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  1. Gecko pilot wins for me this month. Looking forward to putting two in his skull when he gets out of my buddies Gecko! i may make a diorama of him with a kitchen island in front and some chopped vegetables on a cutting board. "The new Chop Pistols!"
  2. Wait... So licking them up off my work table is a BAD thing you say?
  3. I use a track saw made for model train tracks. I never had any luck with a jewelers saw. It makes a much straighter cut since it's a blade instead of a thin wire.
  4. To be clear, I love the idea of rock pillars and the use of bark chips (I have a bag of them in my work area awaiting my desert table construction!) it's just that some of the towers just look either way too symmetrical or absurdly unstable. Loving the table so far though! When I start doing my wasteland themed table I hope it looks as good.
  5. A solid pillar of rock is very different than the stack of rocks depicted by the terrain pieces, but I'm just expressing an opinion. Feel free to ignore it.
  6. That looks great! although, I have to say, the really skinny spires of rock look silly. No way they'd stay standing IRL. I like the ones you built better. Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with!
  7. The pose is so boring though. Although it is a generic loadout so can represent any profile.
  8. I usually take the Spitfire version and walk in on a side (where possible as stated) and wreck havoc on some cheerleaders. Preferably in total cover on the first order then step out and start blasting unsuspecting enemies. Getting around cover from the side entry and the favorable range band 4 burst on 15s will killkillkill!
  9. Oh yes...the Haqq ones will be mine.
  10. I'm looking forward to the next box of a single troop and three tinbots. Oh the delicious raaaaage!
  11. This is why we cannot have nice things...sigh i like the guy, will buy! Might just end. Up making him a converted Hexa MSR though. Been wanting to convert he sniper Hexa chick into a hacker anyway.
  12. Your brain... I LIKE it! Bolts are why I chose NCA as a second faction (damn you, Angel and your beautiful paintjobs!). I too would love a reason to load up on them.
  13. DEARGODMAKEITSTOP!!!!!!!!!! previews and releases people, FFS
  14. Looks good! Are those aquarium power Heads?