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  1. USARF has nearly no limitations and has no good specialties? I beg to differ. Besides the usual Ariadna stuff (no TO/odd, combat jump, msv2, real hacking, tags, real REMs, etc) they are pretty lackluster in every specialist department besides FO and are pretty one dimensional to deal with on the table besides their infiltration spam. And ISS has plenty of limitations and specialties. Highest Ava of Holo2 in the game, sensor/msv/high wip everywhere. Basically no Camo or AD. No HI with any visual mods. Weaker than average long range game (>32"). Lots of units with massively varied skillsets which can be difficult to utilize properly.
  2. I could see camo HI, but probably not infiltration as it would step on the Daofei's toes.
  3. The other option is to just disallow the HRMC from joining the Haris, making the MHMG a viable choice. The other reason I don't think a Haris will happen is it will literally cost all 6 of your swc in a 300pt list.
  4. Didn't CB mention that they have no intention of going over the burst 5 "cap"?
  5. Yes the hacking area and sensor area are, but the skill "sat-lock" and most hacking programs are not, which is what you're saving against.
  6. Sensor has an area of effect, sat lock does not as it requires a single target. Most Hacking programs also have a single target, and no area of effect. The hacking or sensor area is their range, not their AoE.
  7. Just pointing out that CB has had many instances where they've decided to retcon the fluff to match up with their newer stuff. The current fluff on the Daofei is old.
  8. Tigers are both Invincible Army and White Banner. Daofei and Hac Tao are both White Banner and not Invincible Army. All units with the white "mask" are from Svarlheima.
  9. Just throwing in my two cents, the Tiger is probably the most legit sniper YJ has. It's a Nisse that trades MSV for the ability to start off the table and come on at the best opportunity. It has yet to disappoint.
  10. Everywhere I've ever played we tell each other what faction were playing before we do anything else. I have no idea what the official ruling on that would be though.
  11. Actually it's the Pheasant boarding shotgun right hand and Sun Tze's left
  12. Nah, just replacement parts for the Weather Dominator.
  13. A conversion I did for the LE Crane Agent as I am not a fan of the hands on sword pose. Tiger Soldier with Multi-Sniper A Yoriko Oda conversion using one of the Red Veil Zhanshi so that she'll match up scale wise with the new minis. And finally, a Destro conversion for the new Tarik Mansuri sculpt for use in my Cobra themed Haq.
  14. Because it tells you to treat shock ammo as normal ammo if the model has STR. The only qualifier to treating it as normal ammo is having STR, and it doesn't have any stipulations as to when or what you treat it as normal ammo for. It just says "treated as normal ammo". The placement of the red box only proves that where the text is in the rule doesn't have any real validity to how it's enforced, so arguing that it's under a specific header isn't much of a valid argument to dispute that. There are many (unfortunately) instances in the rules where headers/bullets/etc make a specific part of a rule appear to apply in only specific situations when they apply to all. Going by the text, and using standard logic, there isn't any other conclusion to go by other than STR units always treat shock ammo as normal ammo. Thank you.
  15. The difference is that in no other instance are we treating shock as normal ammo. If we treat shock as normal ammo, it doesn't negate nwi/dogged. Even though it's under the header, it says "if 'A', do 'B'." You don't stop doing 'B' because 'C' says something that doesn't affect 'B'.