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  1. Shunya, emily and jethro look good Uhahu would be a decent HVT Beba could have done with a more dynamic and characterful pose really, her and domovoi are kinda static The riot grrls look better than the renders, though will likely do a head swap of the missile launcher one
  2. hmmm jethro, shunya and emily look good, uhahu would be an ok HVT, I think rodriguez could have done with a more characterful pose
  3. Its clearly the gencon szalamandra exclusive
  4. Nope on some rubble, I also noticed that these grrls dont have the butt flaps of the other one
  5. Sniper shot its likely nomad, the current listed nomad release though is the zeros but I thought those were just repacks?(much to my dismay)
  6. Im guessing if zeros are just getting repacks that bakunins revamp isnt going to be a full one, leaving zeros, bran, kusinagi, lizard, morlocks (apart from 1) as old sculpts. Though I feel morlocks will get a box and maybe lizard. Which si a shame as I think the two zeros chosen are pretty weak sculpts. Ive been using spektres as zeros for a while now as the old sculpts are meh Can we atleast get the creepy chimera
  7. from screencaps looks like lunah- musashi- a catgirl - liquid ocelot from metal gear are in, board has 6 starting points so possibly 2 more (2 more are in but dunno if they are fighters)
  8. my post to like ratio is great and I have the best opinions here
  9. in 300 if you wanted you could even go 3 riot grrls (core link of 3 1 shotgun 1 spitfire 1 specialist) Custodier/Healer/Kusanagi harris 2 taksmasters duo (boarding shotgun+hmg) 8 orders but everything is efficient due to being linked (though I think this is a very good core for a 400pt force just fill rest with zeroes and bran) new bakunin has access to so many teams
  10. on topic of remotes I tend to take 2 reaktion bots + intruder sniper + lonkhods and morlocks, have intruder there to counter any TO attacks on the reaktion bots, or I just hid the reaktion bots for a turn till intruder has dealt with threats to them, the key is overlapping fire at most they will only be able to alpha strike one before either intruder or other remote gets them. I tend to find I get more done with reaktion bots than sin eaters, sin eaters cant be relocated, cost more and cant really be used actively when I need priority threats removed. They also cost 7 pts more and an extra swc, id rather use it on a reaktion bot + morlock of an upgrade to another model game plan is 2 zeros and a moran do most of the objective work, intruders and reaktion bots do damage, lunkhods and morlocks do their thing while I have a clockmaker patching up bots. rest of force is interventors for hacking support and custodier for removing msv troops if intruder is down. I never expect reaktion bots to make it but they normally get to turn 2 and earn back their points either mowing down impetuous dudes or taking 1-2 out of a high value link team + board control (use zero mines midfield to force anything but a sniper to get good range bands) tsyklons are cool but never make it into my lists, they always feel like too much of an investment to me and missile ones are often meh despite the amount of FOs I bring. for moderators im a fan of a 3 man spitfire+ specialist as cheerleaders that at end game have a chance of pulling off an objective if all else has failed.
  11. just googled securitate infinity was it this one
  12. Yep Joan wearing sabers swimsuit is on purpose (oddly amusing in universe as saber gets confused for joan of arc in zero) as are the gurren shades