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  1. Dear God, what a thread full of awesome! i love the Asian touches to everything! Where are you sourcing the circular knot pieces you used on the bonsai tops and catwalk sections?
  2. I'd run it just to enjoy the coordinated order shenanigans!
  3. Since its regardless of the ARM roll I would think a successful Dodge would avoid the state.
  4. Oh, I'm definitely stealing that one!
  5. All of them!
  6. I like! Who makes that tall building that's so very Asian?
  7. They make an ointment for that. My combi-croc looks like the croc of a twenty year old!
  8. I'll take all of that on one model without scrolls or skulls.
  9. Doesn't that make it obvious which one is real?
  10. Totally agree. I don't mind unpainted armies, it's the Eternally Unpainted armies I don't appreciate. as far as identifying models, the only ones that really give me pause are the old models. Where an HMG is smaller than a more modern representation of a combi rifle. That's a bit annoying. To counter it, I ask constantly what each thing is during their turn and mention paint would help identify them more.... Match annoyance with annoyance! 😝
  11. Yes, that does sound delicious!