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  1. Just compare a Grenzer with a Agema and you gonna cry. They will most definitely likely be linkable in the Tunguska sectorial and looking at the Druze it might even be possible to get linking with Securitate and maybe even Interventors if we are lucky.
  2. What about a MSV2 Remote like the Rui Shi? Or a combination of msv1 and Mimetism? So its between Rui Shi and Bulleteer.
  3. Saito Special Operative! Nice one! Kinda reduces the chance of him showing up in Tunguska though. Nevertheless if they would have given the Druze the Bulleteer instead of the Peacemaker, it would basically be my dream sectorial. The Hunzakut is a great Skirmisher. A Bandit might have been a cool touch too. Oh well, finally waiting for a proper Merc sectorial is paying of! Yeah!!!
  4. I'd love a four legged TAG too, something like something like Crying Wolf from Metal gear maybe: The Sphinx is the best looking TAG, so maybe make it a human (Nomad? Yu Jing already has the Su Jian) or new Tohaa one!
  5. Does anyone had luck running Massacre on his own? Or some tactics how that can work?
  6. A prime candidate for worst unit in the game? 😅
  7. Just use those Orcs as Riot Grrls and you're golden. 😉
  8. Its ok, but you give up on all the the Nomad hacking supremacy (Moran+Interventors etc.) so its not really that tempting, unless you rock McMurrough or a Link. BTW: Bakunin did have even fewer Lts. before the Taskmaster, now they are on equal footing. Like Barakiel pointed out it seems to be a nomad design component.
  9. Yeah the thing is, CJC without Alguaciles or Wildcats, better makes use of Senor Massacre and/or McMurrough, otherwise you simply can do a Vanilla list, because the AVA on most units isn't that much higher in the sectorial as in vanilla, or its on units were its not that effective, like Intruders and Hellcats/Tomcats. So its just not worth it giving up on HD+ bonuses and the like. As for Lt. the MB is pretty fine too and rumour has it they will get a new option soon as well.
  10. Thanks for pointing this Blomkamp project out (and the whole Oats studio). The whole telekinesis/telepathy part doesn't strike me as especially Shas though. Maybe with Umbra and CA aspects it might feel that way, but Shas on there own seem more into bioengineering and morphing themselves to adjust to new surroundings than forcing other to their will.
  11. Ah okay, I was thinking it does kick in when the camo is lost, then CoC is probably better here. Strategos does fit of course too, but I wanted something different and a second in Command kinda fits historical as well. All the camo tokens in the backfield does boost Intruders quite a bit though, but it fits the guerrilla style just to good.
  12. Che Guevara Regular, Not Impetuous, No Cube, LI MOV CC BS PH WIP ARM BTS W S 4-4 18 13 12 14 1 9 1 2 Special skills: CH: Ambush Camouflage, Minelayer, Executive Order, Doctor, V: No Wound Incapacitation, Natural Born Warrior, Jungle Terrain Weapons: E/M CCW, Blitzen+Red Fury, E/Marat, E/Mauler and MediKit. A Praxis' Recreation created for Corregidor, bringing the space commis guerilla warfare to the next level.
  13. And I meant, if you have a Lunokhod the enemy KHD needs to get to the Interventor if you're not using a Massai and the Lunokhod's Repeater is just next to the Interventor. Later in the game you still have the possibility to use Koalas though as well.
  14. The problem with Aleph is, that it wants to control everything depending humans. I know the EI does come across the same only on a universal scale, but maybe its open for truce if you manage to talk to it somehow, who knows. The Sygmaa kinda suggest something like that might be possible. I wouldn#t really bet on it, but I can imagining it as a possibility.
  15. Honestly, CB releases minis (and more so boxes) without any real thought, they just do it and if its pretty people buy it. If not, they might do a resculpt if they get around to it or feel inspired (see Grrls, Intruder Sniper). There isn't any logic behind it other than an artist having some kind of inspiration. It seems they just hand out a vague plan what minis are needed next year and than sculptors have a few parallels projects going on and switch between them just how they like to work this month. This working style seems to work out them since the minis sell. I just don't see any logical game play reasons in that release schedule AT ALL.