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  1. For the opponent?? Just a joke... Sorry... Couldn't resist... Mask
  2. This is true!!! Mask
  3. Not to mention that there's who seems astonished because someone didn't noticed the f¢*#ing buried "rule"... Mask
  4. Both.... I think that's impossible... Mask
  5. Perfect!!!!! Hope to see you soon!!! Mask
  6. If you ever come to North Italy... Try to contact me Mask
  7. And to a large number of other dudes.... Mask
  8. Mcmurrough. In every case. Without doubt. Mask
  9. Ok. Agree with the point "hard to maneuver". That's why I usually structure the fireteam in a particular way... Two strong aro pieces and 3 "strong" active pieces.... By an accurate positioning I'll try to force the opponent to deal with the ARO pieces first... When the ARO pieces are gone I can more easily maneuver up the board... That's the idea... If nothing goes wrong.... Mask
  10. Really? 99.9 to 100 I find that the versatility of Vanilla could easily do better than a sectorial without fireteam. And the bonus of fireteams is so good that i find myself someway penalized if I don't use them. Mask
  11. Imho in sectorial lists is "near-mandatory" to take the chance to use a full linkteam:core... That said. Your list is full of shiny toys. I love the black friar in particular. On the other hand I think you have a quite obvious Lieutenant... That could be very risky Mask
  12. Yes!!! Mask
  13. Imho... has the same downside as "time limit" (opponent could be slow on ARO, that in effect could be even worse without time limits) ... But with a lot more advantages... Mask
  14. I'm a supporter more of the "chess clock" kind of view, but... The "time per turn" system is fine and is a way to force themselves to learn how to speed up the game. Mask
  15. I doubt it... If I recall correctly the O-yoroi was the first digitally sculpted model... I think the priorities is to keep up to date the older (and not digitally sculpted) models. That said... I'll be very happy if turned out I'm wrong. Mask