ordinated orders. Too often I find my army stuffed with triads and Rasails and nothing but Clipsos to move around. A Chaksa Flamer and a Krakot give two effective template cheerleaders and targets for your mass cheap moves as well as flexibility that having nothing but Clipsos does not