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  1. Pretty sure a few months ago bostria said they were not planning on a new szally
  2. to me looks like senoir and a mini gecko on far right
  3. Geckos are also specialists if needed my views are taskmasters-up close beatstick+ board control kriza- long range firebase and a tough LT choice Geckos- more durable option and comes with specialist, more tanky than the other options but not as killy Brigada- pretty standard HI, good LT pick works stronger in Correg as a tough link team Riot Grrls- Budget HI in vanilla, kinda outclassed by the other HI options but cost is low for 2 wounds fairly mobile troop. Main strength comes in Bakunin link personally outside of LT picks I feel the standard HI is stronger in its sectorial, while the big boys work well in Vanilla+sectorial but cost more.
  4. Personal wishlist Hollow men- kanren with lower stats, deployable repeater (fill the bandit/zero/moran slot of the force) combat puppets- Proxies but with 3 puppets and a single hacker controler securitate- drop the sixth sense, or give them harris to make use of it as a smaller link team, maybe put in sub machine gun profile or chain rifle profiles to lower the cost of the link as its cost steps too close to grenzer team level. grenzer- Harris or Duo zondnautica- aquatic combat zond a terrain variant of the meteor zond? renagade Knights- Make them "black knights" as unit type to fit with bakunin, or a single "black knight" character of a similar size to the father knight so we can have a cool showdown. Tag- Szalamander, this Tag is nice as it is, though id be in favour of most tags getting full auto (I feel fluff wise its more about having larger access to ammo supplies to keep constant rate of fire with no fear of running out) it getting the specialist pilot helped remove some weakness. Maybe stick a fast panda on its back or something Mercs id like- Saito (known to work with them) and would give them access to a decent CC TO unit Druze maybe yuan yuan as the factions AD option General stuff- Bunch of pitcher or deployable repeater options I think maybe a focus on duo and harris teams might give more of a professional security team feel as opposed to full units (who ever sees security travel in packs of 5 its always in 2s, 3s if escorting) in addition interventor ability to harris with grenzers or securitate as a bodyguard escort. My main feelings is tenguska should focus on 1. tech other nomads dont have (maybe limit access to some of these profiles in vanilla) such as hollow projector, Biometric Visors, drone spotters and sniffers (those last 3 would be fluffy for security forces to have) maybe something nutty like an experimental plasma weapon or albedo 2.smaller link team squads correg runs best with full link teams, bakunin has tons of haris, lots of duo would offset some of the high cost low order pools of the force without needing stuff like netrod equivalents.
  5. New morlock is slightly different, straps are of a different style and placement collosus morlock also uses the standard nomad trouser design while the old morlocks have the looser old trouser style that old moderators had in addition to a few minor differences in the shape of the wrist bands and to the way the back panels of the coat are cut
  6. Ye just thought they would finish up Bakunin first, though ive not been 100% happy with bakunin revamp. Still could do with a new morlock box and better zeros and some updates on the characters. I kinda hope that with tenguska corvus revamp some of the basic REMs
  7. So now we get the szally will we get the lizard for Bakunin, surprised he didnt get redone before szally
  8. On the topic of nomad tech, I seem to remember the lizard frames that iguana, szaly, geckos and lizard are all based on where pan-o's last batch that they sold off after going completely remote operated on the cheap to recoup some of their costs. So even before being messed around with they are pretty top of the line piloted while Pan-O jumped in completely on remotes which atm only slightly outperform piloted (Kinda like CPUs some I7s while mathematically better often have little value for their cost at start of the new run over a top tier I5) We dunno what Nomads were using as TAG equivalent before then, maybe they were just stuck at taskmaster and borac tier HI. So althought nomads Tech is good it looks like they only recently made a large tech jump after getting their hands on the lizard line. Nomads have the brain power and the resources to upgrade tech alot but they seem to be bottlenecked in developing large tech like TAGs so require tenguska to bring em in the stuff needed. I think only fully native nomad tech was ODD and Akrylat-Kanone, and ODD is debated with pan-o over its invention. If I was to guess id imagine nomads are capped at REM and s5 native production but can refit TAGs as I dont think we have heard anything of native tags pre lizard line. Most Nomad innovation is probably on the individual level such as biochems from praxis and upgrading defunct stuff. Im hoping tenguska represents high tech on low arm fairly light infantry (as opposed to say Pan-o or Yu jing loading tech into HI)
  9. Nah man holo echo lvl 3 link team put down 15 minis
  10. hat options
  11. Maybe if Pan-o wasnt so big on mega corporations, trademark law and sponsors and just used nomad know how and hard work they could have hyper effective low budget HI
  12. That or a tenguskas versions of a post human comes with 1 hacker human and 3 remotes that the hacker "jumps to control"
  13. what if combat puppets end up like kuang shi, puppet master hacker and have puppets as cheap REMs warbands Then have securitate as elite LI, I think the one problem with securitate having 6th sense actually is it lessens their value as a link team, id probably take them more in tenguska if there was a harris options (then you could take 2 x 3 squads of them for 2 small flexible fire squads which would make their repeaters way more valuable than just one big blob of 5 repeaters in 1 group) that or give some of them chain rifles options to keep link cost more palatable 127 ish 1.5 swc for a 5 man with 1 HMG_ 3 combis 1 hacker vs 128/1.5 a grenzer team with 1 FO 2 BS 1 spitfire 1 combi for 1 point more I get way better toolkit options in terms of gear, +1 bs +2 cc +1 ph +2 arm +6 bts +msv lvl 1 and courage but I lose 1 wip, 6th sense (get it from link anyway) and repeaters, get a hacker option(not really needed with all the interventors around and everyone carrying repeaters anyway) and a paramedic option. with 6th sense I feel the point of securitate is to be solo dudes (it fits fluff wise to represent patrols) but I dont think their profiles carry the strength to survive solo, Id propose this as a solution but keeping their flavour, move repeater to a purchasable option on a profile to keep points costs lower so they are not fighting with grenzers but keep the ability to get one and give them harris. However if you do give securitate harris give grenzers duo instead of it, as I think it would look cool have them work in pairs as a security team.