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  1. I wanna see some Riot Girls after the ol' Angel treatment but I can't deny that the Outrage Crew are my real interest. I'm sending out all my good vibes out there, hope it is in the next couple of days.
  2. I would love to see that on a public holo-board on a Pan-O themed board.
  3. Here are my plans, assuming the models have terrible profiles or not in factions I like... Emily - No clue at all. RPG character piece is likely. Uhahu - Valerya Gromoz Proxy, not a fan of the current Valerya model. Domovoi - A RPG character piece is most likely the best case for him as well...unless I can get him a Ragik Drop Pack in which case he will be my 6th Yuan Yuan. Nakadai - Saito Proxy, I totally agree the old mini suffers with the sumo stance. Jethro - More Druze or a Husam Proxy Beba - Least wanted model...but probably the one that would get me to buy an Anaconda for a display piece so I can have a Stallion Jack ready to roll.
  4. Cheers for the responses about the bases! I am actually hoping Jethro has the cool Sekban style thrusters out of his neck piece.
  5. Those bases look awesome, but with no real tying feature. Does this mean that the Mercs will have random bases when Angel paints them or just that these are outside of the convention.
  6. KTS

    ...curses! I keep forgetting they have changed that. Carry on as before.
  7. KTS

    I like throw a Hafza in the link too, either a FO for button pushing or a HRL for that nasty surprise in ARO etc. Personally I would sub out the Spitfire for that, slightly more SWC by cheaper in points..
  8. I give you a +1 purely for the term "combat wedges". I am looking forward to the Wotan Campaign for the Sekban. Before the manga came out I didnt realise their neck things were for Zero-G maneuvers.
  9. Hinges are definitely on the list (along with a couple of light options) but that is definitely something to work on in time. I want to get some practice with what I learn with the Chain Rifle before I get too ahead of myself.
  10. Cheers for that dossier and video @Mob of Blondes Much appreciated.
  11. Thanks to all of you, @BaleWolf, @phototoxin and @jherazob (not sure why not tagging everyone...) I will give Evil Ted a spin as it is something I have never heard of before. As for the @Yashia stuff, I was reading and liking her Specialists Sgt thread earlier today. I am actually liking the idea of the weight for the chainrifle, give it some heft and physical presence. But that might change once I actually have to carry it everywhere
  12. Hey there Infinity peeps, I have recently decided to start a project to make a Yuan Yuan Cosplay suit, as they are my favourite unit in my beloved QK. I fully expect this to taker me a year or so at the least but I want to see it to the end as a great building and learning experience. I am breaking it down into 3 steps as follows Step 1: Chainrifle Step 2: Drop Pack Step 3: Drop Suit This thread will help me document my progress and show off my works. Feel free to provide feedback so I can make it better. Step 1 is currently in the planning/design stage. I am currently trying to design a Chainrifle that I can assemble out of MDF as it has a solid amount of straight lines and a solid look. Basing it on the more modern incarnations (ie Fat Yuan Yuan) I am assuming the Chainrifle to be approximately 60cm long. Does anyone have any more solid info on sizing, I can't seem to find it from any of the books I have, and while I would like to wait for the official gear books to be out from the Kickstarter but also want to get something started to encourage this project and not just let it founder.
  13. Can someone sell me on these Khawarijs? I just can't see myself working them right. I have been spoilt with Ghulams too much to be really wanting to pay 27+ points for a bit of a BS bump and some maneuverability. I could understand if they had Dogged or NWI to represent their super soldier serum and bridge the gap between Regular Soldier and Tarik but as is they seem pretty darn squishy. Please help me understand their place as I really want to find a place for them.
  14. Yes they are.
  15. I am hoping her future flavour text implies that it could be a Hassassin trick to sneak an agent into the ISS.