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  1. That is the plan, though everything I have is too big or looks like a single use DEP. Going to have to see if I can repurpose something.
  2. I saw that the boxed Mavericks had one hand on the handlebars so decided to see if I could do a conversion where I would have one "Stig-like" LRL and then play around with the Molotok for the other Maverick. This is what I have so far for my Stig dude.
  3. That does bring up the Question... Yuan Yuans bring Smoke. Pan-O takes Yuan Yuans. Pan-O has Smoke. Would this totally break some people's minds?
  4. Just listened to the three eps. I'm happy to give you guys a bit more of my time. Happy to hear stuff from the Oz area.
  5. Nice angled deflection for when people sneak those shots through his ODD? To look cool?
  6. I really like that, shows how he can see when the hat is obscuring his vision.
  7. NEW DRUZE! Hell yeah!
  8. That saddens me, but it is a hell of a lot of metal.
  9. Way more advanced than I expected...but that Blackjack is sexy as hell.
  10. Glad you enjoyed it @KayWroshyr, and I am more than happy to have him turn up in your upcoming RPG games. This is total open source, hell I would be tickled pink is CB ended up doing something like this so will not stop you from taking it on board.
  11. Thanks for that, sadly I know of none currently over there, otherwise I would be pleading already!
  12. Thank you for that saddening but definitive answer.