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  1. I really like the new sculpt, so yes, I'd get that. FYI, I don't have any Neema models at all, so this is great news for me
  2. You didn't see the Kotail.
  3. I ended up sawing off the gooey stoney thingy she's touching with her free hand and remodelling that from scratch out of Milliput. And yes, prepare lots of liquid putty for gap filling.
  4. Copying​ some heads using the Oyumary molds (also sold as Instant Mold by CMON or as Blue Stuff by GreenStuffWorld) is probably the best option.
  5. Thanks everyone. Re-reading the Order_Expenditure_Sequence helped
  6. Sometimes it is really useful to delay your AROs
  7. I am being told that LoF-obscuring grenade templates (Smoke, Nimbus, Eclipse etc) are placed at the end of the order. Maybe I'm just blind, but I cannot find where this is stated in the rules. My specific situation was like this. My troop (green) declares his first Short Skill and lobs a Nimbus Plus grenade while being out of enemy LoF and succeeds at this. As the second part of the order he declared Move to the spot covered by the template. My opponent claimed since during the same Order everyting happens simultaneously, the template would be placed only at the end of that order and he would be shooting my troop without the negative MODs implied by Nimbus Plus template. I know that if I had LoF to enemy model, lobbing a grenade would be a FtF and whether or not the template would be placed is determined by FtF outcome. But this, I think, is clearly a Normal roll, so is there any reason the template should be placed only at the end of the order?
  8. Thanks, probably will have to look for 0.5mm dril bit and wire somewhere.
  9. Yeah, but I guess, @Darkvortex87's point is that combinations like EXP + Shock vs Total immunity (ignores the effects of both) somehow turn out to be less deadlier than Breaker + Shock vs Total immunity (ignores the effects of both, as well), because the latter causes you to roll two saves, while the former causes to roll just one save. I think CB should change the way Immunities work so they would apply before determining which attributes are affected, because the current way has some really weird situations. EDIT: To clarify, I meant that Immunities should allow you to change the attributes you have to roll saves against. I.e. Breaker + Shock vs Total turns Breaker (BTS) + Shock (ARM) into Normal (ARM) + Normal (ARM), so why in the hell you have to roll a BTS against Normal ammunition?
  10. Thanks to me being extremely clumsy yesterday, my Gao Rael Spitfire now has just a CC hilt instead of proper CC weapon. I filed both surfaces and tried gluing them together with cyanoacrylate, but it breaks too easily. Does anybody have an idea on how to fix this? The sword is 1mm thick, and the smallest drill bit I have is also 1mm thick.
  11. Still, this is a bit weird that you need to roll two saves against this, like it's Plasma or DA..
  12. My bad, I was a bit confused by the date of that post Looked up Breaker ammo in the wiki, there's an official FAQ entry covering Breaker+Shock now, so what you are saying is mostly true. I only doubt that you're allowed to choose what attribute you are rolling for against Breaker ammo, because Bioimmunity doesn't ignore its effects. So there should be two rolls: one for Shock, applying the Bioimmunity (can choose to roll ARM/BTS) and a halved BTS for Breaker.
  13. Nope. If you are shooting with multiple ammunition types at once, you combine their effects. Bioimmunity ignores Shock, treating hits with Shock ammo as Normal. So in this case your single-wound single-profile model won't go straight to Dead if you fail the save. Bioimmunity doesn't ignore Breaker ammo, though, so you will have to apply its effect and roll the halved BTS instead of ARM. Moreover, you actually can't choose to roll ARM or BTS, since Bioimmunity doesn't ignore the effects of Breaker ammo. TL;DR: You must roll against halved BTS (you can't choose to roll against ARM) as per Breaker rules, but ignore the effect of Shock because of Bioimmunity.
  14. My bad. I somehow thought you need to declare the usage of an optional skill.
  15. You always have to declare your AROs as soon as you are eligible. Delaying ARO is also a kind of ARO declaration. You could also declare Idle, which is basically saying: "Do as you like, there won't be any reactions from my side". Note that this is NOT the same as Delaying ARO. Look at the FAQ section of the ARO Article: http://infinitythewiki.com/en/ARO:_Automatic_Reaction_Order Also, SS has an Optional label. That means you have to declare it's usage.