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  1. If that's the case it should be fixed in Army, right @HellLois?
  2. So the T2 CCW doesn't list the anti material trait in Army. Other T2 weapons do. DA CCWs have the anti-material trait listed, as well as other DA weapons. So, do T2 CCWs not have the anti-material trait? Or is this an error?
  3. Two abilities in an either/or scenario aren't necessarily the same point cost. Otherwise Superior AD would be equal to Zero G while AD combat jump would be equal to multiterrain. That doesn't make any sense.
  4. That's because the dossiers are often made before playtesting, and in those cases (like the gorgos pilot) the weapon options are not always accurate. The Tiger, however, is not in need of any playtesting. I can't see any reason as to why we couldn't guarantee it.
  5. That's about as solid of a confirmation as you can get for IA.
  6. I have actually found a true Pheasant Haris can be really brutal in this scenario. The Red Fury Haris, Combi/Emitter + madtraps, and BSG + Stun grenades give you a lot of options to get people into the "hunted down" state and are all specialists for grabbing those midfield objectives.
  7. There are always completely new units that could fill that role, and they do have access to Tigers (which aren't infiltrators, but AD fills a similar role). I actually wouldn't be surprised if we saw some form of mech deploy with a new IA unit.
  8. Exactly, the IA is part of the State Army, which means there will likely be some presence of the basic State Army line troop. As far as the MHMG Yan Huo goes, I'm guessing we see it get a new rule to bring it up to par (like the 2x ML getting the nuerokinetics tinbot in HSN3).
  9. @dboeren Why create a new line troop to do the same job of an existing line troop that already fits in the Sectorial fluff wise? That seems like a complete waste of time and resources. There are plenty of sectorials that have AVA4 or 5 of a basic line troop (MO, HB, etc) and there isn't a single sectorial that doesn't have any access to a ~10-15pt line troop.
  10. Correct, they aren't the bulk of the force anymore, that's why they wouldn't be AVA total. If there are no zhanshi in Sectorial, where would they get basic hacking devices? Where would the cheaper orders come from? Even sectorials like MO, who are the "knight sectorial" have a small AVA of fusilers, so why is it so hard to believe that the "HI sectorial" will have a small AVA of zhanshi?
  11. I would be completely surprised if they weren't. Why wouldn't the basic State Army troops be available in a State Army Sectorial? They probably won't be AVA Total though. White Banner is not coming anytime soon. Invincible Army is slated for next year.
  12. Supportware isn't magic! You don't cast it!
  13. No. The Hsien isn't in IA, he's a personal guard of the Emperor, not a state army soldier.
  14. Bostria told us a log time ago that they were planning on the IA starter being completely comprised of HI. I'm not saying that the chance of that changing is 0, but it does mean that having 6 HI in one box isn't something they aren't willing to do.
  15. Then what other line troop should go in the vanilla Yj starter? IA will likely have Zuyong as the basic troop in their starter, so the zhanshi likely won't be showing up there.