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  1. Evil CB is evil. Hope they will change it someday.
  2. It cannot have it assigned, but I was describing the situation when a Decoy replicated a SymbioMate assigned to the real Kotail. The "Holoechoes, weapons, Equipment and states" describes the Equipment "the imitated model or himself could have". Kotail doesn't have the SymbioMates in his profile, it has them assigned to him.
  3. Why nine or eighteen times? You just place an asterisk next to the header cell, and make a reference to the 'How to read CC Charts' article. Easy
  4. OK, assuming you are right and I am wrong, what effect would Symbio* have on a Decoy? As soon as it receives a hit that requires it to make an ARM/BTS roll, the Holoecho state is cancelled and Decoy is removed, so no effect from the Symbio*. If the bearer is hit, it is automatically discovered and any Decoys are removed, and if a Symbio* is assigned to Kotail, it can be spent. I don't see any difference if the marker would be replicated, except in the contrary case it will place a big red 'I AM THE REAL ONE, SHOOT ME' placard over the Kotail.
  5. Yes, it is, but it is an Equipment on Kaeltar's profile, not on Kotail's. Kotail only has Holoprojector L2 as Equipment, so I guess it is what Holoechoes cannot replicate, not SymbioMates. I think, the words "cannot replicate those Deployable weapons or pieces of Equipment represented by a Marker or model (TinBots, FastPandas, SymbioMates, Mines deployed by the Minelayer Special Skill...) the imitated model or himself could have" were added specifically to prevent Holoechoes copying themselves recursively, becuase Kotail as a bearer of Holoprojector L2 has two Holoecho markers to place in ZoC. This is actually really Interesting. Symbiont Armour is also an Equipment, so as per this rule, it cannot be replicated by Holoechoes. Mechanically it does not matter since whenever a model in Holoecho has to make an ARM/BTS roll, it discovers itself, but from the enemy trooper's point of view, it 'sees' a Kotail without Symbiont Armour. Which is kind of funny.
  6. You're confusing the Holoprojector L1 level rule with Holoprojector L2 here. Holoprojector L1 rule states you can't imitate the equipment/special skills (such as CH) owned by a model you're imitating. But if you use just plain L2 rule (without combining it with the L1 effects), you do not imitate any model, you just project decoy images of the Kotail, and because of that you do get the SymbioMate/Bombs, as when they are assigned, they are just Game State Markers, not equipment. And you can't pass equipment from model to model.
  7. CB could've just marked the DMG MOD cell with an asterisk and explained it below the table..
  8. Thanks, I didn't notice that.
  9. I couldn't find any rule against that, so why it shouldn't?
  10. I believe that statement is saying something different. The way I read that, a Hafza could pretend to be a Jannisary, but not a Jannisary with a TinBot Deflector. What happens when a Symbiomate/Symbiobomb is assigned to a Kotail is a different question. Here is the full quote: Holoechoes, weapons, Equipment and states A trooper in Holoecho state cannot replicate those Deployable weapons or pieces of Equipment represented by a Marker or model (TinBots, FastPandas, SymbioMates, Mines deployed by the Minelayer Special Skill...) the imitated model or himself could have. However, the Holoecho state replicates all the game state Markers (Prone, Unloaded...) the Holoprojector L2 bearer has. The differentiation between "deployable equipment represented by a marker" and "game state markers" is further muddied by this FAQ: N3 Frequently Asked Question Updated: 1.1 Q: Can I declare a BS Attack against a TinBot? A: No. Because is a state Marker. Related Pages: BS Attack, TinBot The fact that Symbiomates are classed as equipment makes them very strange, since they exist in one form on the profile of the Kaeltar, and in another form on the unit to which they are assigned. SymbioMate is a Game State Marker, this is explicitly stated in its rules. And Holoprojector L2 rules state that any Game State Markers the bearer has are replicated to the holographic decoys.
  11. The -3 came from Stunned state I figured that making a CC attack with Neema's Viral Pistol while having another friendly model in BtB (yes, I somehow pulled this off) would be much more efficient than BS attacks. Because +3 DMG from Martial Arts L2 and +1B from a friendly trooper in the same combat. On the other hand, I actually could've just ignored the Dog Warrior after stunning him and go for the objective
  12. While I totally second the need of having a Corahtar L2 Phacker, I think we need to have another trooper armed with Pheroware weaponry. Because, come on, this is the Tohaa hallmark technology, we should have more of it. Probably this would be a Phacker, but I could see the technology being used elsewhere (Taqeul being an example).
  13. Hi @ChoKonnit! New order here Tohaa: Kaeltar + Combi + symbiomate/bomb Kamael + light grenade launcher Aleph: Drakios x1 Myrmidon + boarding shotgun Nomads: Clockmaker x1 Alguacile Hacker Haqqislam: Janissary + Missile x2 Combined Army: Rodok + 2 light shot (Hacker or Combi Rifle will also do) PanO: Auxbot
  14. True. I just thought that a bit of redundancy couldn't hurt here.
  15. @IJW Wartrader, thanks! I knew it had to be a Face to Face roll, just couldn't find it