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  1. I don't think so... The Duo is max of 2 troops... And the "special duo" of Scarface in only with Cordelia... And vice versa... Mask
  2. Yes it does!! Mask
  3. OK got it!!! Never realized that the S value change in resolution phase. Thanks!!! Mask
  4. Digging a foxhole is an entire order so if you do it in enemy lof you expose yourself to an unopposed ARO... Am I wrong?? Mask
  5. They are somewhat forced to focus on the new sectorials incoming... We already know that during 2018 we'll see a lot of "new" stuff for the new sectorials who's going to be in campaign paradiso N3... Mask
  6. Sorry about that but the Thorakitai swc box should be the only steel Phalanx release for a while... After that they focus on the Vedic part of Aleph. Mask
  7. Actually yes!!!! I didn't noticed that the one posted isn't of the same quality as mine... This evening (sorry, again...) I can post it!!!! Mask
  8. I'd like the idea that he drops the wings after the landing.... Mask
  9. Nope, but the Vedic branch of Aleph will be in the spotlight next year... Also the new dakinis are on their way if I remember correctly. Mask
  10. Guys i'm still having problems in uploading images. I always get this error message: " There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200 " can you help me?? Thanks Mask