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  1. But, a Heavy Machine Gun still confers Heavyweight right?
  2. Just seconding this. I use my punch on the markers printed on the box tabs. Also print them out. The double sided rounded button markers are awesome and cheap!
  3. Why not use a saw?
  4. Can an entire link team throw drop bears? If it is an attack what makes it different from just the link leader attacking as normal?
  5. All of the technical paints by GW are meant to be used Ina special way, not for straight painting on colors (weathering effects, textures, or liquids). Those are what they call layer paints.
  6. Who makes those vehicles behind the Ragik in the video? yes,yes, I'm buying both boxes...
  7. The basic rules are a free download, you have no excuse! Lol
  8. Maybe thinned lighter paints in certain areas of the recesses to look like a glow? Like highlight it all the way up to yellow gradually?
  9. Isn't it just an echo that's around the corner?
  10. Awesome!
  11. That's just beautiful! I may have to try my hand at those once my current table project is done.... In 2032!
  12. I'm not sure whether it's being old or being on an iPad but I cannot figure out how to download these to print. Any help?
  13. I just spent all the am hours petting and comforting my sick dog and reading this thread. So Full of AWESOMENESS! thank you, Bugbait, for making a long night worrying about my dog suck much less!
  14. Oooohh! I like it!