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  1. Any word on when/if the Interplanetary seminar is happening this year?
  2. So, what happens if a ghazi intuative attacks a mine with a jammer?
  3. Awesome! Thank you!
  4. Keep in mind that bao sniper Haris will cost you 3swc, not 1.5.
  5. Just want to point out, it's not Imperial Army, it's Invincible Army. I wouldn't expect to see a whole lot of presence from any imperial agents at all in the sectorials, since it's a state army organization.
  6. yeah it does, but I've used it a number of times when my prior Lt is obviously going to die, and just eating the shot is better than going into LoL the next turn.
  7. Best trick in the case of the hac Tao is if you declare an Alert aro with any of your models, he will reveal as he attempted a change face. That way he doesn't need lof to anything to take over in the reactive turn.
  8. I would imagine we won't see dakini until we get a new starter, and looking at the aleph range, I'm not seeing anything that would really need a new paint job. So I'm going to guess new models.
  9. If it was a repack of the hvt, angel wouldn't be repainting it though. It's either two new models or two old models that are in need of a new paint job to be repacked.
  10. Why would the pilot bot come with a random hacker?
  11. It looks like two aleph bases in the photo from giraldez. Is there any other aleph releases that might need to be repainted to go in a double blister?
  12. Zhanying + Hsien and Shang Ji Duo also have that combo.
  13. Pretty much done with my Zuyong! Might go back and touch up a few things still.