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  1. After really enjoying the games I have been having recently with Limited Insertion and the TAG Line event I have been thinking about TAGS, Pilots and Hackers and my imagination has run wild from there. I begun thinking of a Mercenary character, a TAG pilot without a TAG. Those big robot mofos are expensive and it makes sense to me that you are going to have talented Mercenary pilots who have their rides shot out from under them. But how can someone get a TAG? Well if you are in the right place at the right time you might be lucky enough to see a Pilot get "Expelled" and hijack their ride, or just "Possess" a remote TAG and go crazy. A person in possession of a Hacking device could make both of those things happen? So I bought a ticket on this train of thought and here is what I got from it. Please leave me any feedback and suggestions. "Poltergeist" - Points 25 0.5 SWC (?? Totally up for debate ??) SK or LI / Cube / Irregular MOV 4-4 / CC 12 / BS 11 / PH 10 / WIP 13 / ARM 1 / BTS 3 / W 1 / S 1 / AVA 1 Equipment: HD+ Special Skills: Pilot, CH: Mimitism, Inferior Infliltration Weapons: Boarding Shotgun, Adhesive Launcher, Pistol, Knife Ok, time for some explanations. Firstly the name is mainly evocative of a ghost that can possess and take over you, making your greatest strength into your greatest weakness. Sadly this is a vein tapped often but could be a thematic link to the Nomads and a Spektr specifically. Secondly the concept is for a pilot to be able to take over the empty shells of enemy TAGs. This would mean a few things. 1) Once inside a TAG Poltergeist would lose all hacking ability, after all the Geist inside his comlog is too busy suppressing the TAG's firewalls to be used to offensively/defensively. 2) Only human TAGs with Pilots would be eligible for this, no jumping into a CA or Tohaa TAG. Somethings the hacking programs just can't overcome. 3) Could not get into TAGs that have an "Operator". Iggy's HI component is vital to the TAG so you can't just hang your ARM 1 body in the centre of mass and expect it to work. 4) To get into an enemy TAG would require a Short Order (or Long if it is considered too easy) to get into the enemy TAG. I would say this would be at (WIP)...OR at (WIP + 3 for HD+ minus the BTS of TAG profile) The first means you are getting in most of the time with WIP 13, but the latter means that to get into Scarface's Ramhorn you would be at roll of 11 (WIP 17 minus BTS 6). Same for the O-Yoroi. I prefer the second but would need to explain it better than I can right now too make it easy to understand. I wanted to have something other than a Sniper Rifle. There are many options for Merc Sniper Rifles so no need to try to jam into that niche. Took the combo of the Boarding Shotgun and Adhesive Launcher from the Loup Garou, as I think it is a cool little combo and doesn't rely on something too exotic like Viral ammo. Also reinforces the ability to stop/restrict TAGs with the Gluegun. I would love to have something like a cross between a HD+ and a KD but with limited functionality, something with Redrum, Cybermask, Expel and Overlord. But that makes it tricky gamewise so just went with Hacking Device + as it has the needed Cybermask, Expel and Overlord and you can sub in Brainblast for Redrum. This lets him be all tricksy with Cybermask and make daring dashes across open ground to get to where he needs to be to trap a TAG while also having the skills to push out a pilot. Good thing he managed to get a HD+ from some Nomad fella. Mimitism and Inferior Infiltration are to help him get a little higher up the board and make him that little bit more dangerous with his Zone of Control. Also represents him being good at hiding to add to his mandatory mercenary mystery. Statline is there to be a pretty basic Line Infantry, actually it is pretty much a mix of a Ghulam/Aguacile with one less CC and instead a bump up in the BTS due to being a hacker. Would be tempted to drop his BS too 10 if the points ended up being too low. Tried to compare it to an Interventor (HD+ and BS for 24 points) but too many variables to be sure the points good or not. Didn't want him too armoured, as some of the TAGs can be a little cramped and Leifeld-like shoulder pads could be problematic there. Simple and hardened flight suit should work well enough. Modelwise, I would want a bit of a pick-n-mix style, give him a Spektr helmet, but with an Anaconda bodysuit and maybe boots and gauntlet/comlog from somewhere else. I would love to give the model Booty, but that adds too much potential variation (how is he going to fit that ARM 5 body into a tag?) For serious...
  2. I had a mini Iggy Showdown with two Iggies trying to take the other out and there was a lot of... *Points* You are going down! *Points* No, you are going down! *Points* Nuh-uh! Take this! The point seemed as lot more sassy than bad-ass.
  3. Cheers for those piccies MOB, I like the idea of adding some stuff in the back. Help show it off as a mule style vehicle.
  4. I loved those Quads, sadly they end up being $25 Australian bucks per quad. This one ended up being about $6. Repainting is definitely part of the plan.
  5. So I have had the Maggie Pilot for a while (won it in a friendly tourney and being the Haqq player it just ended up in my hands) I am thinking of making a Lady Biker Gang for funsies so wanted to see what I could do with her. This is what I got going so far. Planning on doing something with the grenade launchers at the front and giving it a repaint. Anyone have thoughts on scale etc?
  6. Finish my Iguana for my QK and while I absolutely bollocks-ed the NMM bodywork I am really happy with the "requisitioned" shoulder pad that she had taken from a semi-famous Ramhorn TAG pilot. The only problem is that the yellow is better than my actual ScarFace's Pads so I am going to have to strip and repaint those so I am happy with them. Of course this will mean that Scarface and Iggy will be in different Merc Secotrials when we finally get them but I guess I will just have to live with that.
  7. I gotta say this is the first time I've seen the term "Bulletslut" thrown around. Is it just something from your local area or have I missed the memo on this?
  8. Hey there @Phlyk I have no problem with you using mine. Just link us with the project so we can see too.
  9. Thanks for the patch pics, I will get them done by about Tuesday and update them as I am out over the weekend. Will send you a PM about the potential patch swaps.
  10. Those are really nice @Sonnenstrahl I will do a few checks, but definitely need individual photos of the Ariadna unit patches and maybe a couple of the others. Also loving the Corp and Camo Patches. If you have any particular patches you are after, send me a PM and I can see if I can hook you up.
  11. Geez I am sorry for the long delays, life and all. Have gotten them back up and running and have updated the lists. Thanks for the recent contributors.
  12. Some issues are preventing me from updating so here is a couple more I have gotten since last time. Ayyar Unit Patch - Thanks Radka Su Jian Unit Patch - Thanks Julian
  13. A bit of trouble uploading them but not the following patches have been updated: Yojimbo Navajo Comms Outpost O-Yoroi Karakuri Zuyong Invincibles Thanks for the continuing help.
  14. Now you are getting into it!
  15. Nice work @ItsUncertainWho I can see the "but..." now. As for the Onion line? Onions have layers, kinda like parfaits and ogres.