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  1. Holy cowbell, Überfallkommando just became even more awesome. At least for a few specific scenarios.
  2. Ubisoft showed a prerendered cinematic for a game that's probably not coming out for another 3-4 years, bunch of sequels or expansions for their older games that no one asked for (Steep, wtf?), a kid's version of Nomsky with pay-to-win mechanics, Mario X-Com (game for kids that requires attention span, that'll work out fine) and a pirate game that looks like stolen gameplay from an indie game. Yeah, good show. This looked interesting: Not a 2d platformer, more Flashback, Another World and point-n-click adventure.
  3. John Williams is a master at copying other people's works.
  4. Sekban 5 man link teams with burst 4 stun pistols, cool. What about Switch? Does he have 3 stun pistols then? Does that increase the burst to 4 natively, ie. 1 extra burst per extra weapon? How does he even hold the third pistol? o_O
  5. Also can they be used as targets for Telemetry, Data Scan, Coup de Grace etc..? I'd say yes, they're enemy models as far as the players are concerned.
  6. In the above example taken from the rulebook, the Daturazi is shooting a shotgun angling his line of fire upwards to catch the grenzer in the blast. However, strict reading of the actual rule would prohibit this: "As the diagram shows, the narrow end of the Template (Blast Focus) must be in contact with the edge that is closest to the attacker, so that the main target is unequivocally affected by the Template." The edge closest to the attacker however is not where the Daturazi is shooting. Ironically the blue outline blast focus is actually the correct one, the blast focus is clearly closer to the attacker along the blue dashed line than the yellow dashed line. Does this mean we can't angle shotgun shots upward like this or should we just ignore the blast focus placement entirely, as long as it's somewhere inside the target cylinder? Also, when they're talking about a cylinder's "edge", they probably mean surface. Cylinders only have two edges.
  7. So this came up in our recent game of Decapitation and weren't sure how to play it: I had the second turn and in my first reactive turn, my opponent killed my lieutenant, knocking it unconscious. At the start of my active turn, I picked a new lieutenant and doctored the original lieutenant back to health. Now, we already know that as long as that original lieutenant stays healthy, my opponent won't get points for it because it needs to be in a null state at the end of the game. So my second lieutenant choice goes down on my second reactive turn and at the start of my second active turn, I pick the same as lt. that was the lt. on the first turn, let's call her Morgan, the intrepid Interventor. On my third reactive turn, Morgan the intrepid Interventor goes down again as a lt, this time off the table so no chance of healing her. So the question is, does my opponent get 1 lieutenant kill or 2 lieutenant kills for killing Morgan?
  8. You can have a Fireteam: Core even with two members and it's not Fireteam: Duo. It's just a core with two members. Tohaa Triads must start with at least three members, but they stay up even if there's only two of them after casualties. No, a single trooper can't be in a Fireteam. Once any Fireteam is down to one member, the Fireteam is disbanded.
  9. Nimbus grenades are great when used with direct template weapons and against fireteams.
  10. And another -3 from surprise shot.
  11. This sounds logical. Hypothetically if there ever would be a troop (other than linked Grunts) with Marksmanship X and a weapon with Burst 4 or higher, it would make sense that Marks. X first drops the burst to 1, instead of splitting the burst 4 between two targets and then dropping the burst to 1 against both targets. The whole intention of the rule seems to be the user "taking aim" for one, accurate shot.
  12. If the Guts move doesn't improve their cover, they can only go prone and can't turn.
  13. I remember a similar episode of Outer Limits, but it was from the early 90's: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_New_Breed_(The_Outer_Limits)
  14. I'd second this motion, much simpler. Currently, if a troop has his back to the active troop, you need to see a 3x3mm square of it to gain LoF. Which in theory is impossible if it's prone on a roof edge higher than the active troop. If it turns around, say because of Warning, you can suddenly see it because it sees you. It is literally some ostrich level hiding. "Nananaa, can't see me because I can't see you!"