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  1. That does bring up the Question... Yuan Yuans bring Smoke. Pan-O takes Yuan Yuans. Pan-O has Smoke. Would this totally break some people's minds?
  2. Just listened to the three eps. I'm happy to give you guys a bit more of my time. Happy to hear stuff from the Oz area.
  3. Nice angled deflection for when people sneak those shots through his ODD? To look cool?
  4. I really like that, shows how he can see when the hat is obscuring his vision.
  5. NEW DRUZE! Hell yeah!
  6. That saddens me, but it is a hell of a lot of metal.
  7. Way more advanced than I expected...but that Blackjack is sexy as hell.
  8. Glad you enjoyed it @KayWroshyr, and I am more than happy to have him turn up in your upcoming RPG games. This is total open source, hell I would be tickled pink is CB ended up doing something like this so will not stop you from taking it on board.
  9. Thanks for that, sadly I know of none currently over there, otherwise I would be pleading already!
  10. Thank you for that saddening but definitive answer.
  11. Awww geez. Please tell me they are selling them during the Gencon time and not just at Gencon itself. I don't have any Ninja Shoppers to send a set down to Australia
  12. Yeah, listen to Col, I asked the same question myself a while back and that is a similar well reasoned answer I got the.
  13. Nice. So very terrible Hexa outfit outside of the helmet, and I loved it!
  14. I have taken the hit and built the Blackjacks for my USARF. Tried to go a little "nose-cone art" style but I know this is all to give the little push to make an official model come out that little bit sooner.
  15. tactica

    That is exactly what I think they do, have that sweet subdermal armour implants and some kind of Daredevil Radar cerebral implants for the SSL2 and 360 visor.