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  1. Oh yes...the Haqq ones will be mine.
  2. I'm looking forward to the next box of a single troop and three tinbots. Oh the delicious raaaaage!
  3. This is why we cannot have nice things...sigh i like the guy, will buy! Might just end. Up making him a converted Hexa MSR though. Been wanting to convert he sniper Hexa chick into a hacker anyway.
  4. Your brain... I LIKE it! Bolts are why I chose NCA as a second faction (damn you, Angel and your beautiful paintjobs!). I too would love a reason to load up on them.
  5. DEARGODMAKEITSTOP!!!!!!!!!! previews and releases people, FFS
  6. Looks good! Are those aquarium power Heads?
  7. Pam was the quintessential chubby friend of the 80s. The hair and glasses were perfect!
  8. I loved that it was done entirely using fx from the 80s. Devoid of cgi.
  9. Noooo... I definitely don't do that... At all... Like never. Who does that?! [nervously slides stack of unopened boxed sets under the bed]
  10. She's a cunning linguist. That's what I envision at least...
  11. And the cycle of speculation threads is complete: people complaining about other people's complaining about complaining.
  12. Glad to see no change in the Auxbot. I can continue with my plans to convert some more current looking Auxilia.
  13. I have a tiny table saw I got from Harbor Freight Tools. I use that!
  14. That is really nice! I love the more natural face. I really need to think more about how I'm painting stuff. Lol
  15. It's more of the fact that they're too good at ballistics to bother with cc.