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  1. Hajime Sorayama.
  2. Did they actually change anything else?
  3. Since we've just had a new Garuda, there could very well be a new Dakini incoming.
  4. I think he fails in several ways, and am sad that we've waited for 3 years for .. this?
  5. No, I'm serious. Not liking him at all. The face mask is just simply a bad idea, never mind the execution. He looks like a 1950s caricature of an african witch doctor. The backpack looks awkward. The grenades and other debris on his belt are not helping, The basic pose is fine, but the left foot looks strained, and he's unbalanced and toppling forwards. In short: Nope; don't like him.
  6. About as sexy as a slab of concrete. Major disappointment. Try again CB.
  7. I'd really like to see it next to one of the old sculpts; I have a feeling it's 25%+ larger ..
  8. Well it's kinda obvious that the greeks are low tech - basically goons with sharp sticks - while the Vedics are top of the line, sophisticated, more civilized and high tech. Wait; was that not the question? =P
  9. It looks like a decent list - what's the scenario? Do you expect light or dense terrain? If the terrain is likely to be dense, I'd be sorely tempted to find room for a deva spitfire and myrmidon, perhaps at the cost of the dakini sniper and Zayin.
  10. That would make a lot of Aleph players more than a little distraught, especially the kind that have chosen Aleph for the original flavor - so now I think that's what CB are most likely to do ...
  11. "Each Hacker can only sustain one active Supportware program at a time."
  12. Hunting for textures for this is very rewarding; anything can be used. It just so happens that the glass from our hall to our kitchen has a tiled texture much like the mesh you use here. I also found a box in the dollar store equivalent that has hexes on the bottom; great for textures Or you can spend a fortune and buy rollers, of course, but that's not half as fun in my book ..
  13. Magnetize.
  14. Or you could make your own (o: These sidewalks are the bottoms of a favourite brand of box cakes, with a strip of plasticard. The paint work is some years old, and it really shows =P Anyways, they do the job.
  15. Thanks Phlyk (o: