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  1. First short move out of sight but in zone of control, target is forced to reset or change facing, second move in to contact.
  2. What's even more baffling is that none of that bullshittery is having any effect on sales. These days publishes can get away with absolutely anything and people still buy their shit. STOP BUYING SHIT AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS TO STOP BUYING SHIT! Everyone who buys shit is doing the entire gaming community a major disservice.
  3. Ubisoft doesn't have any faith in their own product, so they bought fake positive reviews: https://kotaku.com/assassins-creed-origins-metacritic-flooded-with-fake-po-1820039309 From users this time, in addition to all the professional reviewers.
  4. Note that CrazyKoalas only have Climbing+ and SuperJump when they're declaring Boost ARO, not during active turn. At least, it isn't written anywhere on their profile nor the Perimeter rules.
  5. You're missing a lot. The Nice Guys was one of the best movies of 2016. Maru, it's possible Deckard just lied about Rachael's eyes just to have an excuse to not "accept" her.
  6. Finally a proper sequel to an older movie, not that vomit Ridley Scott himself had directed.
  7. No, he ded. EDIT: Sorry, I meant Roy Batty is dead.
  8. In this chart it isn't. http://wiki.infinitythegame.com/en/Weapons_Chart
  9. Shouldn't T2 CCW be anti-material? It's not listed as such on Army or wiki, even though every other T2 weapon is anti-material. T2 Ammo does say this: T2 Ammo and Terrain T2 Special Ammunition can affect structures and pieces of scenery that have a profile with Attributes and have been identified as possible targets by previous agreement or by the scenario rules.
  10. Damn, I was thinking Leon the Professional, but Agent 47 is dead on as well.
  11. Leeloo? No Cube, Irregular, Not impetuous MOV 4-4, CC 18, BS 13, PH 12, WIP 12, BTS 0, ARM 0, W1, S2, AVA 1 V: Dogged, Stealth, Basic Impersonation 2 Pistols (Silent)
  12. Koalas do make ARO's, Boost.