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  1. You're missing a lot. The Nice Guys was one of the best movies of 2016. Maru, it's possible Deckard just lied about Rachael's eyes just to have an excuse to not "accept" her.
  2. Finally a proper sequel to an older movie, not that vomit Ridley Scott himself had directed.
  3. No, he ded. EDIT: Sorry, I meant Roy Batty is dead.
  4. In this chart it isn't. http://wiki.infinitythegame.com/en/Weapons_Chart
  5. Shouldn't T2 CCW be anti-material? It's not listed as such on Army or wiki, even though every other T2 weapon is anti-material. T2 Ammo does say this: T2 Ammo and Terrain T2 Special Ammunition can affect structures and pieces of scenery that have a profile with Attributes and have been identified as possible targets by previous agreement or by the scenario rules.
  6. Damn, I was thinking Leon the Professional, but Agent 47 is dead on as well.
  7. Leeloo? No Cube, Irregular, Not impetuous MOV 4-4, CC 18, BS 13, PH 12, WIP 12, BTS 0, ARM 0, W1, S2, AVA 1 V: Dogged, Stealth, Basic Impersonation 2 Pistols (Silent)
  8. Koalas do make ARO's, Boost.
  9. Build elements of various sizes and shapes that are still stackable, you'll be able to create very interesting variations.
  10. Neat.
  11. Ex-Valve writer posted the script of HL2 Ep3 on his blog, thus kinda confirming that Valve has no intention of finishing it.
  12. HL2 episode 3 actually. To be frank, it never would have been able to meet players expectations. Such a shame though that it was "cancelled" for all the wrong reasons. Valve's management style might ultimately be their undoing, if only they didn't make money hand over fist selling hats.
  13. Not commenting on how good or bad the new Druze profiles are, but they do seem to have a few inconsistency issues: Lieutenant profile has a CCW, standard profile has a Knife for same cost. D.E.P Haris profile is 1 SWC, Panzerfaust profile is 0 SWC Some profiles have Viral Pistols, others normal pistols Some profiles have CC Weapons, others have Knives HMG is +2 points compared to the Spitfire, as these weapons usually are, however the HMG profile also gains a Chain-colt and a Viral Pistol for no cost. They're also the same in SWC, so why would anyone ever take the Spitfire option? Only ones without X-Visors are HMG and Hacker profiles. I sort of get why the HMG doesn't have it, but why remove them from the hackers? The profiles seem like a big mess. Trying to remember which profiles have Chain-colts, CC Weapons or Viral Pistols is gonna be a nightmare.